The "Rules of Acquisition" of the Ferengi and real life

Last week I had a "experiencia revival"Related to one of my favorite hobbies in what is Science Fiction: the universe Star Trek.

He was quietly reading the tweets of the people I follow, when I found a few twits published by Sean Donahoe they were clavaditos to Rules of Acquisition de los Ferengi: If "profit"Here ... that if"profit"There ... until I took the liberty to contact him and ask him if he had ever read the Rules of Acquisition. I said yes but had not realized that his advice seemed both to these rules. Quark a Ferengi Deep Space Nine

The Ferengi (or Ferenghi) are a humanoid species originating from the planet Fenginar that physically are characterized by their large ears, punteagudos teeth and prominent frontal lobes. A sociocultural level, the Ferengi are a very interesting species that maintains a culture based on trade and follow a code of conduct called "Rules of Acquisition"(Sorry, I could not translate giving the meaning in English).

At first viewing Star Trek (This loooong time ago) each time a Ferengi cited a rule, pointing me in a book ... Some of them are excellent and very helpful in doing business. Others are not so applicable, but at least get you to smile.

Just one of the first rules I heard and wrote down, is one of the most try to use when I work (as a mantra) ...:
Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.”
Is very good.

Ferengi Some golden rules that can be applied to any business:
Good customers are as rare as latinum, treasure them.
The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.
Every once in a while declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.
Ask not what your profits can do for you, ask what you can do for your profits.

In total there are 280 rules. Divertísimas all ... and some, like those mentioned above, very useful in real life.

On the Internet, the web that it collects all and indicates who and where he recited the first rule is: Rules of Acquisition

Review of "invasive treatment" of Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston - Nova

After reading the penultimate sequel Ender's GameI promised myself not to read anything more than Orson Scott Card. When from Nova published the latest sequel, I did not buy it, even though I bought all the books published this collection. Not that I have anything against Orson Scott Card (I met him in Mataro Hispacon in 97 and I've read almost everything published his Nova de Ediciones B). But he was sick of sequels to Ender and books aimed at an increasingly young audience and without any grace or orientation toward science fiction.Invader treatment, Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston

When I saw that Nova published Invader treatmentI was tempted to not not buy it, but reading the back I saw that was not set in the Ender universe and perhaps could give another chance to CSOs. I'm glad to have given it ... although I'm not sure that this book can be attributed to CSOs. I explain:

As indicated the same as OSC and makes Miquel Barceló in his foreword, the book was written by Aaron Johnston from a story published in Analog CSO in 1976. So although the characters are typical of CSOs, the rest of the book it is not.

Make no mistake, the book is written by Aaron Joshnston not by CSOs. Although CSO hand can be seen in the plot and setting.

¿Es o no es un libro de OSC? ¿O es un libro escrito a medias como indican en la portada al mostrar los dos autores?… yo pienso que no, que es una novela escrita por Aaron Joshnton (un guionista amigo de OSC), basando el argumento en una narración de OSC, supervisado todo por OSC, y utilizando el nombre de OSC para vender más… pero bueno… eso no quita que el libro está bien, aunque para empezar, además de no ser OSC el autor, tampoco se trata de un libro de Ciencia Ficción aunque se publique en la colección Nova de Ediciones B, si no que es un Thriler Biolotecnológico, por más que Miquel Barceló quiera justificarlo en el prólogo.

The plot tells the story of several characters and mysterious "healers" who are biologically enhanced. These healers have a virus that adapts to individual genetics for which has been created, and allow any genetic disease cure the person to whom he inoculated. So in theory, they have the cure for many diseases until today mortals. The bad thing about this virus is that for a few days, is deadly to other humans who are close to the sick, which makes it extremely dangerous. And the bad thing is that the curators believe in a new religious cult invented by its leader, promising them "happy world"And above all healthier.

We must acknowledge that even though there is a clear protagonist, all characters are treated in depth and acquire the dimension that gets to empathize with some and hate others. This is something that CSOs often do well in their books and this has certainly veiled it so well.

También vemos la mano de OSC en los dilemas que se plantean los personajes en temas como la ingeniería genética y la evolución de los humanos. Se trata de saber si los virus que modifican nuestro genoma son o no son la respuesta a nuestros problemas, o sobre qué consecuencias puede tener para una sociedad el que se investigue más sobre este campo, con el fin de poder modificar nuestra especie.

