Marketing Cultural – Marketing Digital para empresas Culturales en 2020

Design a good strategy Digital Marketing es importante para todo tipo de empresas, pero especially for cultural dada la peculiaridad de sus diversos públicos y los recursos escasos con los que deben obtener buenos resultados.

The secret of the Marketing Cultural es la segmentación. La clave del éxito es entender que eres un francotirador atacando a ciertos segmentos. Y el ataque lo debes hacer con contenidos específicos que sepas que tendrán valor para ese segmento. Es importante que entiendas lo de “tendrán valor para ese segmento”… esta es la clave… debes conocer a tus públicos.

It is also important to have clearly in Digital Marketing hay 4 estrategias de crecimiento que puedes llevar a la práctica, y que se pueden aplicar perfectamente al Cultural Sector. Son éstas:

Market penetration strategy: buscas más públicos como los segmentos actuales que ya tienes. Entra en Google Analytics –> Adquisición –> Search Console –> Landing pages –> clica en la más buscada. Mejora el SEO de estas páginas y tendrás más tráfico como el actual.

Product Development Strategy: haz que tus clientes actuales contraten más servicios. Crea un embudo con diversos servicios/productos que cada vez tengan más valor y que un mismo cliente, empiece por la parte ancha del embudo y a medida que te va conociendo vaya contratando más servicios de mayor valor para él y mayor facturación.

Market development strategy: necesitas atacar segmentos que ahora no tienes. Haz una lista de los segmentos de mercado de tu industria y selecciona alguno de los que no son clientes tuyos. Analiza por qué no lo son, adapta uno de tus productos o servicios para que encaje con ese segmento y da a conocer el servicio (con SEO y con publicidad).

Diversification Strategy: ataca nuevos segmentos con nuevos productos. Esta es la estrategia más arriesgada por qué hay dos variables que pueden fallarte… es la última que deberías realizar. Selecciona un segmento que no tengas y crea un producto específico para ese segmento. Inclúyelo en la web y realiza SEO y publicidad para atraer a ese nuevo segmento.

De nuevo, lo importante para el Marketing Cultural es que no mezcles segmentos. Recuerda que eres un francotirador… la tentación será grande… pensarás “ya que lo hago para este segmento, incluyo también al resto” … ¡no! No va a funcionar. Esta es la clave del Digital Marketing for Business Cultural. Créeme, he diseñado estrategias para muchas.

Si tu empresa está en Cataluña, que sepas que el SDE (Business Development Service del Departamento de Cultura) ha abierto, hace escasamente dos semanas, las ayudas para crear Marketing plans Cultural Enterprise. Encontrarás la información aquí: Marketing consulting for Cultural Enterprises

Si necesitas que te ayudemos a llevar a la práctica estas estrategias contáctanos para una primera reunión: Contact

If you want to know the techniques Digital Marketing que funcionan bien este 2020, las encontrarás aquí un artículo que escribí la semana pasada: Técnicas del Marketing Digital que funcionan en 2020

La imagen con la que ilustro este artículo que estás leyendo está extraída de mi nuevo libro “Guía para crear tu plan de acción online”. Aún no está a la venta (estamos en fase de revisión de la edición), en el libro explico con más profundidad las 4 estrategias de crecimiento. A la que tenga el enlace lo publicaré bajo estás líneas.

Espero que el artículo te hay sido útil.

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How to price a product or service?

I often find that my digital marketing students overlook that pricing It is one of the marketing variables that most influences sales of a product, and are unable to properly fix the price of a service or a product. Let's see How to price a product or service?

This article aims to help establish the correct price of any product or service.

  1. Pricing by cost + margin. That is, calculate what it costs to provide a service or what it cost to create a product and add the margin necessary to achieve the expected return. This is the only way to fix the prices my students occurs, and not bad! But it can not be the only one. We must weigh other variables.
  2. Pricing as competition. The prices of our competitors should be considered as a reference and we must fix our depending on whether we want to position ourselves above, or below. This variable depends not only on the profitability of the project but also has a strong effect on our brand image.
  3. Pricing depending on how much demand endures. This form of pricing always amazes students and instead is one of the most commonly used, especially for services. It is to set a price based on the parameters 1 and 2, and plunge up regularly to see if orders keep coming. By the time we notice that slow, we have probably reached the "fair" price received by our customers.
  4. Pricing according to the life cycle of a product. A product or service should not have the same price when it is born and we want people to know that in full operation, or when it is uncatalogs and publish it in our "bargain list".

