Review of "ZOE'S STORY" by John Scalzi - Ed. Minotaur (Science Fiction)

La Historia de Zöe - John ScalziThis is a book that is part of a series of three books ( "The Old Guard", "The Brigades Ghost" and "The Lost Colony"), but can be read separately, which is what I did because not he knew none of the above three.

John Scalzi It tells the same story that explained in "The Lost Colony", but from the point of view of zoe, the adopted daughter of John and Jane Perry, the protagonists of the earlier novels.

Como no he leído las anteriores, no puedo dar indicaciones sobre si el contenido es muy repetitivo o no, o sobre si este nuevo punto de vista aporta algo nuevo a la narración. Mi opinión se basa únicamente en la lectura de éste último libro y lo cierto es que aunque no plantea grandes cuestiones, está bien narrado.

El argumento es más o menos el siguiente: Zöe es una niña que vive tranquilamente con sus padres (militares ya retirados) en un planeta llamado Huckleberry. Con ellos también viven dos extraterrestres de una raza llamada “obin”, que actúan de guarda espaldas de Zöe, y que a lo largo del libro vamos descubriendo porqué son sus guardaespaldas y porqué son tan raros (esta parte es bastante interesante).

Family tranquility ZOE is interrupted when his parents are selected to lead the colonization of a new planet on the border of the human colonies. As expected, colonization has just turned into an adventure in which besides saving the planet, must also save all mankind.

Thus summarized, the argument does not seem nothing unusual in this type of book, but as I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the book is well narrated, so it has rhythm and hooks. He was a finalist in 2009 Hugo Award.

Recommended for weekend reading without further claim that distracted a good time.

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  1. Antonio de la Torre
    Antonio de la Torre says:

    John Scalzi've only read "The Old Guard", which is the first book in this series. This novel left a strange aftertaste, the taste of having read a good written with a style too "immature" story. As you well say, for a weekend reading without demasiadoas prentensiones.


  2. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    hahaha ... "mature" also read escapist literature. you look no further. I love to science fiction !!! every day I sleep thinking about other planets, how to create a water treatment plant for water on Mars, how we can solve the problem of calcification of our bones in lower gravity than on Earth ... Anyway ... issues that have nothing to do with my everyday life and help me to disconnect my mind and prepare for sleep and dream ...

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