Review of "Philip K. Dick, TALES COMPLETE V" by Philip K. Dick - Ed Minotauro.

This is the fifth installment of this collection of short stories by Philip K. Dick. Each and every one of them worth being read, and this is no exception.Philip K Dick, V Full Story

All short stories by Philip K. Dick have something special ... something that only this author is able to get from the first paragraphs of his stories: a promise that something big will happen and he will tell us. As an example here's the first paragraph of one of the 24 stories included in this release, the story is entitled "I hope to arrive soon”:

After takeoff, the ship routinely checked the status of the sixty people who slept in cryogenic tanks. It appeared an anomaly in the subject number nine. His electroencephalogram showed brain activity.
Shit << >>, said the ship

These four lines are enough to stay hooked and want to read more. It is not surprising that the author is of the opinion that "what matters it is not what happened, but how to tell the tale". Dick is a master telling stories.

Although as Thomas M. Disch indicated in the introduction of this release, the books of Philip K. Dick are written for writers, not readers. Thomas M. Disch refers to the fact that at the end of reading the stories of this author have the feeling that there would a very good novel "long". And in fact films like Minority Report, Total Recall (I do not remember his name ... is Castilian Schwarzenegger on Mars) or Blade RunnerThey are based on short stories by Philip K. Dick. All these stories appear in the collection of 5 short stories deliveries of the latter book is part. Specifically in this fifth installment stories written between 1963 and 1980 are collected.

Some of the stories are hilarious, others leave you bemused, others are worthy psychedelic stories, so typical of this author ... and there are even some of them that surprises with its hardness. I am referring to "Las Prepersonas"A story that chronicles the lives of members of a society in which abortion is permitted up to 12 year old children. That is, parents have the option of "abort"Freely until the children reach age 12 and are no longer"pre-persons"To become people with rights. A story that makes one wonder.

At the end of the book, the same Philip K. Dick says each of the narratives and helps place them in their creative context.

The book is 100% recommended.

The operating system we saw in Minority Report is here

Just because of being based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, Minority Report and promised ... but also the team of Steven Spielberg worked thoroughly in the creation of all future technology to give credibility to the story and to justify the advances that had led society where no one commits crimes ... why the police stops them before of (Pre-Crime) occurs.

Watch the trailer of the film:

Watch the trailer of the film:

Well, this technology is already a reality. And we can see it in action in the video that appears in this post Engadget.

Impresses the capacity of the screen, use gloves operator and the interaction between the screen and the work surface. Play games with this interface has to be a pass.

Hopefully soon have a commercial use.

Review of "Mars time" by Philip K. Dick - Minotaur

I've read most of the books I have written my favorite authors, especially those who unfortunately are already dead, but there is always someone who escapes and occasionally gives me joy. This is the case of "Mars time”. Tiempo de Marte - Philip K Dick

Last week, in my usual bookstore, I found a reprint of this book, that neither knew I was pending to read ... so I bought it and began "to work".

The book is the typical book of Philip K. Dick. With all its elements: people who dream but does not distinguish between dreams and reality, people with mental illness, some other person with severe depression, etc ... to a "pre-cog" (person because of a mental disorder is able to see the future or thinking of moving over time [as in Minority Report, for example]).

The book tells of the colonization of Mars and coexistence among the inhabitants of Earth and Mars Aborigines, who are Homo Sapiens Sapiens black, but involuted.

The book is written in 1964 so it's fun to see how the author deals with certain issues.

  • The company raised Philip K. Dick is totally sexist (women are either wives dimensional engaged in shopping and cooking are either more or less efficient secretaries are judged according to their physical attributes).
  • Since in the 60s was not known almost nothing about Mars, humans of "Mars time" are installed there quietly, without prior terraforming or any kind of environmental protection. In fact, it is understood that they do not need as other humans and are therefore assumed to colonize the planet is viable.
  • The canals of Mars are clearly works of its former inhabitants.
  • No computers.
  • Radio frequency communications are encrypted and certain messages, you need a "coding machine".

Anyway ... a book is a novella of the most typical science fiction of Philip K. Dick. Fully recommended.