Review of "THE SECRET OF ATLANTIS" by Clive Cussler - Pocket Ed.

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Following the books about Atlantis, today I dedicate this review to "The Secret of Atlantis", a book written by Clive Cussler, author of numerous best sellers.el-secreto-de-la-atlantida

Por norma general, sólo compro este tipo de libro (el best seller de bolsillo), cuando en verano me quedo sin literatura y tengo que acudir a un Caprabo a comprar algún libro. Con éste libro hice una excepción y lo compré con nocturnidad (era tarde) y alevosía (lo hice adrede aunque no a traición, ya que lo compré en mi librería de siempre). La cuestión es que estaba mirando qué nuevos libros de Ciencia Ficción habían salido y vi este libro en una de las mesas en las que se colocan los libros destacados… y puesto que el 2008 es mi “año Atlántida”, lo compré.

The book is not bad, as all of Clive Cussler, reads well, get hooked and you keep attention on the book.

At the level of Atlantis, not an innovation compared to other books I've read on the subject. In this case, the book is based on descriptions of Plato and places Atlantis in the Atlantic, but indicated that continental drift has led to the South Pole.

The plot is based on the premise that the Nazis found Atlantis at the South Pole and established a base there, which has lasted until today. New Atlanteans, besides Nazis are clones, prepare the icing pole to cause the death of other humans as they shelter in giant ships. The protagonists have a mission to thwart these plans.

It explained so may not seem an attractive plot, but the truth is that it is. So as summer book is fine. As a book to think and reflect, better find another.

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  1. Victor Manuel Garcia Reyes
    Victor Manuel Garcia Reyes says:

    Dear friends, articles and comments on "The Mystery of Atlantis" I found interesting and serious, as I sent this email from Mexico.

    "The Capital of Atlantis was located about 12,000 years ago on the island of Borneo, also called Kalimantan, approximately what is now the City of Banjarmasin; this part of the island now belongs to Indonesia.

    The Pillars of Hercules or Gibraltar Strait, true are the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra Island.

    The islands of the Hesperides, are what we now know as the Moluccas or Spice.

    And for your information the ancestors of today's Greeks and Gauls they lived more than 12,000 years ago in what is now Burma and the Bay of Bengal.

    Current Egyptians are also native to this part of south-east Asia, reserving for the moment its true location, since I consider that I should not reveal the content of my work.

    I think as the saying goes "As one example is enough" and I think I have shown you several buttons so comments, same as defending by themselves because they are based on serious and scientific research which can not be easily made aside without sound, scientific, in the light of current knowledge bases.

    They also commented that at that time, the Atlanteans and the rest of the human race peopled and knew the entire planet.

    For the above reason, all investigators have something or some truth to locate and discuss their views on this very controversial subject studied and the discovery of Atlantis.

    The discovery of the truth about ATLANTIS, we must unite and think it does not fit the denostación and covert insult to impose our ideas and beliefs on others, because everyone deserves respect; this premise of education should be the ethical framework in which we must govern all of us in this beautiful work to find the truth about ATLANTIS.

    Briefly, I would say that the cause of the disappearance of Atlantis, which originated climate change, which led to disappear "glaciation Wisconsin" prompting this thaw rising sea level about 12,000 years ago was 140 meters lower than today.

    For the above reason "Atlantis" was swallowed up by the waters, strong hurricanes and terrible earthquakes and all this was caused by the movement of the polar axis as a huge second hand moves to mark different parts of the center of the great year Zodiac and that even today continues to do and this is the reason that brings turned mad scientists today who do not manage to know the causes of climate change and earthquakes.

    This work already have registered worldwide with the name: "drawing back the veil of Atlantis ... today known as the Island of Borneo or Kalimantan" since 1997.

    Of course here it is very little that I am informing you.

    But I have thought that it is time that this issue becomes known, respecting the views of all researchers.

    Confirmed: All or almost all are right in their findings, since this was a global culture, which was wiped out by climate change, as we now threaten us today.

    Atlantis was swept away by the flood, also this matter is explained and duration, in this job I have already registered.

    I also tell, that all that Plato talks about Atlantis, located in this geographic location; I repeat and confirm everything.

    I am at your service, for once and for all clarify this ancient mythology, which actually is a historical fact.

    This communication I apply strict adherence to my copyright, I have duly legalized worldwide, so you did not authorize disclosure without the prior written AND DEALING me:

    My email is

    Sincerely from Torreon, Coahuila MEXICO cordial and affectionate greeting:

    Victor Manuel Garcia Reyes

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