Monica Terribas at UAB Tuesday - Free conference for students and non-students

Monica TerribasThis Tuesday 15 February at 17h30 'in the Hall of the Rector of the UAB held the conference entitled "The role of public media in the context of communication in the XXI century"Monica Terribas in charge of the Director General of Catalonia Television TV3.

Besides the mere fact of being able to attend a talk by Monica Terribas (for his personality, his resume and crude way of putting reality) the delivery of this conference comes just when it seems that the business model of public television It is transformed and thus also its objectives and its role in communicating society are a means of communication. It promises to be an interesting conference.

Monica specific questions can be made through the page Facebook PMASTERS The questions will be collected during the day and Monica made during the event.

Exceptionally, this conference is open to students PMasters (The organizers), and the rest of the university community and diverse audience. This was the reason why I thought I should write this post and publicize this opportunity to those who wish to stop by the UAB tomorrow afternoon. It is not always possible to attend events preparing for students ... so do not miss it!

See you there.

Digital Marketing Fair Street Music Vila-seca

This Friday May 7, 2010 I have the pleasure of giving the conference "The 10 most common mistakes in Internet communication in the field of music"Within the framework of the Fair and the 11th Street Music Vila-seca.

Este certamen se viene celebrando desde el año 2000 y tiene por objetivo descubrir nuevos valores musicales, para su posterior incorporación profesional a la programación de festivales, conciertos y otros eventos relacionados con la música. De ahí que sea especialmente importante para estos grupos saber cómo enfocar su comunicación en internet y concretamente, qué errores no cometer. Este es el motivo por el que se han incluido en estas jornadas sesiones como la mía, orientadas a la formación en Marketing Digital para estos grupos.

Among those attending the fair are also programmers shows (private and public) seeking new groups to display in their auditoriums, theaters and festivals. The programming of the fair to bring together these groups (new groups on the one hand, and programmers, on the other) is really interesting. It is available here:

It will be a pleasure, but also an honor to lend a hand in improving communication groups begin their professional activities. For this I am preparing slides with good and bad practices carried out on web pages (and other forms of online communication) of the attendees themselves. I'll post the presentation in this post, after the conference ended.

To know the exact place and time of the conference:

Conference "The 10 mistakes"

See you there.

A hug

The conference already held. Everything was good.

These are the slides with which I illustrated my presentation, I hope you find them useful:

Event: February 3 Enterprise Communication paper on Viticulture and Wine Tourism

On January 31 to February 7 will be held at the Barcelo Hotel Montserrat, The Beguda Baixa (Barcelona) 2nd Annual International Congress and Wine Tourism Workshop. This meeting, promoted by Wine Pleasures It aims to publicize the Spanish wine tourism to international tour operators and industry professionals. Of course, also it aims to help companies that offer wine to market its services both internationally and internationally, both to inform them about good practices in wine tourism.

Congress offers attendees a variety of presentations by speakers from Bulgaria, United States, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and of course, Spain, developed in plenary sessions, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, debates, tables round and business presentations. Kelli McCarty en Celebrity Wine Testing

For my part, I have the pleasure of participating as a speaker on the third day of the congress. My participation will be in the form of conference in which I will describe

For my part, I have the pleasure of participating as a speaker on the third day of the congress. My participation will be in the form of conference in which I will describe the major mistakes in online communication who commit companies to try to make themselves known via the Internet, specifically analyze the communication of wine companies making wine. As I do in this kind of presentation, examples will offer as good and bad practices drawn from the websites of the attendees at registration indicating the URL of your website.

also participate moderating a round table where several wineries explain their experiences in wineThe pros and cons of offering, how they promote and how they have managed to combine the wine farm with wine. This roundtable seems especially interesting because in many cases is the lack of the necessary infrastructure and the lack of information on how to market this service, which makes a large part of the Spanish wineries do not take into account that the wine can be a good source of income, complementary and compatible with the traditional.

Congress promises to be very interesting and I'm sure I will learn a lot. Too bad I can not attend every day (I have days per half), but on February 3 see you there without fail.

For more information about the conference or want incribirte, please click here: congress wine

Video Presentation on the basic processes to attract visitors to a website

The Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce just released videos of the presentations that took place on February 20 at 9 am at the Casa Llotja de Barcelona.
Montserrat Peñarroya Video

The conference was entitled How to stand out from the competition and maximize results?

Participated in the conference and Josep Morell Jordi Bosch, representing the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and PIMESTIC, then Josep Lluís de Gabriel Bitlonia company who explained how to get better, at the enterprise level, which offers internet.

After this presentation, it was our turn and from GEA IPC present "The basic processes of Digital Marketing"And we explain the 9 techniques to attract visitors to a website. The slides also include the 6 techniques to convert visitors into business contacts, But due to the limited time available, we discussed not although we prefer to include them in the slides.

Following these presentations, two companies participated as a Best Practices: Jordi Arnau, Director General of BD Barcelona, A company that publishes author's furniture (including Salvador Dalí, Gaudí and Oscar Tusquets) and exported around the world, and Xavier Trillo represented his company, which is engaged in marketing of inflatable and air tanks pure.

In this way, attendees could see direct applications of the techniques explained in previous papers.

After the ceremony ended, we proceeded to a discussion and to end the day, to move to take a networking breakfast, before proceeding with the daily tasks of each.
Click here to view the videos and slides of all presentations: Digital Marketing Day PIMESTIC and House of Barcelona

I Roundtable web browsers: marketing and search engine optimization

On Tuesday 28 October, at 18:30, will be held in the Auditorium of the building Ramblas Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Ramblas 32, Barcelona), presenting a new edition of the Master in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing and as a panel discussion on web Search.

I have the pleasure of sharing roundtable Fernando Macia from Human Level Communications, Who will talk about SEO and Christopher Rovira Research Group UPF DigiDoc to discuss finders training and research. I will discuss SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and explain "6 techniques that will help us optimize our search engine marketing budget".

Each of us will present his vision on search engines and share related experiences market intelligence, content strategy and brand positioning.

At the end of the presentations, a discussion in which attendees can ask their questions will open.

More information about the event:

See you!

More information about the event: Roundtable Search Engine Optimization

This is the presentation with which I illustrated my talk:

We talk to each other.