The new marketplace of Facebook is already running

As promised Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has been heavily involved in e-commerce, but rather the Amazon style has made the Wallapop style. That is, for the moment, the Marketplace is a set of offers posted by users themselves, using geolocation to display products that are closer to the user, and without charging commission on transactions.

US and takes 10 months running, but in Spain began in mid August and this week the app has appeared on the web. You will see the link in the menu on the left of the home page under the News & Messenger, or clicking here: Facebook Marketplace

Once in the Marketplace, products are displayed by category, price and geolocation. The search engine works quite well, and sell button is located in the most visible part of the page. So nothing to criticize ... all OK.

Bids are created by end users and also for companies that are exploited is not oversaturated, to publicize their products.

Facebook no ha publicado cifras sobre el uso del Marketplace, pero parece razonable augurarle un buen futuro puesto que el comercio electrónico está en pleno auge. Fue a principios de este 2017 que Telefónica ya publicó que durante 2016 más del 50% de los internautas españoles habían realizado una transacción online durante los 12 últimos meses, así que está claro que el Marketplace de Facebook llega en el mejor momento. Veremos cómo reaccionan sus competidores Wallapop, eBay y Vibbo (Anuntis)… y también será interesante observar cómo evoluciona el modelo de negocio porqué lo del todo gratis está bien para empezar y obtener cuota de mercado, pero a medio plazo se necesitan ingresos que al menos cubran los gastos de mantenimiento del sistema, por más Facebook que seas.

To finish Zuckerberg keeping promises, we now need to see how to put your own payment system PayPal to Google Wallet or running. In 2014 he requested permission from the Bank of Ireland to start this service in Europe and in January 2017 public which already had all the necessary permits to operate in Europe.

I will attentive ...

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Free Seminar: "Trade Catalan: New times, new challenges"

On October 6 I have the pleasure of participating in the conference "Trade Catalan: New times, new challenges"In the setting of the World Sant Benet (Sant Benet).

The aim of this conference is to train traders in various fields, with the ultimate goal of helping them increase sales.

For my part, I impart a practice session in which I list and explain actions that a trade could be implemented in the network, to be known and retain customers, almost zero budget. It applies to both traditional stores as online shops.

Since it is a Sunday, the organizers have planned a series of parallel activities to training sessions so that the relatives of the participants can enjoy themselves while they participate in different sessions.

If you want to see the full program, please click here: Catalan Trade Conference

The sessions are free, but seating is limited, so please, if you want to attend, before October 3 register yourself and your companions, contacting the organizers. Ms. Laura 937839745 or email confirmació

See you!

How I can create an e-commerce?

This is a question that I answer every day ... so here goes this article to help anyone who is in the same situation as many of my students both empesas and college.

If what you want is an e-commerce you can manage yourself, you have all the functionality that you need, with minimal investment and controlling your management all parameters without having to depend on anyone ... This is what I recommend:

First, decide what e-commerce platform will use.

  1. If you're going to have many products, I recommend a Magento (See this website -> www.textura-interiors.comThis is a Magento). Ideal if what you want is to plug your web management software with your store or with any other program. But you'll need the help of your computer to make connections.
  2. If you're going to have a few products and you can manage by hand, with WordPress plus ecommerce plugin will suffice (see this website -> This is a WordPress plugin with)

Where host a Web site e-commerce?

I recommend a web host that has preinstalled software that you will use (the two I recommended above, or any other content manager). In my classes I recommend the Junior Hosting CDmon Preloaded leads most content managers and costs 70 euros per year. Other companies such as Arsys also carry pre-installed in some of its properties, so ask your internet service provider.

Design templates for content management

All content managers you'll find preinstalled in hosting services have plenty of free templates that are great. But my advice is to select one that has a professional design and someone has verified the usability of it ... especially in this case, the shopping cart.

Therefore I recommend buying professional templates. The market where I buy them is there you will find templates for WordPress and Magento templates (as well as other content managers). The cost of the templates is between 45 euros and 55 euros for WordPress, and 80 euros for Magento. Sort them by "selling" and make sure you have 5 stars. So you choose one that certainly does not give problems.

Do I need a domain name for my ecommerce?

Yes. Neither dudes. It is your corporate image and you need your website to have a proper name. You will also need your email address with your domain name. You can buy them in any company offering this service. A domain usually cost between 10 euros and 15 euros per year.

Internet (both Google and Youtube) you will find manuals, videos and tutorials that will help you throughout the process of creating the website both in the case of WordPress as in Magento. WordPress is much easier Magento ... so if you have no experience in these pages, I would start a WordPress.

You will need a total investment of about 200 euros ... and have the online store in a few days (this afternoon to enter the content).

If you still need help, I recommend attending one of our courses WordPress. Last week ended on April, May will be held at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell and is 3 days in June, we will make one in Barcelona and will be 4 days and we may make another in Terrassa also in June . When more dates approach, I will publish on this blog.