Aquí, como en otras cosas, discrepo de OSC y por lo tanto la mayor parte del libro me la he pasado estando a favor de “los malos”. Para mí no hay duda en que en algún momento tendremos que modificar el genoma humano y adaptarlo al medio en el que nos encontremos en cada momento. De lo contrario la colonización de Marte o las largas estancias en el espacio no van a ser posibles… pero ya sabemos que las creencias de OSC le impiden aceptar esto, así que el libro acaba postulando en contra de la investigación en ciertos campos de la ingeniería genética y el autor pone los virus que reparan el ADN en manos de un desequilibrado megalómano que quiere conquistar el mundo, advirtiéndonos así, de los peligros de disponer de este tipo de tecnología.

Overall, the book is well written, can be read well, engages, has pace and ultimately, a book that makes you think it is. So my verdict is a book by Orson Scott Card and Aaron is Joshnston, is that it is 100% recommended.

Review of "THE CODEX OF ATLANTIS" Stel Pavlou of - The Factory

codice atlantidaFollowing my "Year Atlantis", this Christmas I read "The Codex of Atlantis" No. 1 in sales in the United States and Italy (as indicated by the editors in Spain). Just in case, the editors have published Thrillers collection rather than on Science Fiction, which is where it really should be, I guess to see if the sales figures are emulated in other countries. (I get? ... I think you go for the 5th edition).

The book is interesting and well written to be read evasion.

A nivel de teorías sobre la Atlántida es bastante original. Parte de la base de que los atlantes eran una sociedad avanzada, con conocimientos más allá de los de nuestro tiempo en campos como la nanotecnología, conductividad, estados físicos, etc. Sus construcciones eran a escala planetaria y aún quedan algunos restos de ellas. Como en las teorías de Platón, fueron destruidos por el Diluvio… aunque en el libro vemos que el Diluvio es la consecuencia de una catástrofe a nivel de Sistema Solar, que puede volver a repetirse.

According to the thesis of the book, all the monuments of antiquity are connected and are actually part of a machine on a planetary scale, capable of saving humanity or condemn it. The task of the players is to try to be the first of these premises, rather than the total annihilation of the human species.

... And they do, but just barely.

As a curiosity, commenting at one point in the book, talking about the biological timing of the banks of jellyfish, the author uses to explain the resonance and makes one of the protagonists explain how Huygens in 1660 when he was ill in bed, he noticed that the pendulums of two of its timepieces ranged at the same time when the clocks were coming. If they moved causing them to lose the pace, they came back after a while to move in coordination. If the clocks are separated, they not tuned.

This reminded me of a video demonstration of this same effect, but this time, illustrating tuning 3 metronomes.

This tuning approach is the same that governs the movements of groups of animals: groups of fireflies, flocks of birds that change direction, fish stocks, etc.

I like to find non-academic books that leverage to popularize science!

Review of "REAL TIME THROUGH" by Vernor Vinge - Icarus Ed.

"Through the Real Time" an entertaining book that raises a good story, even though it actually three books written at different times is.

The book presents us with time travel, but only forward, using a technology that allows the creation of bubbles enclosed in a kind of ecstasy all that is left inside, getting no time passes for those who are locked inside.

The book extends over millions of years and narrates the history of mankind.

The frame is divided into two parts. The first, places the reader in the near future in which humanity is recovering after a nuclear disaster caused by a world war. This part is fun and is pure literature "steampunk".

The second part is more Science Fiction of all life (to speak) and explains how humanity's future, in the distant future ... although most are not human because something has happened in the XXIII century and have only left the humans who for one reason or another were emburbujados.

The book presents a future society in which humans must live in different times and access to different types of technology (depending on the time they were emburbujados), and consequently with different social models. The main task of this society is to perpetuate the human species, even though the few hundred copies of remaining humans.

To encourage a bit more plot, the author includes a murder, a police century and to some alien.

100% recommendable.

Review of "Mars time" by Philip K. Dick - Minotaur

I've read most of the books I have written my favorite authors, especially those who unfortunately are already dead, but there is always someone who escapes and occasionally gives me joy. This is the case of "Mars time”. Tiempo de Marte - Philip K Dick

Last week, in my usual bookstore, I found a reprint of this book, that neither knew I was pending to read ... so I bought it and began "to work".

