The "Rules of Acquisition" of the Ferengi and real life

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Last week I had a "experiencia revival"Related to one of my favorite hobbies in what is Science Fiction: the universe Star Trek.

He was quietly reading the tweets of the people I follow, when I found a few twits published by Sean Donahoe they were clavaditos to Rules of Acquisition de los Ferengi: If "profit"Here ... that if"profit"There ... until I took the liberty to contact him and ask him if he had ever read the Rules of Acquisition. I said yes but had not realized that his advice seemed both to these rules. Quark a Ferengi Deep Space Nine

The Ferengi (or Ferenghi) are a humanoid species originating from the planet Fenginar that physically are characterized by their large ears, punteagudos teeth and prominent frontal lobes. A sociocultural level, the Ferengi are a very interesting species that maintains a culture based on trade and follow a code of conduct called "Rules of Acquisition"(Sorry, I could not translate giving the meaning in English).

At first viewing Star Trek (This loooong time ago) each time a Ferengi cited a rule, pointing me in a book ... Some of them are excellent and very helpful in doing business. Others are not so applicable, but at least get you to smile.

Just one of the first rules I heard and wrote down, is one of the most try to use when I work (as a mantra) ...:
Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.”
Is very good.

Ferengi Some golden rules that can be applied to any business:
Good customers are as rare as latinum, treasure them.
The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.
Every once in a while declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.
Ask not what your profits can do for you, ask what you can do for your profits.

In total there are 280 rules. Divertísimas all ... and some, like those mentioned above, very useful in real life.

On the Internet, the web that it collects all and indicates who and where he recited the first rule is: Rules of Acquisition

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