Presentation of my libro "Electronic Marketing for Cultural Tourism"

This next Friday the November 5th Girona presented in my book "Marketing Electrònic per a Turisme Cultural". This book is part of the collection dedicated to cultural tourism published by the editorial Vitelli.Marketing Digital per a Turisme Cultural - Montserrat Peñarroya

No hace falta decir que este evento me hace muchísima ilusión y que estoy muy contenta de que finalmente se haya convertido en realidad (es muy complicado trabajar, dar clases y a la vez escribir un libro). Sólo espero que la gente lo encuentre realmente útil. En el libro se explican las técnicas básicas para atraer tráfico a un sitio web especializado en servicios o en productos de Turismo Cultural, se explican también las técnicas para convertir visitas en clientes y las técnicas para fidelizarlos. También se explica cómo hacer un benchmark y cómo segmentar, desde el punto de vista del Márketing, los clientes actuales. En general, se trata del contenido que correspondería a una clase de Marketing Digital Turístico de unas 15 horas (se lee en menos… o eso espero) y sirve de guía para poder empezar el Plan de Acción de una empresa turística.

The book can be purchased online by clicking here: Marketing Electrònic per a Turisme Cultural.

The presentation itself will perform in Fontana d'Or (C. Citizens, 19, Girona) in the 7 afternoon. Is presenting Mr. Joan Pluma, Deputy Economic Development and New Technologies Ms. Dolores Vidal, professor of Girona and director of the collection and Ms. Gemma Garcia, the publisher ... y yo misma ... and of course, with all that friends wishing to attend this acto.

Later note:

The presentation was very good. I had never been to La Fontana d'Or and the truth is that it is the perfect setting for the presentation of a book. The room where the ceremony took place (the room Tapiz, I think it's called) is the right size for this type of event and is the ideal place for a book about how to raise awareness of the cultural resources of place our country.Presentación Marketing Electrònic per a Turisme Cultural

From here I want to thank Gemma Garcia, Dolors Vidal and Joan Pluma for their presentations and their words of support. I also want to thank all the friends and acquaintances to know, who came to the Fontana d'Or to attend the event, for making this unforgettable evening. Everyone I am very grateful.

The photograph is attached to the Pere Duran Volume photographer for the newspaper El Punt - Today.

Article covering the event can be read here:
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Later note 2:

People ask me if I do not have a web page just for the book ... :-)
Logical question. Moment is not available, but I hope that if he is facing to December. This page will discuss the book, I will include more content related chapters of the book and best practices that I saw every day when dealing with students and clients.

Days in Girona - Internet Business 2.0 and the Tourist

Next October 28 in Girona start the conference with the title: Internet 2.0 - Social networks and tourism business Keys. Tengo el placer de participar en dos de sus ponencias y en un taller práctico.

El objetivo de las jornadas es conseguir que las empresas turísticas de Girona obtengan un mayor rendimiento a sus páginas web gracias al uso de las herramientas 2.0. En general, las ponencias tratarán temas como: qué es exactamente la Web 2.0 y cómo podemos aplicarla a un sitio web turístico (esta es una de las que yo imparto), cómo aprovechar a fondo el Social Media Marketing y cómo gestionar nuestra presencia en las redes sociales, cómo convertir las visitas de una página web en clientes (esta la imparto yo también), cómo generar contenido atractivo para el público de un sitio web, etc.

This first day is complemented by a series of workshops to be held on other days. Which I impart is to How to analyze your competition and basically, I will explain how to make a benchmark, what factors to analyze, how to present and interpret the data. The workshop will be 100% practical and my goal is that attendees get home knowing do a good benchmark and with the necessary tools to carry it out.

The sessions are organized by the Tourist Board of the Costa BravaIf you want to know the program or are already convinced / a and wish to attend the conference, you will find more information:

See you in Girona.