Mobile Marketing session at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell

Monday January 14 I have the pleasure of giving a session initiation to Mobile Marketing at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell.

In about 2 hours we will see the main features of Mobile Marketing and how we can go incorporating them into our company.

This session will also take the opportunity to present the next course of Digital Marketing taught in this chamber and this year is now in its third edition. The course becomes the equivalent of a graduate degree in Digital Marketing and will be held from 21 February to 6 June.

Attend the meeting Mobile Marketing it is free, but places are limited, so if you want to come, please contact the Chamber:
Tel. 937 451 259

For more information about the course of Digital Marketing, you'll find it here: Digital Marketing Course

See you.

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Specialization Course in Digital Marketing for SMEs

On February 17 begins a new edition of Specialization Course in Digital Marketing for SMEs offered by the Chamber of Commerce Sabadell.

This course is the equivalent of a university graduate and is taught in person every Friday morning, February to June, at the headquarters of the camera in Sabadell (which has parking in the same building).

El temario del curso está especialmente pensado para que los profesionales del marketing de una PYME puedan seguirlo. Durante el curso se creará también un sitio web para que el alumno pueda hacer prácticas sobre el mismo. Cualquier conocimiento técnico que sea necesario para la creación de dicho sitio web se impartirá también durante las clases. En el curso también se tratará el Comercio Electrónico.

As its name suggests, the course aims to get attendees to become specialists in Digital Marketing, so throughout their sessions will be discussed in depth topics such as SEO, SEM, the Social Media Marketing, Advertising network, online public relations press and blogs, all conversion techniques contacts and visits clients and web analytics.

You will find more information about this course here:

Digital Marketing Course for Pymes.

If you want to attend the presentation, you can come to the House on January 12 and you can listen to the conference "10 mistakes companies to raise their communication on the Internet"And presentation of the course.

You will find more information about this conference and the presentation here:

Conference and presentation

This event is free, but seating is limited, so if you wish to attend, contact the Chamber as soon as possible.

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The impact of digital technology in the tourism sector - February 23

On 23 February, Consortium of Tourism Costa del Maresme organizes the conference "The impact of digital technology in the tourism sector"In which I have the pleasure to participate.

MataróThis day is specially designed for entrepreneurs in the tourist accommodation sector.

The aim is that from the papers of various specialists Turistic marketing (Which I have the honor to meet) the impact of the adoption of new technologies is analyzed by this business, and how to convert these changes into a competitive tool and a generator of higher margins for the business.

For my part, I will emphasis on how the Internet affects the relationship between hoteliers and customers and between hoteliers and tourism intermediaries, and how this relationship will evolve in the coming years. I will also talk about how to attract traffic to the website of a hotel and how to convert customer.

The program is as follows:

  • 09:30-11:00 Montserrat Peñarroya. Tourist Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • 11:00-11:30 Break
  • 11:30-13:00 Javier Velilla, Director General, Comuniza 2
  • 13:00-14:00 angel Diaz. CEO de Advance Leisure Services

The sessions will be held at the headquarters of the consortium of tourism promotion in the Plaza Miquel Biada, 1 Mataro.

For more information on the conference or to register to it, please contact the Consortium of Tourism Costa del Maresme.

See you there.

Programa de Marketing Digital en EADA

It is about to start the program Digital Marketing organizes EADA within its training program from 2010 to 2011.

The course, as the name suggests is Digital Marketing and its objectives are:

  • An overview of the world online and Internet marketing.
  • Understand the new rules (new consumer habits) and the participatory web (web 2.0)
  • Knowing how to manage the brand and communication and to know the most important platforms online presence.
  • Understand, develop and manage online campaigns.

The agenda is developed in 16 meetings, from 24 February to 16 June 2011, all Thursday 17: 30h to 21: 30h. In addition to having a excellent team of teachers 4 lectures by companies today are already doing Internet marketing in all its forms classes are held.

For my part, I have the pleasure of being the teacher of Electronic Commerce.

For more information, please click here: Digital Marketing Course in EADA

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Digital Marketing Course in Girona

Next February 24 starts in Girona during Digital Marketing organized by PIMEC and Playbrand.

This course lasts 16 hours spread over 5 sessions held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at the headquarters of PIMEC (Manel Bonmatí i Romaguera 2 Girona).

The 5 sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to digital marketing and change management
  • Creating a campaign of buying keywords on Google (SEM)
  • web analytics
  • search engine optimization (SEO) (this is my meeting on March 10)
  • Actions and viral marketing techniques.

The course is 100% subsidized for workers in companies of Girona.

To learn more about the event or to register, please click here: Digital Marketing Course - Girona

See you in Girona.

