Review of "TUF'S TRAVELS" George R.R.Martin - Ed. Zeta Science Fiction

Tuf's TravelsAs indicated Miquel Barceló in the prologue Tuf's Travels, We are faced with a book that actually is a collection of interrelated short stories including a bridge and filled with history just give it meaning. This makes it no less interesting the book, of course. Tuf's Travels It is a book that reads at a time and it's hilarious.

The book tells the story of a man named Haviland Tuf curious, independent merchant, a man of large (more than two and a half meters), bald, with white skin, vegetarian and lover of cats.

Note: Haviland Tuf not look anything like the character of the book cover ... I think that's designed thinking of another book or just came to read the first page of this. ... I wish the publisher would make a little more attention to these details.

Anyway ... back to the review ...

Haviland Tuf logra poseer una enorme nave espacial (de 30 Km) construida con tecnología de la Vieja Tierra y muy superior a la tecnología actual del universo que nos narra George R.R.Martin, sobre todo en materia de ingeniería biológica y ecología. La nave contiene una vasta biblioteca biológica y gigantescas estaciones de clonación.

A lo largo de siete relatos vamos descubriendo cómo Haviland Tuf consiguió la nave, qué características tiene, para qué sirve, por qué es un arma tan temida y cómo puede “ayudar” a mundos necesitados. Cada narración transcurre en un planeta determinado y con una problemática determinada, cosa que el autor aprovecha para describir sociedades y costumbres pintorescas con las que tendrá que lidiar el protagonista de esta historia.

Haviland Tuf, the main character describes how well the author, ends up being endearing, especially for his love of cats and his curious personality. I guess also because I read the book with my cat next door, purring grateful for my attentions.

The book is also fun because of all the stories, the author plays with the names of cats that go with situations in which the protagonist is. This causes some cats "Chaos", "Duda", "disorder", "Stupid" and many other names like that are called.

Anyway ... a highly recommended book, with situations that lend a good time to think about them and how to resolve them.