How to make your photo appears next to your results Google

I'm taking these calm days to prepare a class to which I call "Internet Update"I explain it to alumni from previous years new this last course in this way they are always current.

It's amazing how much things change in a year! Since the trends in design, usability, new tools, new social networks, and of course, changes in the Google algorithm.

Among all these changes there is one of special importance both in terms of personal branding and in terms of SEO.

  1. At the level of personal brand management: It is to get your photo appears next to the results of Google when they refer to your site.
  2. A level SEO: It is to get Google know that you are the author of well-positioned content and that are visited by users. It is, is improving Author Rank of your website.

Let's see how it works.

How to get the photo to appear and Google recognize you as an author?

There are several actions that we take to achieve:

  1. Google directly indicate who are the authors of this page. To do this we must enter our personal Google+ profile and in the section "About Me" to "links" to "Contributes" to register our web pages. But this action is not enough. Google needs to verify that this is true. To do this, we can do 2 things ...
  2. On our website, each of the pages that are authors, include a link to our Google+ profile with label rel = "author" within the link. For an example, in this same page you are now, look at the source code link to Google+ you'll find in the right column.
  3. Another way to show that you are the author of a website Google is recording in an e-mail domain of the website. That is, in your Google+ account include mail notifications as an e-mail belonging to the domain on which you want to show that you are the author. Google will verify the e-mail and think you're the author or coauthor of this web.
  4. There is another action reinforcement so that Google can create you are the author of something: include your name under the title of the articles you write. For example, in this blog, you will see that the title is my name. A few months ago this was not the case since as I am the author of the content of this blog, it seemed redundant sign all items ... but I changed when the author began to gain importance.

It took me 48 hours to get the picture next to my articles on Google results pages. I did 4 actions described here, but according to Google with the 1 and the 2 is sufficient, or 1 and 3 is also sufficient. So yourself.

I hope this information has been helpful.

You spend a good holiday if you're at it :-)

Slides of the session "Managing your personal brand with 2.0 tools and values ​​..."

Today I had the pleasure of participating in the Women's Lobby IESE giving a session on how to create a personal brand and how to manage the tools 2.0 that now have at our disposal.

I used slides to illustrate the presentation are as attached below.

I hope you find them useful.

A big hug.

Slides used in the Women and Business Forum

On Saturday April 21 I had the pleasure of participating in a new edition of Women and Business Forum.

In this edition of the forum the issue of treated management brand image of women managers. My participation was in the form of explanation of how 2.0 tools can help us manage our brand image. To do this, first I explained how a personal brand and then the tools that make it possible to make it known is created. We also saw the key success factors to ensure that everything works.

The aim was to convey to the attendees that no matter if we manage or not our image, the truth is that is there and if we do not we will be the chance will decide what image we project to the world, hence it is important to take over the management of the information displayed on us in the network.

To illustrate my participation, I prepared slides that included under these lines.

I hope you find them useful.

Tuesday 11, manage our personal brand through social networks at IESE

He next Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 13: 30h I am pleased to participate in the second session Women’s Lobby in the North Campus (c / Arnus i Garí 4-7) at IESE. This time the subject we will be the management of personal brand through social networks.

Este tema me apasiona y me interesa especialmente por que puede ayudar a mucha gente a dar un giro a su carrera profesional. Así que es una charla que imparto con mucho gusto y donde disfruto tanto al realizarla como al escuchar la participación de los asistentes. Al ser en el Women’s Lobby, estoy segura de que las aportaciones serán especialmente interesantes.

In this talk we will see what variables affect the image of a person on the internet, how to manage them, what tools we can use to make and how to measure results. In short, what I explain is how to manage your personal brand much like how to be managing a trademark but being ourselves the "product" and the aim being a professional and personal improvement.

The session is free but seating is limited, so if you want to attend, please contact Marisa Brown IESE (; 93 602 4157).

After the talk we will have a lunch at the restaurant at IESE (round tables for 10 people each), these lunches are always very interesting and they took advantage for networking and meeting the wonderful women, good professional and committed to society, go to the Women's Lobby.

Lunch is open to all attendees, so if you want to participate, you should also indicate it to Marisa. Lunch has a cost of 25 euros.

See you there.

A big hug.

Slides of "Tools 2.0 for managing your personal brand"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the conference "SISI" organized in Lloret de Mar. These sessions were aimed at helping young people who do want to work and if they want to study.

Both the presentations and panel discussions were very interesting and entertaining. The organization was impeccable, no easy task when carrying out an act of this type with different formats.

The framework of the conference was the beautiful Costa Encantada Aparthotel Lloret, who gave both its rooms and its restaurant service, also you have to congratulate them and give them thanks.

For my part, I gave the talk was on how to manage personal brand with the help of the Internet 2.0 tools at our disposal. I used slides are what I show below.

I go all right.

We talk to each other.