Electronic Commerce Course in Igualada

The next 23, 25 and 29 November Igualada impart the Electronic Commerce course organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and throughout the year has been teaching at the offices said chamber has spread throughout the province.

These courses are specially designed for companies wishing to enter the world of e-commerce or who wish to deepen techniques to attract visitors to your web pages and then convert them into customers.

Se hace especial hicapié en cómo debe ser una página que desea vender productos, en los factores clave de éxito tanto a nivel técnico como a nivel de Marketing. En cómo atraer tráfico cualificado (y se explica bien el SEO y el SEM, entre otras técnicas) y cómo gestionar los perfiles 2.0 para este tipo de empresas. También en cómo convertir este tráfico en clientes contables y por lo tanto, se trabaja a fondo tanto la Usabilidad como la Analítica Web.

During the course, students have a computer and internet connection. Both benchmarking exercises like the rest of exercises and examples explained in class, they can be made directly on the website of the company the student. Thus, besides learning, the student makes an effective job for your company.

The course schedule is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and lasts for 3 days (total of 15 hours spent on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing).

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact the training department of Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce.

Education, trade and tourism
Chamber of Commerce
Avda. Diagonal 452 – 08006 Barcelona
Tel : (+34) 934 169 477
Fax : (+34) 934 169 366

Practical Workshop Web 2.0 for tourism in Girona

After the practical workshop organized Benchmarking Tourism Costabrava and we teach in Olot, many people who plan for a solició Practical Workshop Web 2.0 for tourism businesses. Well, it is already scheduled: The workshop will be held November 30 in Girona.

Its data are as follows:

How to be a good Community Manager - How should the profiles of tourism companies on social networks, what issues should deal mainly, what 2.0 tools at our disposal, how can we optimize our time. Ultimately, knowledge that everything Community Manager should know to develop your job in a tour company.

Day: Tuesday, November 30
PlaceGirona, the hotel Charlemagne (Plaça Miquel Santalo)
Schedule: From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
: 40
Registration fee: 50€ (incluye coffe break)

The registration period ends on Friday 26 November and the booking is made in order of receipt of entries.

For more information please contact the Board Tourism Costa Brava - Pyrenees

Note to attendees: As a practical workshop I recommend attending the class with your own laptop. This way you can work directly on your profile and on your website.

See you in Girona.

A hug.

How to attract visitors to our website?

Many times people ask me what actions Digital MarketingAt least they should do to attract visitors to their website. Respond properly and in detail to this question would take me a few hours and also the "As minimum"It depends largely on what sector we are working. Still, for those who are starting out and need inspiration, may this brief summary will be of help:

If we focus on attracting visitors to a website, the Digital Marketing techniques we could use are as follows:

  1. The search engine optimization. Also called SEO Search Engine Optimization. It is to make our website appear in the top positions for a given search. Naturally, and at no cost. Here you will find a basic introductory course: Introduction to SEO
  2. Buying search engine keywords. Also called SEM Search Engine Marketing. It is to buy certain key words when someone look, do see an ad our search engine. Here you will find information on how to improve your campaigns SEM.
  3. Advertising on third party websites. It consists of advertising space on web pages where we can find our target audience.
  4. Affiliate programs. Broadly speaking, we could define this technique as an advertising technique that is paid for results rather than clicks or times you see an advertisement. In Zanox (And other pages of the same type) find the easiest way to create an affiliate program.
  5. The presence in directories and online markets. It is to be present (for free, in many cases) in directories and markets including companies like our own. In We find a list of all directories and world markets.
  6. The public relations in online press. They are very similar to public relations in offline media, but this time, guiding our efforts to appear as articles or interviews in the press network.
  7. Shares of public relations blogs. They are similar to public relations press but posting on blogs rather than in print. This action is practically free and offers very good results. We can find listings blogs Technorati. In bloggers find they charge for posting reviews.
  8. Email marketing to external databases. It is to buy or rent databases emails. This technique is very effective especially when we are heading to companies and databases are purchased from official bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce (
  9. The actions related to Web 2.0. The presence in social networks, collaborative tools and generally in the social web, is a type of action that can offer very good results if we know how to do it, but we need to spend a little more time than the rest of techniques and requires constancy.
  10. The Content Marketing. Is the creation of content that appeals to different segments of our target audience, for entering our website and convince them that we are the solution to their problems. To carry out successfully, you have to find out what market segments are creating content that interests them and that is related to your services and publicize this content using 9 above techniques.

On all of these techniques you can find information on this blog and many others. So if you do not know where to start, first make a good benchmark (How to Make a Benchmark?) And then plan some actions related to the techniques cited therein.

