Web 2.0 and Rural Tourism

Turisme RuralDuring this June I have the pleasure of participating in two initiatives to raise awareness the tools of Web 2.0 to companies Rural tourism.

Both sessions are part of a project consisting of several workshops that aim to publicize Digital Marketing techniques to the tourism industry, and both are organized by the Higher Education Foundation of Olot.

The first of these conferences was held on June 9 morning in Tortosa: Days Digital Marketing for Tourism Tortosa

The second, is celebrated on June 15 in La Seu d'Urgell: Days Digital Marketing for Tourism La Seu

If you are interested about Digital Tourism Marketing and in particular the implementation of 2.0 tools to Rural TourismNot miss them, see you there.

Both events are free entry, but we need to confirm attendance as seating is limited. Please contact the organizers if you want to attend.

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Slides: Web 2.0 for companies producing Cava

Today was held at the Brotherhood of Cava (in Subirats, Penedes) the General Assembly of the Institut del Cava, An association that brings together a large number of companies producing cava in Spain and whose mission is to represent these companies and contribute to the development of the Cava industry.

At the Institut del Cava is a tradition that at the end of the meeting, someone imparts a conference as a closing act, and like last year, I have had the pleasure of being the one who has made this presentation for such an illustrious audience.

Last year we saw the biggest mistakes companies in this sector in planning and carrying out its strategy of online communication, this year, the paper I have focused on tools that provides Web 2.0 to manage the image of companies producing cava, And how to use them to attract new customers and to retain and develop existing customers.

The slides which have illustrated the conference are what I show below.

We talk to each other.

Slides: Web 2.0 for managing your personal brand

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the forum DirActivas ADECCO and share noon and evening with a set of phenomenal women, most of them dedicated to human resources management in large enterprises.

My participation was in the form of paper explaining how and why Web 2.0 tools can help shape our brand image, our Personal brand. In short, what the English call Personal Branding.

This is the presentation that helped me to illustrate the paper:

At the conference also participated Laura Rosillo, Who explained the potential of Web 2.0 for online learning, with a bright and bold presentation that predicted the end of the training area of ​​human resource departments by clicking here will see his presentation: Laura Rosillo.

We talk to each other.

Slides of "The 10 mistakes in online communication" of the performing arts industry

Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving once again the conference "The 10 most common mistakes in Internet communication " but this time applied to the performing arts, with the aim of helping companies related to theater, dance and generally any kind of artistic performance, improve communication via the Internet.

The conference was organized by the SDE (Business Development Service of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries) and everything is part of a conference destined to give cyclo Education of the people who form part of the Catalan cultural industry.

Corresponding to this day slides can be found here:

All threads started in this presentation (SEO, email marketing, Web 2.0, usabiliad, etc ...) and many more, will be treated further in the course of Digital Marketing which will be held on 11 and 12 May at the headquarters of the Pompeu Fabra University, also organized by the SDE. This course will no longer have seats, but new issues face to be held in September or October, if you are interested in attending any of them, please contact the SDE.

We talk to each other.

Slide "9 Techniques for Digital Marketing for tourism businesses"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the General Assembly of the Product Clubs Catalan Tourism, Giving a presentation on Digital Marketing and basic techniques to attract visitors to the websites of tourism enterprises.

Product Clubs are few programs of the Catalan Tourism Agency which aim to advise and assist in marketing the tourism industry in Catalonia. There are specialized clubs in Cultural Tourism, Active Tourism / Nature, Golf Tourism Gastronomic Tourism and Tourism Health and Welfare.

After the assembly, the day continued with three presentations on various topics. The first one was given by Dean Gregory Expedia, Who explained the hotel services connectivity interfaces and Expedia. This paper was especially interesting as the representative Expedia shared with attendees all kinds of data related to online procurement and on the tourism market in general. The next presentation was on the new school calendar and how positively affect the tourism industry. The last presentation was mine.

These are the slides to my presentation:

We talk to each other.
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Event: Conference on the Legal Framework of Digital Marketing, March 18

On Thursday 18 March, I have the pleasure of giving back, along with Juanjo Pérez, the conference "The Legal Framework of Digital Marketing".

As we did last year, the English court Y GEAipc we work together to reach as many people as possible regarding Digital Marketing knowledge. This time, it is to publicize what things must be taken into account, at the legal level, when market our business on the Internet.

Algunos de los temas que trataremos son por ejemplo: ¿Qué tengo que tener en cuenta si deseo recoger emails a través de mi página web para poder enviar un boletín? ¿Puedo comprar bases de datos? ¿Dónde puedo hacerlo? ¿Puedo suscribir automáticamente a mi boletín a personas que me han entregado en mano su tarjeta de visita? o ¿Qué datos puedo solicitar en un formulario sin que esto me haga subir el nivel de seguridad de los datos? ¿Qué puedo hacer con contenido no autorizado publicado en redes sociales?… y muchas otras preguntas que diariamente se plantean los profesionales de las empresas que utilizan el Marketing Digital para conseguir nuevos clientes.

The conference will last one hour and will have about half and shift requests and questions in which people attend it may propose specific questions to the speakers.

It will be held in the room "Cultural Area" in the English Court of Sabadell, at 19h30 'pm on March 18.

Admission is free, but seating is limited and it is recommended to confirm attendance by calling 93.728.48.00 (Extension 3240) or by writing to

See you there.