We should consider these four variables every time you set a price.

There is a fifth variable which is a bit dangerous but it may make sense in certain cases:

  • Pricing according to the distribution channel. That is, for some customers have a price and another price for others, depending on the distribution channel for arriving and type of customer. This fifth variable is useful when you are already well established and well handle a pricing strategy. I do not recommend to start a business or making a business plan ... better focus on the previous 4.

Well, I hope this information has been helpful and that from now know how to price a product or a service, and when you have to make business plans, you calculate either prices or at least make a little more rigor.

We're going talking

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Slides of the days of Tortosa - Internet and Business

Today I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker at the conference Internet and Business organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Tortosa Y Empá

Unfortunately, I could not attend the talks that were given in the morning (I was in college), but I'm sure they were very interesting because the speakers are first class and the audience was enthusiastic.

In the afternoon, yes I could attend the talk given by Marius Cirera of Munich Sports in which we explained the excellent online strategy Munich. A good job they deserve my sincere congratulations.

For my part, as it was the last speaker, I used to summarize the 9 basic to attract traffic to a website and provide a more complete view of the process of attracting visitors ténicas. These are the slides I've shown my paper.

Besides imparting talk, as always, I have had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people who manage excellently both their offline business online. Among these people, today I met three members of the company Balfegó, If you're a reader of this blog, you know reference following the post I wrote about how to get through two-dimensional codes provide traceability of tuna of Ametlla de Mar served in restaurants. If you have not read the article, I recommend you do: From the sea to your table ... going through your mobile phone

We talk to each other.

Digital Marketing Course via Twitter (free)

Today I started the first of my "3 days of tranquility"(I have left children and husband at home, and I've gone [my cat] to the house we have on the beach). I needed a few days of calm no meetings, no classes or lectures, to write things that have been pending for a long time.

One of these things is a course Marketing Digital hecho a base de twits (Ie on Twitter). This morning I put into it and I have a good written part. I have also begun to schedule publication.

The publication will be daily and will start tomorrow at 10am. A phrase a day. Weekends and Easter the twits will stand.

I'll start with the basics of online marketing, then with benchmarking, then with the techniques to attract visitors to a website, then the conversion and finally with user loyalty. As yet I have not finished writing it I do not know when the course ends. I have stayed at the end of SEM and I'm on May 15 :-)

The sentences begin with the word "Council" (*) and every day will appear tips that will improve digital marketing who follow them.

The tool I used to program the twits and get it published when I want it Future Tweets. There I have been including the sentences of 140 characters (if you're tuitero / a already know how difficult it is to say something in 140 characters), and I indicated day and time you wish to be published in my account. The tests I've done during the day worked well.

Future Tweets is free indeed.

If you have not yet registered with Twitter, now you have an excuse to do so. My account is: ... if you want to follow :-P

We talk to each other.

A hug.

* Later note: to facilitate the collection of twits, I changed the word "Council" by #CursoM (so I keep the same number of characters, but I use a single hashtag to identify the entire course). M is for Montse, or Marketing, or Mañana_lo_leeré ... ;-)

Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises - 28 and 30 March

SDEThe next 28 and 30 March a new edition is taught Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises organized by the SDE (Business Development Service of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries).

The course consists of 10 hours of classes in which theory and practice are combined (done in the classrooms of the University Pompeu Fabra and each student has a computer). This is expected to get marketers of cultural enterprises have the necessary skills to conceptualize the website of your company and to create an action plan online that leads them to achieve their business goals.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Operation of a website: How should be the website of a cultural enterprise? What open source tools at our disposal to create the website? How I can get my website is unique despite using a standard content manager? What I have to do to make my website naturally be indexed in search engines ?, etc.
  • Website structure: What is the basic structure of the website of a cultural enterprise How can I target customer, not product How can I reflect on my website marketing strategy for my company?? How I can get more people to contact us and request information How I can sell more?
  • Online promotionHow do I can give out my website What kind of advertising can make How I can use Web 2.0 tools to promote my website, my products and to publicize my business ?, etc.?