Surely you need training to carry out some of them. You are looking at Google and Youtube find manuals of all types (you may see section Youtube University This blog will be of help). If you want specialized training, are looking at Google are the days that are taking place near where you live ... and if you want something more specialized, here you will find a list of masters and postgraduate courses where I teach (both onsite and online): Masters and Graduate Studies

If you need specific training on a particular topic, please contact.

I hope this post has been helpful.

We talk to each other.

Event: Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing in Granollers

Cámara de Comercio de BarcelonaThe next 27 May, 3 June and 10 June, I have the pleasure of giving a new edition of Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing offering Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce Granollers companies and demarcation.

The course objective is to provide companies with the necessary training and the necessary tools to enable them to carry out successfully their e-commerce initiatives in the network.

To do this, we have divided the class into 3 sessions of 5 hours each, in which students will have a computer each and which may be practicing everything that is learned in the course.

Also, from the first day, students will be given the skeleton of a Action Plan Digital Marketing to go scoring and specifying in it, all actions are explained in class, but already adapted to your company. Thus, at the end of the course, the participant both in class and their own company, will have a concrete action plan to carry it out immediately.

In the course we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing (online benchmarking and segmentation)
  • Key features of Electronic Commerce.
  • How should an Electronic Commerce (functions, tools to create, etc.)
  • legal aspects of electronic commerce.
  • The basic processes of Digital Marketing and Pyramid conversion.
  • The 21 basic to drive traffic to a website and convert them into customers techniques. These techniques include SEO, SEM, advertising, web 2.0 tools, usability, etc.
  • How to make a good action plan online.

You can read more about this course in this PDF attachment: Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing

See you there. A hug.

How to Make a Benchmark

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching the first session of the new edition of Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Industries organized by the SDE (Servei and Business Development, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries).

This course consists of two parts, one aimed at discovering how it should be the website of a company dedicated to some kind of cultural industry and the other more properly dedicated to Digital Marketing part. At the beginning of this second part we saw 2 of the main techniques to attract visitors (SEO and the tools of Web 2.0). The other techniques will be discussed during today's class.

In my class yesterday one of the points we saw was the Benchmarking and explained to the students that can not be Marketing regardless of the market and therefore it is essential that we know what our position on the companies with which we compete or regarding companies similar to ours.

How to make a benchmark?

This requires defining the variables we want to analyze, to know what our position is based on these variables, see what the position of the competition, then, is ideal capture it all in a positioning map.

The variables that I propose in my classes are as follows:

Benchmark technical level:Ficha de competencia/benckmark

  • How many pages indexed in Google have a website? (: (Without quotation marks and domain name who wish to analyze) in Google this information looking for " site" is obtained).
  • What PageRank has a website? (Obtained from the Google toolbar, any SEO plugin or from an online tool).
  • How many pages are linking to the page you analyze? (I recommend obtaining these data from which offers).
  • What position does that website ranking in

Marketing Benchmark level:

  • What is the target audience for that enterprise and which segments attacks through its online communication?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What Digital Marketing actions have detected that performs this company? (This can see watching who linkea to page [online news, blogs, directories ...] and looking for his name on Google [see social networking profiles, quotes, articles, etc.]).
  • What features we would highlight their website.

With this a good record for each of our competitors and also for our own company is obtained. And these data will help us know where we want to be, where we want to go and how we will do it.

The positioning map that I use is a graph showing bubble techniques 3 variables: the PageRank (the radius of the bubble), the position in the Alexa ranking (egComo hacer un benchmarkand abscissa) and the size of the page (vertical axis).

The attached image is of one of these maps, the other image corresponds to a record of competence (in this case corresponds to a theater).

Yesterday I promised the students would write this post and would hang up Excel I had created from the websites of some of the companies attending the class, so that you have sample and was not needed to start it from scratch (the graph it is complicated to make, the axis scales are logarithmic, the axes are reversed so that the best position appears on the top right, and definitely not a chart by selecting data from a table is displayed by pressing a button ... of Hence recommend students to use mine as a basis for their work).

Anyway ... here goes the Excel worksheet for creating the graphic benchmarking.
Excel Chart "How to Make a Benchmark"For you to base.

(If you do not see the graphic good or bubbles are not 3D is because you are using an older version of Excel. Although I have saved the file in .xls format so that everyone can open, you are actually created using the .xlsx )

I hope you find it useful and now already know cow do a good benchmark.

If you attended the event and want the full-slide of the entire course of Digital Marketing for Cultural Industries, recalls that shortly the SDE will send an email with a link to their servers from which you can download.

A hug.