I go all right. I hope I've been helpful.

A hug.

Slides of the Conference on Innovation and Trade organized by ESCODI

Today I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker in a new edition of the Conference on Innovation and Trade organized by ESCODI (Higher School of Commerce and Distribution attached to the UAB).

More than 400 people related to trade have attended this event which aims to offer merchants tools to help them realize business concepts and market analysis, so that they can improve the performance and productivity of their businesses.

For my part, I have prepared a very practical presentation and I focused on suggesting 8 shares related to Digital Marketing, attendees can perform today, with really low costs.

The presentation that I used to illustrate my paper is as follows:

I hope you find it useful.

A big hug.

27 reasons why your e-commerce may fail

This article analyzes the causes why some electronic stores who had everything in their favor, have not succeeded and have been forced to "close their doors".

Following research for my doctorate, I'm now analyzing the failure of some electronic stores that failed to survive. For this I analyzed some 15 businesses that know positively that they have failed and have been creating a model that explains why the failure.

Classifying all causes of trades that I have analyzed, I have finished ordering into 6 groups: related to the selected technology, with the person who manages e-commerce, with the product, the market / environment, with the financial management of trade mail, and promoting trade itself.

In total, 27 variables that have influenced the death of these electronic commerce. Here the classification ...

technology related causes:

  • The platform chosen not integrated with management tools of the company and therefore requires a lot of dedication in product management (estocs control, entry of new products, etc.)
  • The platform chosen is too complex and very difficult to manage.
  • The platform creates a website with a bad usability.
  • The platform is not intended to be indexed naturally in Google and to position itself well.

related causes the person who manages e-commerce:

  • The person is not dedicated 100% to the management and promotion of electronic commerce.
  • The person is not able to properly manage and promote electronic commerce (missing training).
  • The person does not have the personal skills necessary to manage and promote electronic commerce (tenacity, empathy with customers, dedication to service, etc.)
  • The person is not motivated and not managed with the necessary enthusiasm.

Causes related to how to display product we want to sell

  • Product descriptions published on the web are the same as in accounting program or the estocs management, ie, have no soul and do not provide additional information about the product.
  • The images of our product are amateurs and have the same quality as that of our competitors (or even worse, we ourselves have made photos with the mobile).
  • The product does not have the quality required by users.

related causes market / environment

  • The price of our products is out of the market (too high).
  • There is no market for our product or is not connected to the Internet.
  • We are not specialized.
  • Our target audience does not see clearly what our value proposition.
  • Competition is fierce and we do not differentiate us from it.
  • At present our customers have no money and our product is not necessities.

related causes financial management of e-commerce

  • We have not successfully completed an estimate of expenditure and income.
  • Expenses and income are out of balance for too long and is no longer capital to maintain salaries.
  • Instead of making replacement of products sold, we have spent the money to pay salaries or promoting electronic commerce.
  • The salary of the person responsible is not an entrepreneur salary and has a variable part.
  • We paid too much for the maintenance of the technological platform.

Causes related to the promotion of e-commerce

  • Our website does not convey trust (the "who we are" is "cutrillo" the web is "sketchy" do not have user reviews, not part of any association ...).
  • We do not know how or Google or SEO works in general.
  • We do not use other forms of promotion and rely only on the "word of mouth".
  • We do not use social networks to interact with our customers, provide additional information, tips to better enjoy our products, etc.
  • We do not have a newsletter.
  • We make no promotions (in fact, we do not know the difference between "promotion" and "advertising").

This investigation is still in progress and before start working on how to combat the causes, I would like to enlarge a little more, so if you know any e-commerce has failed grateful to help me improve this article by answering the following survey : survey on the causes that lead to failure of an electronic commerce. (It's super simple and will not take more than 2 minutes of your time).

Many thanks.

When you have a point, I will publish the results here.

Note: If you have not yet responded to the survey on the characteristics of managers of companies that implement e-commerce, please, I will thank you responsa also this other survey:

The influence of age on the implementation of an electronic commerce

In the analysis of the factors influencing the implementation and development of e-commerce companies, we find that there empirical evidence that there is a relationship between personal characteristics of managers of enterprises and the successful adoption of such tools.

This is precisely what I'm looking at right now as part of my PhD. To this end, I examine the most relevant articles in this research area and make my own fieldwork. I'm focusing on all the features, but especially in the age, since there are many researchers who have identified a correlation between the age of management and electronic commerce.

This is where I need your help!

If I want to write a quality article with good research, hard data and validating or refuting previous research and my hypothesis, I need to own empirical data.

To do this, I have prepared an online survey of directors of Catalan companies who practice some form of electronic commerce. Understanding e-commerce in its broad definition of the term: any transaction initiated on the internet. That is, almost any company today.

The survey is hanging here:

Survey on the characteristics of managers.

I will be most grateful if stuffed. It will not take more than 2 minutes and the questions are very simple and anonymous.