The book is the typical book of Philip K. Dick. With all its elements: people who dream but does not distinguish between dreams and reality, people with mental illness, some other person with severe depression, etc ... to a "pre-cog" (person because of a mental disorder is able to see the future or thinking of moving over time [as in Minority Report, for example]).

The book tells of the colonization of Mars and coexistence among the inhabitants of Earth and Mars Aborigines, who are Homo Sapiens Sapiens black, but involuted.

The book is written in 1964 so it's fun to see how the author deals with certain issues.

  • The company raised Philip K. Dick is totally sexist (women are either wives dimensional engaged in shopping and cooking are either more or less efficient secretaries are judged according to their physical attributes).
  • Since in the 60s was not known almost nothing about Mars, humans of "Mars time" are installed there quietly, without prior terraforming or any kind of environmental protection. In fact, it is understood that they do not need as other humans and are therefore assumed to colonize the planet is viable.
  • The canals of Mars are clearly works of its former inhabitants.
  • No computers.
  • Radio frequency communications are encrypted and certain messages, you need a "coding machine".

Anyway ... a book is a novella of the most typical science fiction of Philip K. Dick. Fully recommended.

Review of "THE BEST OF Connie Willis I" Connie Willis - Nova (Ediciones B)

Best of Connie Willis I"It is a collection of 11 short stories by this author.connie_willis

As there are in all collections a bit of everything, both literary quality level and at the level of issues. This book is no exception.

Some stories are really interesting and very reminiscent of some other books by Connie Willis. For example, reading the story "Fire Brigade", you can not help but evoke "The Book of Doomsday" (one of the works that I like about this author).

Another tale is that I liked especially the "Late Cretaceous" in which the consequences of a budget adjustment in a Faculty of History narrates. really hilarious situations occur.

Instead, stories like "A All my Dear Daughters" I found a story quite filling. But hey ... this is going to taste ... and I do not like it.

Overall, a recommended book is, or it is to better understand the work of Connie Willis ...'ll see how it looks "Best of Connie Willis II" when published.

Review of "SPIN" by Robert C. Wilson - Omicrón

“SPIN”, de Robert C. Wilson – OmicrónRobert C. Wilson is an author that I know little. The only book of his that I read before "Spin” era “Darwinia"Published in 1998 and although he was a finalist for the Hugo Awards, I found there were not so bad ... although the focus of the main thesis of the book was original: a world where the more you use things more suited to use . For example, a chair not spent time ... it is better suited to one who has to sit at her. Or a knife dulls not use it so much ... on the contrary ... it becomes sharper and cut better.

The bad thing is Darwinia It was more fantasy than science fiction, so maybe it was not the author's fault, but simply did not like the book because I like Hard science fiction, not fantasy.

But back to "Spin”.

El libro nos explica qué pasa en la Tierra una noche en la que todas las estrellas y la Luna desaparecen. Un misterioso escudo (el Spin) aparece en torno a nuestro planeta y nos aísla del resto del universo. Por cada segundo que transcurre en la Tierra, transcurren 3,17 años fuera del Spin.

This book itself is Hard Science Fiction and forces exercise the brain-based well to understand everything that poses the author. We have: time passing differently in different areas, we have a shield that protects the earth from not who knows, we Martians are humans evolved, we have genetic engineering, have mysterious illnesses, rare religions, crazy magnates, etc ... etc ... in short, an enormous amount of ideas and new approaches on Science and Technology.

all a joy. 100% recommendable.

I robot. Or how a poor job of marketing can kill a movie

For days I've been following the controversy that "I, Robot" has unleashed in the United States among the ranks of lovers of science fiction. But I refused to write about it until I have seen the film and I could judge for myself, and discern if "I, Robot" by Alex Proyas, attentive or not, against the memory of Isaac Asimov.

And the truth is no. Even if you are only guides for the trailer of the film you would think so ... and the trailer is exactly what triggered the ire of readers of Asimov.

And this time they have looked to the promotion of the film !!
Go crap !!

I bet the creators of the promotional campaign and had watched the film, nor had read any of the books by Asimov.

I can even imagine the team preparing the campaign ...
"Let's see ... we have ... Will Smith + Science Fiction + summer ... OK ... let's see ... what's the argument? ... robots threaten human ... polis against robots ... it come ... make a trailer with some spectacular images of robots against humans, ... Asimov? ... ummm ... let pamphlets with the Three Laws of Robotics (but adding a postscript type "are perfect until something goes wrong") ... okay ... that's it ... the next please? ".

