Review of "THE WEB", Neal Stephenson and J. F. George - Nova (Ediciones B)

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LA TELARAÑA, Neal Stephenson y J. F. George - NovaIn The spiderwebNeal Stephenson is passed to the subgenus "thriller_del_FBI" and bioterrorism, as has GregBear in Quantico and as have other writers of Science Fiction (note that it is not fashionable ICTP).

The plot takes place in several stages, all well described and credible. The protagonists have to contend with the threat of biological warfare weapons of mass destruction in the time frame of the first Gulf War.

The book gives us lessons of espionage, management of an election campaign for sheriff of a county, conflict management with your superiors and management of university projects ... so the less, it is interesting reading. All enlivened with intelligent humor and erudition of Stephenson.

The presence of one of the "bad" than capping using a NGO that as a marketing tool, use counter number of people they help, and that makes them look completely legal and good people.

The book contains ingeniosas.Ha thoughts really been a pleasure to read. It is 100% recommended.

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