Por si te puede ser de utilidad: la encuesta la he realizado con Survey Monkey. Una herramienta que permite realizar encuestas online. Tiene una versión gratuita y una de pago. La que verás clicando en el enlace anterior es la de pago, que permite incluir el logo de la empresa, tener varias encuestas a la vez y en general gestionar toda la información que necesito para el doctorado. Ambas versiones disponen de aplicación para Facebook que permiten incorporar la encuesta en tu perfil (es lo que yo haré esta tarde).

Create the survey is not difficult but there are many types of question, so it is first necessary to take the time to go see all the possibilities of the tool. It also goes well see the examples that they themselves propose. They have multilingual version.

Well that's it. Again, I ask for your help if you work or you worked for a company based in Catalonia. Please make this survey and share the link with people who think you can also participate.

A big hug.

Slides of the "6 errors we make when creating an e-commerce"

Here is embedded Power Point presentation at the conference I made this morning in Granollers in the framework of the conference on Electronic Commerce organized by the Leitat Technology Centre and the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

I hope you are of interest.

A hug

Day Electronic Commerce in Granollers

Chamber of Commerce

On October 10 I have the pleasure of participating in a day dedicated to Electronic commerceOrganized by the Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce and for him Leitat Technology Center .

As its name suggests, the purpose of this meeting is to get companies demarcation of the camera are encouraged to start relating to online sales and e-commerce experiences.

In my presentation I will explain the different types of electronic commerce that a company can take, I will explain the different platforms you may have to carry out (the opensource and payment), the legal framework for electronic commerce, logistics aspects, and analyze key business success factors such as attendees, who are already conducting electronic commerce.

Registration for the conference is free, but places are limited. So if you are interested in attending, please contact the organization by clicking here: Day Electronic Commerce in Granollers

See you at Granollers.

Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing in the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Due to the high demand for this course (the course Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing which began on May 26 is now complete and no waiting list), has scheduled a new edition which will begin on June 13.

These courses are 15 hours (from 9:00 to 14:00 three days). This new course we have scheduled will be held at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona (Avda. Diagonal, 452 Barcelona) the June 13, June 20 and June 27. ATTENTION NEW DATE: 20 June 27 June to 4 July.

The agenda of the sessions is distributed as follows:

The first one is dedicated to Electronic Commerce:

  • Electronic commerceWhat it is, what it does, what tools we can use to create an e-commerce (the open source out there on the market, proprietary code), what characteristics must take into account the legal level, logistics, etc. This session will also learn how to perform a competitive analysis and how to determine what our Digital Marketing strategy to attack new markets and increase our customer base.

The second and third sessions are devoted to Digital Marketing:

  • Techniques to attract visitors: SEO, SEM, the publicitad of third party sites explained, the Videomarketing, eMail Marketing, Public Relations Online and all the tools of Web 2.0 (and social networks).
  • Techniques to convert visitors into customers and customer loyalty: Usability, Persuasion, transmission of trust, creating communities, the various techniques of loyalty and Web Analytics (essential for the control of all treated during the course techniques) explained.

Classes are held in the computer rooms of the headquarters of the camera, so every student has a computer to perform the exercises and to go to practice all that is being presented in class, hence the maximum number of participants in each course is 15 people.

If you are interested in attending this year's course, please contact the training department of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​you will find your data and more information about the issue that begins next week here: Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing (The PDF of the new session has not yet been created, this is the one which is already full, but go ... the data are the same, only change the dates).

We talk to each other.

A hug.

Report on the collective purchasing sector (led by Groupon)

Seguro que navegando por internet te has encontrado, en algún momento, con un banner o con un anuncio en texto de Groupón (Facebook está lleno de ellos). Seguramente, también habrás clicado para ver exactamente, qué es Groupón y cómo funciona (o al menos, deberías haberlo hecho… tu instinto marketiniano debería llevarte a interesarte automáticamente por todo lo nuevo que aparece en la red :-)

Groupon is a website dedicated to promoting great deals and discounts on all kinds of services, some of them related to tourism and culture but also related to consumer products and various services. Grupon as we can find on the net to LetsBonus, Groupalia and other similar portals.

This morning I was reading a report published by Netsuus this new industry segment "Shopping and Classifieds" (which includes these three companies) and has been renamed "collective buying".

En dicho informe, Netsuus destaca que las web que pertenecen a la categoría “Compras Colectivas” se está llevando el 6,8% el tráfico del sector “Compras y Clasificados”, con un crecimiento espectacular estos últimos meses. El informe nos muestra también la reputación online de todas las marcas que forman parte de la categoría… es muy interesante ver que algunas de ellas tienen problemas graves de reputación (será más interesante aun estudiar cómo reaccionan para solucionarlo).

The report deserves to be read (it is short, is well written and easy to get, plus free), so I will not summarize these lines but I invite you to download it from the website Netsuus: Sector Report Collective Shopping

I hope you find it useful.

I go all right.

A hug