Total, that after the trailers and pamphlets (in Spain have also been distributed), began a movement through the Internet, to boycott the film and apply to all lovers of Science Fiction failure to attend theaters to see the film Proyas.

Cuando vi el tráiler por primera vez, mi reacción inmediata y sanguínea, también fue la de “acordarme de los muertos” del señor Proyas, por haber utilizado el universo de la serie de los robots, a la entrañable Dra. Susan Calvin y a las 3 leyes de la robótica y al nombre de Asimov, para promover un film, que claramente (a juzgar por los tráilers) atentaba contra la memoria de Asimov. Lo que Asimov en realidad, en todos sus libros transmite acerca de los robots, no es otra cosa que simpatía hacia estos seres que por su candidez y por su voluntad de servir a la humanidad, a veces se desvían del camino marcado y dan lugar a innumerables y divertidas situaciones paradójicas.

En el universo de Asimov, las tres leyes de la robótica tampoco son perfectas, de hecho, Asimov se inventa una Ley Cero en la novela “Robots e Imperio” (“Un robot no puede realizar ninguna acción, ni por inacción permitir que nadie la realice, que resulte perjudicial para la humanidad, aun cuando ello entre en conflicto con las otras tres Leyes.”), y hasta tenemos La Fundación, donde no hay robots… (al menos, que sus habitantes sepan…). Pero tras leer cualquiera de sus libros, en ningún caso tienes la sensación de que los robots son malos y que tienen que ser exterminados.

Una vez vista la película, te das cuenta de que si bien el “Yo, Robot” de Proyas no tiene nada que ver alguna de las 9 historias cortas que recoge el libro homónimo, el espíritu final de la historia tampoco está en contradicción con el espíritu de Asimov. Sólo es la campaña de promoción de la película la que debe ser quemada, no la película en sí.

Y definitivamente, “Yo, Robot” es una película que vale la pena ir a ver. Tiene unos efectos especiales apabullantes y tiene escenas que se recordarán durante tiempo (escena del almacén de robots, con robot +1 infiltrado, y escena con contenedores llenos de robots antiguos poniendo carita de “Gato_con_Botas_de_Shrek_2”). El film de Proyas también explora temas como las grandes corporaciones y sus políticas internas, la dependencia humana por todo lo que es tecnología y los prejuicios humanos ante lo desconocido.

I'd rather not explain anything more about the film so that the reader still has not seen it can go to the movies and enjoy it ... even if you've seen the trailer ... better forget about it and enter the projection room with open mind.

(Five minutes from the end, ask yourself who the murderer ... to see if you can guess :-))

If you're an Elf, now you have your radio station

If you've ever noticed that in the light of the stars and moon could see twice as far as other people ... if when others were bewitched by a girl, you permanecías completely immune ... if you always find right doors where others only see walls ... and you've always known that you do not need eight hours sleep ... do not hesitate, for your elven blood veins.

Mood to also test the new interface download programs ... and incidentally, why not upgrade my WinAmp, decided to get out the new version of this player sounds ... And thank goodness I did, the discovery was of the highest caliber!

On one side the same WinAmp is infinitely better than the previous version. By default includes 2 skins, the classic orange and black version and a much more modern and well designed in gray and blue. As for functionalities include automatic default lists the songs that we hear, of which we have heard more recently and etc. other variants. But the most spectacular is the inclusion in the same interface WinAmp TV stations and radio stations.

And it is among the radio stations where the pearl of my discoveries is: Radio Rivendell, A station where only music is played New Age, chosen among the best of the genre and as varied sources as soundtracks Braveheart type films, The Mission, Dune, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings and many other original titles the fantasy and science fiction, as well as soundtracks for video games such as Warcraft III, Neverwinter Nights or Morrowind.

Although the best thing is that you find that you are not alone, there are more people like you, listen to this music, which is fascinated by some tastes and aesthetics that are completely different from the rest of mortals. From the same WinAmp you can see how many listeners are connected at that moment to the station.

The station is on the network from a year ago, according declare themselves on their website Radio Rivendell, music is meant to be the background music in roleplaying. No speakers or interruptions. Most music is instrumental.

It's just great.

If you want to hear no more you have to look Radio Rivendell in the search engine box that appears in the WinAmp v5.03c, pressing Internet Radio.

You can download the WinAmp from Softonic (step ... and you admire their new website).