Internet Mediterranean Congress, Alicante

From 24 to 26 September is celebrated in Alicante Internet Mediterranean CongressIn which I have the pleasure to participate with distinguished speakers such as Enrique Dans, and Eduardo Manchon Eneko Knörr.Congreso Internet Mediterraneo

The ICT Sector Business Association of Valencia (ESTIC) and the IFA exhibition center (IFA) promote this congress about the many aspects of the Internet.

Under the generic name Internet Mediterranean CongressThis event will bring together all weekend in Alicante to some of the most renowned experts and companies, nationally and internationally, are leading the revolution of the digital economy.

Congress is divided into three areas of overlap:

  • Marketing online #cintermkt
  • Webmasters #cinterprog
  • Service providers Web hosting (Virtualization and Cloud) #cintersys

For my part, I participate making a Taller de Benchmarking, Which will explain to participants how to make a good analysis of competition online, how to detect what actions Digital Marketing is performing, how to know which target attacks, and what parameters measured to determine their position and ours. All with the ultimate goal of being able to make a good action plan online.

For more information about the conference you will find it on their website: Internet Mediterranean Congress.

See you at Alicante!

How to attract visitors to our website?

Many times people ask me what actions Digital MarketingAt least they should do to attract visitors to their website. Respond properly and in detail to this question would take me a few hours and also the "As minimum"It depends largely on what sector we are working. Still, for those who are starting out and need inspiration, may this brief summary will be of help:

If we focus on attracting visitors to a website, the Digital Marketing techniques we could use are as follows:

  1. The search engine optimization. Also called SEO Search Engine Optimization. It is to make our website appear in the top positions for a given search. Naturally, and at no cost. Here you will find a basic introductory course: Introduction to SEO
  2. Buying search engine keywords. Also called SEM Search Engine Marketing. It is to buy certain key words when someone look, do see an ad our search engine. Here you will find information on how to improve your campaigns SEM.
  3. Advertising on third party websites. It consists of advertising space on web pages where we can find our target audience.
  4. Affiliate programs. Broadly speaking, we could define this technique as an advertising technique that is paid for results rather than clicks or times you see an advertisement. In Zanox (And other pages of the same type) find the easiest way to create an affiliate program.
  5. The presence in directories and online markets. It is to be present (for free, in many cases) in directories and markets including companies like our own. In We find a list of all directories and world markets.
  6. The public relations in online press. They are very similar to public relations in offline media, but this time, guiding our efforts to appear as articles or interviews in the press network.
  7. Shares of public relations blogs. They are similar to public relations press but posting on blogs rather than in print. This action is practically free and offers very good results. We can find listings blogs Technorati. In bloggers find they charge for posting reviews.
  8. Email marketing to external databases. It is to buy or rent databases emails. This technique is very effective especially when we are heading to companies and databases are purchased from official bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce (
  9. The actions related to Web 2.0. The presence in social networks, collaborative tools and generally in the social web, is a type of action that can offer very good results if we know how to do it, but we need to spend a little more time than the rest of techniques and requires constancy.
  10. The Content Marketing. Is the creation of content that appeals to different segments of our target audience, for entering our website and convince them that we are the solution to their problems. To carry out successfully, you have to find out what market segments are creating content that interests them and that is related to your services and publicize this content using 9 above techniques.

On all of these techniques you can find information on this blog and many others. So if you do not know where to start, first make a good benchmark (How to Make a Benchmark?) And then plan some actions related to the techniques cited therein.

Surely you need training to carry out some of them. You are looking at Google and Youtube find manuals of all types (you may see section Youtube University This blog will be of help). If you want specialized training, are looking at Google are the days that are taking place near where you live ... and if you want something more specialized, here you will find a list of masters and postgraduate courses where I teach (both onsite and online): Masters and Graduate Studies

If you need specific training on a particular topic, please contact.

I hope this post has been helpful.

We talk to each other.

Free training Webmaster nonprofit entities

This is a project I've been preparing for more than a year ago, but it has been particularly difficult to materialize. On the one hand, because of time I find it impossible to help all webmasters from NGOs and other non-profit organization that requested me, but otherwise, I feel sick every time I see under what conditions they work and how they would improve their if results from having a little more training on issues related to making web pages and Digital Marketing.

Fortunately, thanks to Patrick Baneton of Education Without Borders 25 and 26 February, we can offer in Barcelona, free webmasters entities 100 non-profit training.

In total, 10 hours of training spread over two days, which will help these webmasters to improve the performance of their web pages and to optimize the time they spend volunteering in non-profit entities.

The program is as follows:

Day 1: StrategyMontse Peñarroya

  • Presentation by Cristina Salvador A HomeWhich will explain key strategic communication of non-profit entities. Thus, webmasters are aware of how to integrate all actions carried out on the Internet with the communication strategy of your organization. From here I thank Cristina has had the kindness to take part in this event, totally disinterested.
  • My position paper explaining How should be the site of one of these entitiesWhat types of target audience should attack through the website, which sections should include, what kind of content managers can use for your website and in general, how to leverage the tools that the network offers us to take advantage the online communication.

Day 2: Practice

  • 5 class at my expense, which will be explained 9 techniques to attract visitors to a website (SEO, SEM, advertising, email marketing, public relations blogs, public relations online press tools of Web 2.0), also explain the various techniques to improve the usability of their websites, techniques of persuasion and practical notions of Web Analytics.

The Generalitat de Catalunya will yield us the room in which we will conduct training: it is the Casa del Mar, on the street Albareda No. 1 (Metro L.3, Paral.lel) of Barcelona. I take these lines to thank this collaboration. Without proper place, this training would not have been possible.

I would like to offer breakfast to all webmasters who attend the conference, but do not yet have a sponsor to sponsor breakfast. So I take these lines to request your help on two issues:

  1. You help spreading this courseSo that the information reaches the maximum number of webmasters nonprofit entities.
  2. If you are (a), or someone you know may provide the two breakfasts or provide funds to cover them, please, you do get my data to contact me or Education Without Borders and we can organize it.

Thank you so much for everything.

The program and registration form can be found here: Digital Marketing Course for non-profit entities

We talk to each other.

later noteThe images included were made by Education Without Borders during the event.

Course on Electronic Commerce in the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

Cámara de Comercio de BarcelonaThe next 7, 14 and 21 October I am pleased to impart Electronic Commerce course in the Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce.

The course objective is to get the students know all the theory that affects the creation and promotion of electronic commerce, and is capable of executing the Plan Online Action that will have been created over the three days of class. Thus, in addition to acquiring knowledge on Electronic Commerce, the student will have a plan of action online for your business, if you already have, or a Plan of Action that will guide you when you need to create one .

This course is divided into two types of sessions: a theoretical session of 5 hours and two practice sessions of 5 hours each.

The first session will discuss the characteristics of a good e-commerce, the basic structure of such web pages, different e-commerce platforms that exist in the market, payment systems and different legal aspects to be taken into account when creating an e-commerce. We will also learn how to perform a benchmark of competition and which parameters should look to create it.

In the other two sessions we will see the four basic processes of Digital Marketing and all techniques to carry them out successfully. Among these techniques is the search engine positioning (SEO), search engine advertising (SEM) advertising on third party sites, email marketingEtc ... In total, 21 techniques which will help us to get good results when promoting electronic commerce and customer getting conversions.

To view the full program and eventually register for the course, you can go to the website of the Chamber of Commerce and browse the phonebook (search Oct. 7). (Note: I can not include the direct link because it depends on the user session).

A hug.