You know what is the Kansei?

First of all, let's focus on pronunciation: When you read the title of this post have to pronounce Kansei in "Kaaaaan-Zai" plan. Obviously, this is a Japanese word.

The etymology of the word gives us clues about its real meaning. The syllable "can" it means "sensitividad"And the syllable"be" it means "sensitivity". That is, something like sensitivity perceived through the senses. But go ... so it is difficult to know what is the Kansei.Kansei

Kansei is a Japanese term used in product design and coming to define something like "the pleasure of using this product." There products kansei and Kansei products.

If you have an iPhone is easy to understand the meaning of Kansei. When the phone rings and you pick up the phone, notes her curves and weight, and with the index moving your hand from left to right across the screen, you accept the call ... the pleasure he feels, is Kansei.

There is also the concept of "Kansei engineering"Which is to incorporate emotion and affection in the design process for products with kansei.

But… Why it's important Kansei? What has to do with marketing?

If in the distant past we talked about Marketing Transactional (marketing based on the product), in the not so distant past speak of Relationship Marketing (marketing based on customer relationship), in the present, we must speak of Experiential Marketing based on excite the client when consuming our product. It is the natural consequence of Relationship Marketing: to achieve lasting relationship over time with your customers, you need to connect with them at the level of emotions. Here is where the kansei.

When differences between products are almost nil, the feelings generated by a product or even better, a brand, are decisive in determining what we buy.

So the products should be useful and attractive, but they also have Kansei: Should provide pleasurable experiences. The consumer experience of a product is as or more important than the product, hence companies need to strive to create a series of memorable events around the consumption of their products or services, to turn consumption into an experience.

Experiential Marketing (or emotional) is responsible for trying to get this experience will lead to customer loyalty to the brand.

Phew ... while I write this post with such academic (I just got out of a class and something had to be noted) will provide training thinking how could emotionally. The truth is that I always try and think it a certain emotional attachment to my students. But do they have Kansei my classes?

If you want to delve into the term, I recommend the description of the Kansei engineering It is appearing in the Wikipedia.

You may also be interested I wrote an article following the conference in Barcelona where Philip Kottler this famous Marketing guru told us about the 10 principles of the New Marketing.

Apple launches into a new range of portable

Leo en la prensa francesa que Apple está trabajando en una nueva gama de ordenadores que inspirada en el iPhone, competirá con los mini PC del mercado.

Buscando más información al respecto, encuentro un artículo del 25 de agosto en el Wall Street Journal

En este artículo, se comenta que tras su vuelta al trabajo, Steve Jobbs está centrado en la puesta en producción de un pequeño ordenador portátil con pantalla táctil que competirá tanto en precio como en prestaciones con los mini PC.Tablet Mac

Por lo que el artículo comenta, se trata de una especie de iPhone tamaño mini PC que permitirá la conexión instantánea a Internet con la misma tecnología que los iPhone, y que como en los iPhone, la comunicación entre su usuario y la máquina se hará mediante una pantalla táctil. El nuevo dispositivo estará pensado también para ver la televisión y para jugar a los videojuegos que tanto han ayudado a popularizar el iPhone.

Apple ya había intentado en otras ocasiones conseguir este tipo de dispositivos y competir con los Tablet PC que ya existen en el mercado, pero la baja duración de la autonomía de la batería y la insuficiente capacidad de memoria había hecho fracasar la comercialización de los prototipos de Apple para este segmento. En el año 2000 Apple incluso patentó un dispositivo parecido a un Tablet PC.

Con el éxito del iPhone y la nueva tecnología que Apple utiliza, parece que Steve Jobbs, por fin, podrá lanzar el nuevo producto.

En el artículo no se indica cuándo Apple tendrá a punto el nuevo producto… así que tendremos que esperar y seguir leyendo rumores.

Adwords and Adsense Google now also on the mobile phone

I just read that Google is testing AdSense for mobile applications, designed to be read from iPhones and from phones that use Android.

Until now, you could only hire Adwords searches on Google from mobile devices, but not Adsense (Google ads on web pages that belong to the Google content network). It seems that this will change.

In the video I show below these lines we can see one of the developers of software for advanced mobile phone, talking about how wonderful it will be able to insert ads into their applications.

The truth is that I feel a little divided about it. On the one hand, I am delighted that software developers and content for mobile phones will have a good way to monetize their applications, which hopefully result in offering free content to the user community. On the other hand, I feel bad that mobile browsing becomes an obstacle to try to move avoiding advertising ...

More information about how the service works, here: more info on Adwords Mobile

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