Review of "The next 30 years" by Alvaro Gonzalez-Alorda - Encourages Ed.

This is not a book of science fiction I write the review from time to time. This is a reference book that makes you think and whose reading is essential is.

As some of the essential other non-fiction books I've read lately, "the next 30 years" I was recommended by my former boss Antonio González Barros. The little blurb that made Antonio to recommend is priceless:

(...) An excellent and highly recommended book by a good friend, Alvaro Gonzalez Alorda. I consider it one of the 10 books that have contributed most to me. I think taking time to reflect on several of his short chapters. It is a concrete, clear, practical and extremely pleasant on how to approach our careers manual. And a book that has a carefully own web useful is: with well-selected links and soundtrack. I enclose a literal fragment of the first chapter. "

It is true what he says Antonio, the book lends itself to after reading each of its chapters, even for a moment and reflections. The book makes you question the type of professional you are, the type of work you do, where and endless want to get more questions we should all ask ourselves throughout our career.

The book is narrated in a pleasant and can be read both on paper and through the website created by the author.

Por lo que a mí respecta, ha sido realmente inspirador. Tan inspirador, que voy a crear una nueva categoría en este blog: a partir de una de las ideas del autor, voy a crear una zona llamada “YouTube University”. Alvaro González-Alorda indica en su libro que más pronto que tarde, Google o algún emprendedor acabará por lanzar la “YoutTube Business School”, una escuela de negocios online que recopilará el mejor conocimiento y los vídeos de las mejores clases impartidas por los profesores más brillantes de todo el mundo, ordenándolas siguiendo el programa de un MBA. Yo no atrevo a tanto… de momento me conformo con crear una nueva sección en la que iré colgando todos los vídeos que vaya encontrando en Youtube y que sean dignos de una asignatura universitaria de Marketing Digital, que es mi especialidad, aunque para que luego no parezca que a veces me contradigo, me reservo el derecho de incluir otros, si lo considero necesario.

But back to the book is 100% recommended for anyone going to be active, professionally speaking, the next 30 years.

Review of "peaks and valleys" by Spencer Johnson - Empresa Activa

Peaks and valleysAntonio González Barros (of Intercom) You have the amiable habit of sharing the fragment and a brief review of some book that seemed interesting, every Monday morning. That's how I met "Peaks and valleys"As little blurb about an interesting book that came to my email from my former boss.

The review was interesting and author, Spencer Johnson (author of "Who has taken my cheese“, “The present“, “The One Minute"And so many other good books), I know that I like and it offers an entertaining way (although parabolic) good advice both personal and enterprise level. So last week, one of the visits I make to my usual bookstore in search of science fiction, I decided to buy it. The book reads in a couple of hours or less.

The author presents us with life as a continuum of peaks (good times) and valleys (not so good times) and reflects on the cause-effect relationship between the two. To write this review I will take as a basis the summary made by the author himself, in the final pages of the book, and I will add my comments about it (in brackets and italics).


Make your reality is your ally. You're temporarily on top of a peak or in the depths of a valley, ask yourself: What is the truth in this situation?

(The author puts special emphasis on the need to correctly perceive reality and not to create our own world. To ask what the underlying truth in every situation is the key to resolving it.)


Find and use hidden well at a bad time. Calm down, because you know that the Valleys are not eternal. Do the opposite of what led you to the Valley. Salt yourself: provides more help at work and be more loving in life. (This seems to me a crucial advice to quit a bad time ... stop focusing on yourself and others oriented. It never fails and produces great satisfaction.)

Avoid comparisons. Discover how good it hides a bad time, and use it to your advantage soon. (This advice is especially important, comparisons lead to envy and fear ... and as we know well say the Benejeserit of Dune "Fear clouds the mind". Instead of longing and fear is better to concentrate on seeing the good that hides all times and use it in your favor.)


Rate and manage your good times wisely. I am humble and grateful. Do more of what got you there. Keep doing things better. Do more for others. Economizes for your next Valleys.

(... how many times I lacked humility ... I can not count them on the fingers of one hand ... or with those of the two, for that matter. Anyway ...)


Follow your perceptive vision. Imagine enjoying a better future with details as specific and credible soon enjoy doing what you take there.

(This is another great tip that I put into practice whenever I can, and I recommend both pupils and friends. Visualize where you want to go, simply because doing so shows you how you can get there and greatly facilitates the way There's nothing worse to go adrift and expect it to be chance or luck that take you to a successful conclusion. in this sense, there is another book of these yellow and blue top can also be useful to us "good luck" by Fernando Trías Bes and Alex Rovira of.)


Share it with others! It helps people to good and bad times are also helpful.

(Sobran comments)

In short, it is a book 100% recommended that 90 pages can help a lot in these times of crisis in which more than one is plunged into a valley, so it is worth making a small investment in time it takes to read the book and then have 3 or 4 hours to reflect on what they have learned, notebook in hand, and draw up a plan.

We talk to each other.

Review of "WITH NEW EYES" Alessandra Borghese of Ediciones Rialp

With new eyes, Alessandra BorgheseThis is a book that leaves what accustomed to normally read (Science Fiction or professional reading) is. In fact, not even bought it, I gave it to a friend who thought I would like to dedicate a few hours to meet Alessandra Borghese. And this is what I did, I spent a weekend reading this book.

The book is an autobiography that tells the story of the author since, at age 16, one of his commits suicide in front of her friends, until his conversion to orthodox Catholicism. Going through an unhappy marriage (and subsequent death of her ex-husband), for his work in New York at American Express and as a promoter of art exhibitions and back to Rome.

Of course, with this synopsis, not a book that invites reading. But the important thing is not what happens to the author, if not the reflections that goes along by the narrative of his life and end up taking her to rediscover the Catholic faith and to look "with new eyes"Its existence and everything that surrounds it.

And the truth is that it gets you to think and look sense of what you're doing in your life. So I gave it to my friend, and I thank you.

The book consists of three parts. In the first, the author places his life in a social context and some events that shape and become someone rather frivolous and fun-loving without a clear objective. In the second part, the house of cards on which mounted their daily lives is decaying, and begins to see the need to create a stronger basis for their existence. In the third part, he speaks and his conversion to orthodox Catholicism and the new direction of his life.

This last part is a bit confusing because it speaks of liturgical issues and theory of Catholicism that did not know existed ... but precisely this lack of knowledge makes it interesting to read about it.

In short, as I think it took me about 3 or 4 hours to read it, my verdict is worth spending the time and then get a few hours to reflect on what they read. The book leaves no one indifferent.