See Google Hotel Finder, before coming to Spain

[Style_image width = "250" height = "300" image = "" align = "alignright" alt = "Google Hotel Finder "url =";l=Barcelona,+Spain;d=2012-05-27;n=1;ar=4147697,221841,4143466,204652,4132435, 209711,4131365,220221; v = l; h = 9712185766256903815; si = d8813345 "border =" yes "lightbox =" yes "fade =" yes "] This month of May has started operating a new version of Google Hotel Finder, A metasearch engine comparing prices hotel reservations web pages that are enlisted in this service (hotels and OTAs). This service started its first tests a few months ago as an experiment by Google, to enter fully in the tourism sector.

The launch was made only in the US, for the moment, but navigating between the results hotels can be found anywhere in the world, including Barcelona.

Expedia, Getaroom, and Booking are the major content providers of this service. Nevertheless, hotel sheets I've reviewed link directly to the hotel website (either by Google !!!), and only when you want to make a reservation directly from the portal, offers website providers but also gives you again, go to the hotel's own website.

Hotels can be searched by availability, price, star and user rating.

Each tab offers a summary of the main features of the hotel, comments Google accused to Tripadvisor, Expedia and other providers, a gallery of images (also taken from other websites), and a map with the location of the hotel in question.

In addition to its own website, Google Hotel Finder part of the Universal Search de Google and therefore its content also appears in the pages of search results on Google. Hotels appear right between Adwords and fruit of natural positioning results (see image under these lines), this is one of the novelties of the new version.

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The downside of this service is that natural results are increasingly far from the top positions. Google already has us accustomed to watching videos, books, pictures, online stores (with the new Google Shopping), before the natural results. Now also include comparative hotel prices, when the search is related to this subject.

You will find more information about this service on the website of Google Hotel Finder:

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