Slides "Managing Your Personal Brand"

This afternoon I am pleased to participate in Management Development Days which has organized PMasters (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Throughout the day, various speakers will participate in this event and go lecturing an hour, aimed primarily at students of Masters and postgraduates, but also the general public.

Mine will be the second this afternoon. We started at 4, so I figure it will be about 5, 5 and a half ... it depends on how accurate it is with the schedule.

The presentation I will use to illustrate my paper is as follows.

I hang up now to be accessible to students during the event.

See you in the afternoon.

A hug.

Basic Class of WordPress on the UAB

At the request of various Masters students at UAB, I finally decided to impart clase de WordPress all students of any of the Masters Courses Pmasters I teach in the class of Digital Marketing.

To do this, Pmasters has given us the Classroom 2 for Thursday July 21. Hours are from 9 am to 1 pm.

To attend this class, confirm attendance via the intranet of Pmasters as places are limited to 50.

In the class of basic WordPress we will see:

  • How it works hosting service.
  • How a database is created.
  • How does an FTP program and how you can use to upload files to our hosting.
  • How WordPress is installed.
  • How it works at a basic level (publication and page entries).
  • How can I change the language.
  • How you can customize its appearance for longer looks like a blog and become a corporate website.
  • Creating the basic sections of a corporate website.

No technical knowledge for installing WordPress are needed, how little there is to know is what I explain in class.

What there is to go prepared with certain things:

If you want to leave the class with a professional web running the following is required:

  • bring your laptop itself WIFI connection and power cord (the classroom have enough outlets for computers)
  • A domain name for the website you want to create (for example: You can buy here or any ISP and costs about 13 euros per year.
  • A hosting in that you can host the web, I recommend to why your control panel is simple and easy to handle (but any will do). The hosting should be as simple that you find with PHP and mySQL (it is important to allow the creation of a database). The cost of this type of hosting is between 40 euros and 60 euros per year (depending on ISP). For example, this hosting: In they also have a well priced hosting also, and comes preinstalled WordPress ... so save a lot of work to students ( See "Junior" and "Senior". The domain can also be purchased at the same company.
  • Students should already arrive with an FTP client installed on your computer (I recommend Filezilla is free and can be downloaded from Softonic) There is a version for Mac and PC.
  • It will also facilitate the work if students arrive with the latest version of WordPress downloaded. It can be done from here in Castilian: WordPress in CastilianAnd from here in Catalan: WordPress in Catalan. If someone wants the multilanguage site, which either download and install class and see how a plugin that allows you to have a website in all languages ​​as necessary.

Having all this takes an active couple of days ... so better not wait until the last minute to buy because they serve to have it ready in class.

The workshop must be reached with the login and password control panel of the contracted accommodation. This is sent by email when hiring the hosting is done.

For students who wish to follow the class, but do not need to have a professional web and learn prefer a free blog, I recommend you sign up and have their own blog. This way they can follow the second half of the class, when we explain how it works from within WordPress. Some features are disabled, but others do ... so at least we can begin to see how they could have their own website, without having to make an initial investment in buying a domain and hiring a hosting.

Well, that's all. Please, do not forget to confirm your attendance.

(In case anyone does not know where the Aula 2 Pmasters, here's a map)

See bigger map

A hug.

Interns for your company

Yesterday began again the academic year and another year, the Master's program in Marketing and Distribution Graduate School at UAB offers the service assignment of trainees to companies that want to offer these positions to our students.

The profile of students we have at this time, in this group of Masters, is as follows:

  • Graduates in ADEWith two languages ​​and experience in different sectors. Studying the Master in Business Administration and Management Business and Distribution, studying the Master in Management and International Business, or studying the Master in Euroasian International Business.
  • Graduates in International TradeSome of them with high levels of English, German, French and Italian. Studying the Master in Management and International Business

Both groups the others have already completed my subject, or are about to do so. Therefore, they have knowledge of Digital Marketing including SEO, SEM, advertising management and management of social networking profiles is.

Some of them also participated in the session setup and management of a website using WordPress as content manager, so they know how to use a CMS and how to manage the content of a web page that uses a CMS.

The Master in Euroasian International Business is a master's degree taught in English, so students who enrolled have a high command of the language, in addition to own and Castilian (many of them are centroeuropa or any Asian country ... but we also have Latin American and Spanish) students. This student profile can help in the internationalization of your company.

So if your company needs a helping hand in marketing and distribution, international trade or any issue related to Internet marketing, you might like to sign a cooperation agreement with the UAB and have some of our students practices.

If this is the case, please send an email indicating what kind of profile would need or complete the following form: Form Application of trainees.

This is a service that is beneficial to both students (who are offered the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and to improve their curriculum) and businesses (which have qualified, but inexperienced in most case, for a very low cost).

On July 23 course Website Creation with WordPress

Following requests received from some of my students next Friday, July 23 I impart a special meeting for all students in any of the Masters where I teach en la UAB. This class is open to students in the 2010 editions as alumni of the 2009 editions.

