Interesting report on benchmarking on the Internet

Netsuus just published the results of a survey on benchmarking on the internet that made last March.

This report is doubly interesting: apart from the results shown, it is really interesting to know what other benchmarking tools people use and why he does it.

For example, in the table dedicated to measurement tools position Internet competition are up to 16 different tools.

The most popular is Alexa (, Followed by Google Trends ( and by Google Insights for Search ( ). The latter tool, I was surprised to find it so high on the list of benchmarking tools, to get to see her again I realized how much he has improved since the last time I went (though no longer a sophisticated version of google Trends). After these three, we find Google Adplanner (, Which is useful to know data pages that support advertising, and after her encounter Netsuus (, Which specializes in creating custom reports.

I do not handed me the list ... it's better that you check yourself / a and see what tools you know and what tools should know (it is No. 3 table the report).

It is also interesting to see what people desería know about your competition (number 6 of the report table): what most people want to know is If the ad campaigns are performing their competence or are not effectiveFollowed by knowing how to get traffic capture and how they get converted. So ... in other words, we want to know exactly the online marketing strategy of our competitors. :-)

It is not easy to get this information, but with patience and knowledge, yes we can get to know (this is what we do in practical classes benchmarking).

Companies also want to know the degree of customer satisfaction competition, the actions they take in social networks and keywords reference to its competitors.

Again, not handed me ... look at the report when you have a moment of calm. The most interesting are not the results of the survey, are the items shown on it (the tools that companies use the knowledge they gain, which would like to know, etc.).

To download the report, simply to click here: Informe sobre Netsuus bechmarking online

I hope this information is useful.

We talk to each other.

Benchmarking Workshop slides imparted on the Internet Mediterranean Congress

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the Internet Mediterranean Congress held in Alicante from 24 to 26 September and organized (very diligently, btw) IFA Y I AM.

Of the remarked "very diligently"Why in these major events often fail always something (wifi, for example ... or food ... or hours ...). But this was not the case. Everything worked well: the wifi endured all staff of Congress tweeting through their computers or their mobile phones (see #cintermed), The food was great and plentiful, and the schedule was set by the organization. So what more could you ask for?

You can ask attendees time invested in attending the event really do have worth. I'm sure it was. On the one hand, the quality of the papers (at times wished he had desdoblarme two personalities to attend presentations that were made at the same time and both seemed to me essential). On the other hand, as far as I'm concerned, I tried to make a workshop on benchmarking, Entertaining, where attendees participated in the development of practical documents, and where people could acquire new knowledge and methodology related to the Digital Marketing and online analysis of your competition.

This is the presentation that illustrated the workshop:

The Excel on which work for benchmarking can be downloaded here: Excel Graphics Benchmarking

You will find more information about this conference and its speakers, here: Internet Mediterranean Congress

Internet Mediterranean Congress, Alicante

From 24 to 26 September is celebrated in Alicante Internet Mediterranean CongressIn which I have the pleasure to participate with distinguished speakers such as Enrique Dans, and Eduardo Manchon Eneko Knörr.Congreso Internet Mediterraneo

The ICT Sector Business Association of Valencia (ESTIC) and the IFA exhibition center (IFA) promote this congress about the many aspects of the Internet.

Under the generic name Internet Mediterranean CongressThis event will bring together all weekend in Alicante to some of the most renowned experts and companies, nationally and internationally, are leading the revolution of the digital economy.

Congress is divided into three areas of overlap:

  • Marketing online #cintermkt
  • Webmasters #cinterprog
  • Service providers Web hosting (Virtualization and Cloud) #cintersys

For my part, I participate making a Taller de Benchmarking, Which will explain to participants how to make a good analysis of competition online, how to detect what actions Digital Marketing is performing, how to know which target attacks, and what parameters measured to determine their position and ours. All with the ultimate goal of being able to make a good action plan online.

For more information about the conference you will find it on their website: Internet Mediterranean Congress.

See you at Alicante!

How to Make a Benchmark

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching the first session of the new edition of Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Industries organized by the SDE (Servei and Business Development, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries).

This course consists of two parts, one aimed at discovering how it should be the website of a company dedicated to some kind of cultural industry and the other more properly dedicated to Digital Marketing part. At the beginning of this second part we saw 2 of the main techniques to attract visitors (SEO and the tools of Web 2.0). The other techniques will be discussed during today's class.

In my class yesterday one of the points we saw was the Benchmarking and explained to the students that can not be Marketing regardless of the market and therefore it is essential that we know what our position on the companies with which we compete or regarding companies similar to ours.

How to make a benchmark?

This requires defining the variables we want to analyze, to know what our position is based on these variables, see what the position of the competition, then, is ideal capture it all in a positioning map.

The variables that I propose in my classes are as follows:

Benchmark technical level:Ficha de competencia/benckmark

  • How many pages indexed in Google have a website? (: (Without quotation marks and domain name who wish to analyze) in Google this information looking for " site" is obtained).
  • What PageRank has a website? (Obtained from the Google toolbar, any SEO plugin or from an online tool).
  • How many pages are linking to the page you analyze? (I recommend obtaining these data from which offers).
  • What position does that website ranking in

Marketing Benchmark level:

  • What is the target audience for that enterprise and which segments attacks through its online communication?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What Digital Marketing actions have detected that performs this company? (This can see watching who linkea to page [online news, blogs, directories ...] and looking for his name on Google [see social networking profiles, quotes, articles, etc.]).
  • What features we would highlight their website.

With this a good record for each of our competitors and also for our own company is obtained. And these data will help us know where we want to be, where we want to go and how we will do it.

The positioning map that I use is a graph showing bubble techniques 3 variables: the PageRank (the radius of the bubble), the position in the Alexa ranking (egComo hacer un benchmarkand abscissa) and the size of the page (vertical axis).

The attached image is of one of these maps, the other image corresponds to a record of competence (in this case corresponds to a theater).

Yesterday I promised the students would write this post and would hang up Excel I had created from the websites of some of the companies attending the class, so that you have sample and was not needed to start it from scratch (the graph it is complicated to make, the axis scales are logarithmic, the axes are reversed so that the best position appears on the top right, and definitely not a chart by selecting data from a table is displayed by pressing a button ... of Hence recommend students to use mine as a basis for their work).

Anyway ... here goes the Excel worksheet for creating the graphic benchmarking.
Excel Chart "How to Make a Benchmark"For you to base.

(If you do not see the graphic good or bubbles are not 3D is because you are using an older version of Excel. Although I have saved the file in .xls format so that everyone can open, you are actually created using the .xlsx )

I hope you find it useful and now already know cow do a good benchmark.

If you attended the event and want the full-slide of the entire course of Digital Marketing for Cultural Industries, recalls that shortly the SDE will send an email with a link to their servers from which you can download.

A hug.