The "10 mistakes theaters and auditoriums" in Huesca

Los días 28 y 29 de septiembre de 2011, la Plataforma Convivencia Pirineos Mediterráneo en colaboración con la Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca organizan el Encuentro profesional transfronterizo “Las artes escénicas en la era digital”. Por mi parte, tengo el placer de participar en estas jornadas ofreciendo una charla sobre “los 10 errores que cometen teatros y auditorios cuando plantean su comunicación online".

En esta ponencia trataré temas como el posicionamiento en buscadores, la usabilidad, los gestores de contenido, la web 2.0, el objetivo que debe tener un sitio web, etc. En total, una hora y media repasando algunos de los errores más comunes realizados por empresas del mundo cultural y sobre todo, por teatros y auditorios, cuando crean sus webs y cuando se plantean realizar acciones de Marketing Digital.

En las jornadas participarán muchos otros profesionales de diversos ámbitos relacionados con la cultura y el mundo digital, así que por mi parte, estoy segura de que será interesantísimo poder asistir a sus disertaciones.

El plazo de inscripción está ya cerrado, pero por si acaso aun quedasen plazas o por si deseas más información sobre el evento, aquí encontrarás lo que necesites: “Las artes escénicas en la era digital”.

Note: Las diapositivas que he preparado para esta charla son las siguientes

Nos vemos en Huesca.

Event: February 3 Enterprise Communication paper on Viticulture and Wine Tourism

On January 31 to February 7 will be held at the Barcelo Hotel Montserrat, The Beguda Baixa (Barcelona) 2nd Annual International Congress and Wine Tourism Workshop. This meeting, promoted by Wine Pleasures It aims to publicize the Spanish wine tourism to international tour operators and industry professionals. Of course, also it aims to help companies that offer wine to market its services both internationally and internationally, both to inform them about good practices in wine tourism.

Congress offers attendees a variety of presentations by speakers from Bulgaria, United States, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and of course, Spain, developed in plenary sessions, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, debates, tables round and business presentations. Kelli McCarty en Celebrity Wine Testing

For my part, I have the pleasure of participating as a speaker on the third day of the congress. My participation will be in the form of conference in which I will describe

For my part, I have the pleasure of participating as a speaker on the third day of the congress. My participation will be in the form of conference in which I will describe the major mistakes in online communication who commit companies to try to make themselves known via the Internet, specifically analyze the communication of wine companies making wine. As I do in this kind of presentation, examples will offer as good and bad practices drawn from the websites of the attendees at registration indicating the URL of your website.

also participate moderating a round table where several wineries explain their experiences in wineThe pros and cons of offering, how they promote and how they have managed to combine the wine farm with wine. This roundtable seems especially interesting because in many cases is the lack of the necessary infrastructure and the lack of information on how to market this service, which makes a large part of the Spanish wineries do not take into account that the wine can be a good source of income, complementary and compatible with the traditional.

Congress promises to be very interesting and I'm sure I will learn a lot. Too bad I can not attend every day (I have days per half), but on February 3 see you there without fail.

For more information about the conference or want incribirte, please click here: congress wine

New technologies in the field of performing arts

On Wednesday 18 November, I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker at the symposium "New technologies in the field of performing arts" organized by cONTRIBUTED Y CIATRE, In order to help theater companies, and in general all companies related to the performing arts, in their online communication.

The day began with a presentation by Jordi Sellas interesting entitled "New Generation Cultural Marketing"Among other things, he explained how the Cultural Marketing is a Marketing Experiences and how this is a competitive advantage and, therefore, should focus communication transmission is a" positive and direct experience " , something that is increasingly rare in this world of virtual experiences.

After leaving the bar very high in both the quality of the paper and the rapporteur, it was my turn to me. My presentation was titled "The 10 most common mistakes in online communication companies in the world of performing arts". To make this presentation, previously analyzed the websites of twenty assistants and in my presentation I was enumerating communication errors being committed (although I tried to use the pages more like best practice, that as examples of malpractice). Some of these errors are, for example, not of who is the target audience of the site, using technology not suitable for web pages, not taking into account the potential of web 2.0 in their communications, etc.

Deputy under these lines the power point I used to illustrate the presentation.

After my presentation, we made a break for lunch and afternoon rebuked the day with a session given by Daniel Olivares, in which we explained the basis of conversion of visits to users.

The day ended with Georgina Cisquella, an excellent communicator, with extensive experience in cultural communication, which gave us a very interesting presentation entitled "Theater, Internet and Media"In which he showed us the latest trends in communication. For me, it was really an inspiration.

From these lines I can only thank the CIATRE provided as to be invited to participate in this conference and congratulate them for organizing the event so much.

Digital Music 2.0 - The 10 most common mistakes in Online Communication

Vic Live Music MarketThe next 16 to 20 September held in Vic (Barcelona) the conference Digital Music 2.0 under the Vic Live Music Market.

He Digital Music 2.0 It is dedicated to training in marketing materials and music promotion in a digital environment. The conference is aimed at professionals Catalan, Spanish and European musical and sound from the sector and organizes the SDE (Business Development Service) of the ICIC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries).

I have the pleasure of participating in the Digital Music 2.0 day 18 at 12 hours, and I will hold a conference titled "The 10 most common mistakes in Online Communication". In half an hour I will review the 10 errors that we are more frecuentemene when help companies define their communication strategies.

To give a little animation to the conference, at the end of it, my fellow sufferer in training, Victor Francis (CEO, It will perform a "Slumdog Millionaire" contest in divulging type format to have a little fun while we ensure that the conference attendees have understood and internalized the above.

The capacity of the conference rooms is about 70 people, so if you want to register to the conference Digital Music 2.0, Please click the following link and fill the form: Registration Digital Music 2.0

For more information on this issue:

(After the date of the conference I will hang in this post the power point with which my lecture illustrated).

Later note: The presentation can be downloaded from clicking on the link below:
Vic-2009-the-10-month-common errors