In principle, students can attend this class should receive a notice from the university in their emails.

Class: Creating a website using WordPress as content manager.
DayFriday 23 at 10am
Place: Graduate School of the UAB (room to be confirmed)
Cost: for free.

Duration of the class: About 4 hours, although if they wish, students may leave as soon as they have the website online and running.

What we learn: aprenderemos cómo descargar el software para la gestión de contenidos (WordPress), cómo utilizar un cliente de FTP (File Transfer Protocol) para subir ficheros a un servidor, cómo crear una base de datos y un usuario para esa base de datos, cómo instalar WordPress en un hosting, cómo configurarlo, cómo cambiar el diseño original de WordPress utilizando nuevas plantillas, cómo editar una plantilla y cómo entrar el contenido al sitio web. Si tenemos tiempo y todo sale bien a la primera, también veremos cómo abrir una cuenta en Google Analytics y cómo incluir los códigos de seguimiendo en WordPress para poder analizar el tráfico de la página web que habremos creado.

Example of some corporate websites created by our team using WordPress:,,,,, and of course, this blog

What you need: While the class to follow and end up getting a perfectly functional website you must have the following

Having all this takes an active couple of days ... so do not wait to the last minute to buy it because it will serve to have it ready in class. A class you must arrive with the login and password control panel of the contracted accommodation. This will be sent by email when you make the hiring of hosting.

If someone does not want to buy a domain or hire a hosting but want to follow the class, you can do it anyway. I will live installation screen classroom.

If someone wants to start the installation without the class, here's a good tutorial on how: in case of emergency we can see in class what happened.

What you learn in this class will serve to install any type of content management system (including electronic commerce). You will see how in a morning get a fully functional website!

Class language: It is possible that this class students of the Master is aimed at Euroasian International Business, if any of them do not speak Castilian class would be taught in English ... but do not suffer because'll going table to table checking what you are about doing and helping those who have difficulties.

If you are a student and the week of July 23 has not yet received the notice from the university and wish to attend this class, please send me an email.

See, a hug.

How to make a good executive summary? (See examples)

These days, some of which I impart Masters in Digital Marketing classes are coming to an end and students must present their final projects Master. These projects can be in the form of research, in the form of Marketing Plan or as Business Plan. Most of my students choose the latter option. So tutorials in recent weeks are to finish finalize their projects, prepare executive summaries (Which although included at the beginning of a business plan is written at the end) and to prepare presentations to be performed before a court of the university.

During tutorials this week I realized that for many of these students perform executive Summary It is not as easy as it seems to me. So for them, I wrote this post.

What is an executive summary?

A executive Summary It is a document provided as an appendix of a business plan that aims to summarize in a two-page, our business plan.

This document is the one that will give our potential investors in a first contact. We never deliver our business plan directly for two reasons:

  1. Because our potential investor does not know if you're interested or not our business, and therefore do not want to read a document that can have more than 100 pages (you'll want most, spend 5 minutes to listen).
  2. Because we do not know our future investor (... could be a future competitor) and we're not delivering our business plan to anyone.

How can you make an executive summary easily?

The easiest and most effective way (or at least this is my opinion based on my experience) to make good executive Summary It is putting it in the form of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), ie, in the form of questions that may arise our potential investors and we will look to respond in three lines max per question.

What questions poses a potential investor?

These are some of the questions that our executive SummaryAt least, should respond:

  1. What problems have you encountered?
  2. What is the project about? (How will you fix the problem?)
  3. Where is the business? (How do you earn money?)
  4. How much money is needed to create it?
  5. How long it will reach breakeven (or neutral, or break even.. depending on where the investor is)? and What economic results will be obtained?
  6. What equipment is carried out?
  7. Why do you think you will succeed?

These same questions are surely the court to hear our final Master thesis will also consider well worth the students to take well prepared and be able to answer without hesitation.

In this video I explain how.

To see an example of Executive Summary including the questions, click here: Example executive summary

To see an example of Executive Summary written up no questions included, click here: Example executive summary 2

Both examples are both perfectly valid to present to a court of projects to present to potential investors.

I hope I have been helpful.

We talk to each other.

Promotional video of the subject of Digital Marketing

This post should be called "my first video sparks... "but in the end I decided to stick to the official title should have.

What I show below is the video recorded at the request of Masters Program Marketing, Commerce and Distribution UAB, which impart the subject of Digital Marketing.

From PMASTERS is working on a new website for both masters face ( And for online master's degrees ( And we have asked us teachers a little video with a summary of what we teach in our courses.

I did not think this was a video recording so hard ... clear that the other videos he had recorded were internal and were with a webcam ... so do not tell. This is the first in which I had to memorize phrases and I had to explain them in front of a camera. Something really complicated ... or at least for me.

Anyway. Here's the video.