NOTE BACK: Corresponding to this lecture slides are available here: The legal framework of digital marketing

Digital marketing companies in the industry Cava

Last Thursday, April 16 I had the privilege to attend the General Assembly of the Institute of Cava and deliver a presentation on Digital Marketing applied to the Cava SectorAt the end of the assembly. brindis

The Cava Institute is an organization that brings together the leading producers of cava in Spain. Its partners include companies both Catalan and the Basque Country, Navarra and Rioja. This prestigious institution was founded in 1991 when the denomination of origin "Cava" was created following the incorporation of Spain to the European Union (1986), although its origins date back to the early twentieth century as small producer associations.

Since its inception, the Institute of Cava has ensured the defense of the interests of their businesses regardless of the size of them, and promotes the culture of cava both nationally and internationally.

During the General Assembly the President of the organization, Magí Raventós (Cavas Codorniu of), she explained the main figures of this sector and the evolution of sales of cava in the various markets where it is marketed. Also the Manager of the Institute, María del Mar Torres, addressed the Assembly summarizing the promotional activities that were carried out during 2008 to promote the cava in several European countries. Some of these actions are really bright and I'm sure they have contributed enormously to raise awareness of this product among new preceptors and new consumers. Actions can be found here: Promotional Activities Cava Institute

In the unique setting of the Brotherhood of Cava (site where was held the Assembly), and a hearing luxury (among other participants: CEOs of companies producing cava), I gave my presentation on Digital Marketing applied to the cava Sector, specifically the 9 Techniques to attract visitors to the website of a company producing cava.

En esta ponencia, además de explicar las técnicas básicas para atraer tráfico a una página web, me centré sobre todo en la necesidad de orientar la página al cliente de la empresa, ya que si bien productores como Codorniu y Freixenet orientan sus páginas a usuario final y por lo tanto dinamizar la demanda de cava, las empresas más pequeñas deberían centrarse en orientar la página web a obtener una buena distribución de sus productos en los principales mercados, además de a dar a conocer su marca y sus productos al gran público. Así que mi recomendación para los pequeños productores fue que crearan una zona en sus webs orientada a captar a quien realmente es su cliente: los intermediarios y distribuidores, sobre todo que la orientaran a conseguir estos distribuidores en todos los países en los que se consume cava. Una vez creada esta zona de la página, entonces pueden empezarse a aplicar las 9 técnicas para atraer visitas.

The presentation which illustrated the paper can be downloaded here: Digital Marketing for companies producing cava.

Open Conference cycle: "The 16 things you need to know to sell online"

Today I had the pleasure of teaching this class of Digital Marketing at University Graduate Institute, an institution that teaches master's degrees online for professionals, and was created by Santillana Training together with the Universities of Alicante, Carlos III of Madrid and the Autonomous from Barcelona.

The class has been taught in video format and is part of Open cycle Conferences taught by speakers of prestige University Graduate Institute (IUP). Class recording will be soon on the website of the IUP (

Todo se ha desarrollado según lo previsto, exceptuando la duración de la clase, que ha sido un poco más larga de lo que teníamos en mente… y es que me cuesta mucho sintetizar tanta información en tan poco rato. Sobre todo cuando tocamos temas que me apasionan como el SEO, la optimización de campañas SEM y la Usabilidad. No hay manera en que pueda ser más concisa y no ir tanto al detalle… aun así, siempre me quedo con la sensación de que podría haber explicado más cosas. Pero el tiempo es el tiempo… la clase de Marketing Digital completa es, como mínimo, de 20 horas… no hay manera de poder sintetizar esto en una hora, ni leyendo únicamente el índice del temario. De ahí que la clase de hoy se haya limitado a las 9 técnicas básicas para atraer tráfico a una página web, y hemos tocado un poco por encima las 6 técnicas básicas para convertir las visitas en contactos comerciales.

I hope the students have learned apart from the existence of these techniques, have been wanting to expand the information and now are looking for additional information.

Here is the presentation used in class: Digital Marketing - Basic Techniques.

Then you have the link recording I hang here too.

Presentation of the Guide to Electronic Commerce in Igualada

Today we have carried out the presentation of the Electronic Commerce Guide at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona in Igualada.

The presentation was made by the Director of that office. To accompany the event, Alex de Anta gave a talk on the key success factors in implementing an Electronic Commerce, and I gave a talk explaining a part of the Guide.

As time was limited (1 hour and a half), I only explained the 9 basic techniques to attract visitors to a website, and 6 basic techniques to convert them to business contact. These techniques only have explained above, unfortunately, because it would have needed a minimum of 10 hours to explain this part as a monographic course.

The guide itself can read the same information, but more extensive and complete. I have also indicated participants in the web GeaMarketing and this blog will find additional information and other presentations that can help them expand any of the items discussed in the paper.

I forgot to comment on companies that have attended the presentation of the Guide, the Chamber of Commerce subsidizes 50% of the cost of conducting a small study on the Strategic Plan for the Implementation of an Electronic Commerce, for any company of Barcelona area you want to start selling over the Internet. The total cost has to bear the company is 750 euros and can be ordered through the delegations of the House of Barcelona.

The next presentation will be on Thursday November 27 in Mollet del Valles. At 9h30 'am, at the headquarters of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce held in this population.

See you there.