We are teachers Victor Francisco, International Digital Marketing specialist and myself.

The hours will be from 9:00 to 14:00 on Monday, March 28 and Wednesday 30 March. As I said before, he taught at the University Pompeu Fabra (Ciutadella Campus - Ramon Trias Fargas, 25) in the computer room 40,153.

For more information about this course, please contact the SDE

We talk to each other.

Programa de Marketing Digital en EADA

It is about to start the program Digital Marketing organizes EADA within its training program from 2010 to 2011.

The course, as the name suggests is Digital Marketing and its objectives are:

  • An overview of the world online and Internet marketing.
  • Understand the new rules (new consumer habits) and the participatory web (web 2.0)
  • Knowing how to manage the brand and communication and to know the most important platforms online presence.
  • Understand, develop and manage online campaigns.

The agenda is developed in 16 meetings, from 24 February to 16 June 2011, all Thursday 17: 30h to 21: 30h. In addition to having a excellent team of teachers 4 lectures by companies today are already doing Internet marketing in all its forms classes are held.

For my part, I have the pleasure of being the teacher of Electronic Commerce.

For more information, please click here: Digital Marketing Course in EADA

We talk to each other.

Specialization Course in Digital Marketing for SMEs

Just opened registration for the Specialization Course in Digital Marketing for SMEs It imparted from March 2 at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell.

The course consists of classroom and 80 hours on Fridays are held in the morning. The sessions are 5 hours a day.

El programa está muy bien trabajado (en algo tenía que notarse que haya participado en la elaboración del mismo ;-) ). Bromas aparte, el programa está especialmente pensado para que sea práctico y provechoso tanto para el alumno que lo recibe, como para la empresa que lo envía.

Incluye sesiones teóricas sobre las diferentes técnicas para atraer visitas a un sitio web, sobre las técnicas para convertir las visitas en clientes y sobre las técnicas para fidelizarlos. Se hace especial hincapié en el uso de las herramientas de la Web 2.0, pero no descuida el SEO, el SEM, el eMail Marketing e incluye un apartado de videomarketing. También incluye sesiones específicas de comercio electrónico en las que analizarán las plataformas que nos ofrece el mercado y los factores clave de éxito del comercio electrónico.

New in these courses, two practical sessions in which a corporate website will be built from the content manager WordPress are included. benchmarking practice session in which he will explain how to analyze a company's online competition and will work on the Action Plan online also included each of the companies.

The ultimate goal is that students know in depth all the possibilities that the Internet gives your business and if you wish, finish the course with a fully functional website, an analysis of the competition well done and a concrete plan of action for company.

For more information about the course, please click here: Specialization Course in Digital Marketing for SMEs, Or contact the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell (tel. 93 745 12 55).

See you there.

Slides Digital Marketing for Cultural Associations

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in one of the conference organized by the Department of Culture of the Provincial de Barcelona and the We Associacitiva CommunicationWhich aim to improve the communication of the Catalan cultural associations. To do so, yesterday was organized and another to be held on October 5th.

The world of Marketing for Associations is not easy, let alone online. Normally webmasters are volunteers, they do not have any budget and only have basic knowledge with regard to Marketing and Digital Marketing. Still, most of the entities participating in the conference yesterday available website and Facebook account.

The objectives that these associations seek in their online communications are usually:

  • Attract new members.
  • Publicize their activities to the general public.
  • Seek new employers or retain current ones.
  • Use your website and digital tools to improve communication among its partners.

So a well built website that is indexed well in search engines and that has a good web analytics system, is the first step to start working communication via the Internet.

As part of this conference I explained 10 shares of Digital Marketing that can be done virtually no cost and will help to significantly improve their initiatives on the network.

These are the slides I used to illustrate my paper.

I hope you find them useful.
A hug.