Day of good practice in social networks and Web 2.0 in Amposta

The March 6 I have the pleasure of participating in the conference on Social Networks and Web 2.0 organized by Tourism Amposta, Amposta.

This day will be divided into several sessions that will develop throughout the day, and all are created from best practices in communication in social networks collected throughout the year. The goal is to serve as an inspiration to the audience and never found again faced the dilemma of being in front of the control panel Facebook or Twitter and do not know what to write to their users or how to boost the encipiente community of customers who continues on these networks:

  1. We start with good practices in using Facebook and explanation of features of Facebook that people do not know.
  2. We continue with good practices made on TwitterPlus some tips to improve our communication on this network.
  3. Then we dedicate another mini session Pinterest.
  4. And the last, it will be dedicated to Instagram.

In total, 6 hours of training, with a pause at noon.

For more information, please click here: Social Networking Day Amposta

See you in Amposta!

free session Pinterest and Instagram in Terrassa

This Thursday (June 20) I have the pleasure of giving a short, free session dedicated to Pinterest and Instagram. These two social media who broke tackles early last year and who have settled among the tools that companies have available to make your marketing communications.

The session will be held in the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa and start at 9h30 'am.

This session will cover the following:

  • What is Pinterest Y how does it work.
  • How to register our company.
  • How panels work Pinterest.
  • Good practices in creating panels by companies.
  • How can we connect to our website.
  • How can we use it to make known our company.

After talking about Pinterest, Instagram board:

  • What is Instagram.
  • How it works Instagram.
  • Good practices in the implementation of actions carried out in Instagram by companies.
  • How can we use it to make known our company.

The session will last approximately 2 hours.

Also in Terrassa but the next week (Wednesday 3 July), we will have a kind of "Update en Marketing Digital". This class is for all alumni courses in previous years, the Chamber of Terrassa, to keep up and know the innovations that have been arriving over the past year.

To attend either session, please contact the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa: tel. 937339831 or

See you on Thursday!