Maybe Frodo and Sam were right, there's nothing like hobbiton

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If there is a publication that I love it is the monthly bulletin Monthly reports on new trends in consumer behavior and design of all kinds of products. It is a really interesting newsletter.

It was on the issue last month I discovered a new construction technique. This is some buildings created from a cement structure made on a semi inflatable sphere, that a once dry cement, it takes away the mold and leaving a building (the size it) with the shape of the half sphere. The photo that appears in these lines corresponds to one of these buildings. Commercializes a company called Binisystems and this type of construction call it a "binishell".


I do not know whether they will be very practical as housing, but seeing the renders images that appear on its website is clearly a building in which our friends the hobbits would feel right at home.

For professional deformation, you can not help but think of the Tourism Promotion Agency of New Zealand, which among other things, used the saga of Lord of the Rings as a tool to promote tourism in this country. And it is that New Zealand came to him out of nowhere that Peter Jackson chose to film Tolkien's bestselling using the locations of his native country and his special effects company Weta Digital (The same that has made the effects of Avatar) and his production Food Three Six, both in New Zealand IBTS.

Thus, the hills of Matamata became Hobbiton and the volcanic region of Mount Ruapeho became Mount Doom where the ring was forged. All these locations, 150 in total, are now resorts visited by thousands of practitioners fans of both literary tourism (variant of cultural tourism is to visit the places where some famous story is located) as Tourism Cinematography (variant centered visit film locations). The complete list of locations can be found here: SHIT localizationsHobbiton

So seeing the success of the film and increased visits were receiving, the New Zealanders decided to leave up some of the scenarios created by Jackson. One of these scenarios is Hobbiton: they have removed the flowers and gardens, but the homes of the hobbits have left them intact and can be visited. The photo I show along these lines corresponds to the current state of this location.

What does the resemblance to Binishells is spectacular?
... I take!

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