What it is the Macro-segmentation and what is

What it is the macro segmentation

The macro segmentation It is a division of the relevant market to decide who will offer our products. Not the subdivision of our market segments market segmentation that is normal, and when the segments are really small, we call micro-segmentation strategy, it is not that. The macro-segmentation It is used to decide what will be our market with respect to the global market.

What use the Macro-segmentation

  • It helps define the scope of activity of the company and, therefore, it helps to focus on this area rather than be tempted to do "a bit of everything".
  • Ayuda a conocer cuál es el mercado al que nos dirigimos y, por lo tanto, qué necesidades deberemos satisfacer para ofrecer valor a ese mercado.

Macro segmentación

Estrategias de Macro-Segmentación

Si bien la Macro-Segmentación es muy útil para decidir quién va a ser nuestro mercado (decisión estratégica de gestión de empresa o management), como estrategia de marketing no lo es.

Una estrategia de Macro-Segmentación It is based on offering the same type of product to the entire market. Today this practice is used only rarely. Companies that had always gone with a single range of products for the entire market (eg Coca-Cola) now use market segments (Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero, etc ...) or customize even more locally ( Coca-Cola in Spain is not the same as in Morocco, there is much sweeter because like most to the market). A good exercise is to enter the web of Coca-Cola and see its product range. Read the description of each product and see that some are the same, but differently oriented segment: Coca-Cola.

En internet, la estrategia de marketing que aplicamos es siempre la de la micro-segmentación.

Si quieres saber más sobre esta técnica, este artículo puede ayudarte: que es la micro-segmentación

Espero haberte ayudado a aclarar los términos y que hora sepas distinguir macro-segmentación, de segmentación y de micro-segmentación.

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