Session Web 4.0 for cultural enterprises in Barcelona, ​​free.

Friday February 24 I have the pleasure to coordinate and participate in Conference Web 4.0 which organizes the BDS (Business Development Service of the Government of Catalonia) creadas especially para las empresas cultural catalanas.

This first session is part of the training will be taught throughout 2017 and in fact, is a presentation session and offer also educational content.

If you are a cultural enterprise just register for the event and that's it ... but remember that as free and seating is limited, you can not show without prior registration.

The session begins at 9 am and ends at 14pm. It will be held at the Museu d'Historia de Catalunya in Barcelona.

For more information, please see the training routes and to register to the conference, please follow this link: Web 4.0 SDE Cultural Enterprises

See you there.

A hug.

Discover how to get your free mobile web

[style_image width=”” height=”” image=”” align=”alignright” alt=”Versión móvil del sitio web de Montserrat Peñarroya” url=”” border=”yes” lightbox=”yes” fade=”yes”]En la pugna por dominar la información a la que se accede a través del móvil (Google a través de web y Apple a través de aplicaciones), Google está cerrando acuerdos con muchas empresas que facilitan que los sitios web se vean bien a través de móvil. Esta iniciativa de se denomina “Go Mobile"And it is within this framework that Google closed last week an agreement with Duda Mobile, which I think can be useful for many companies the week.

We are entering the link below I show, Google Build Your Site enter on the website of Duda Mobile which lets us access to their services for free and without including us advertising on the mobile web (before the agreement with Google, this company was already offering the service, but instead of offering free included advertising).

Una vez dentro de DudaM nos pregunta si deseamos una plantilla para blog o para web corporativa. Una vez decidido esto, podemos personalizar la plantilla entera (colores, fondo, fuentes, iconos, y funcionalidades). Cuando hemos terminado de personalizar nuestra plantilla, nos indica cuál es la URL de nuestro nuevo web móvil (que por supuesto, está en su servidor).

Once we have the code, we only create redirection that take users to this page. To do this, we are given the code. It is enough to click on "continue" to get the complete code that we include in the header (header.php) on our website. This way, when someone enters our website, the website checks if the user navigates from a mobile or from a device on board. If you are on a mobile, you automatically redirected to our new mobile web.

For an example working with this technology, you can browse the same website ( From your mobile phone, you'll see the version created with Duda Mobile.

The service is free for a year. Then we spend the premium worth $ 108 ... now I'm not worried. Everything changes so fast that you see to know how many such services we will within a year. We'll see. To get the free site do not need to register or give any kind of data, so it is worth a try.

I hope this article will be useful.

PS: On Thursday impart a session of Mobile Marketing organized by the SDE - ICEC to help businesses realize cultural marketing communications through the mobile phone. See you there.

A hug.

How to maximize social networks and other tools 2.0 (for cultural enterprises)

Tomorrow, SDE (Business Development Service of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat) initiates a conference cyclo especially the thoughts para dar a conocer usos web 2.0 and social networks in cultural industries. We will also see how it is evolving and what possibilities the network offers us what we already called Web 3.0.

The first of these conferences will be in Lleida (October 26th 2011 from 10:00 to 14:00 hrs. in the Conference Room of the Museum of Lleida, c / Santo Cristo, s / n Lleida).

The remaining scheduled days are as follows:

  • Tarragona: November 4th from 2011
  • Vic: 26 of January 2012
  • Girona: February 7th 2012
  • Barcelona: March 8 2012

If your company is dedicated to the world of culture might like to attend one of these talks.

Please contact SDE for more information

See you tomorrow in Lleida.

4 and 5 October, Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises in Barcelona

The next 4 and 5 October begins a new edition of Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises organized by the SDE - ICIC.

As in previous editions, this course is aimed at responsible for communication and marketing companies related to the world of culture (publishing, art galleries, musicians, representatives of artists, theaters, etc.).

The topics discussed are:

  1. How should the website dedicated to culture (paragraphs should contain, how to orient the customer, not the product, what should be the content manager following the web, what kind of manager we have at our disposal, etc. ).
  2. How to attract visitors to the websites of the different types of cultural industry (SEO, SEM, Advertising, Public Relations, Web 2.0, etc.).
  3. How to convert visitors into business contacts (usability, persuasion, etc.).
  4. How to convert visitors into customers (in case there is an e-commerce).
  5. How to retain and develop customers (loyalty programs and lock-in's).
  6. Web analytics tracking oriented marketing actions culture.

The classes impart Victor Francisco (The second day) and myself (the first day).

The course is taught in the classrooms of CSEC and it is recommended that students bring their own laptop (with charger [each session is 5 hours]) and you need to connect to the WiFi CSEC.

For more information about the course, please contact the SDE (Business Development Service) clicando here: Formación SDE

See you.

Slides "10 tips to improve online business communication Audiovisual"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker at the 2011 edition of Audiovisual Market of Catalonia.

This fair, year after year, brings together audiovisual professionals who are somehow related to what is known as "local television" ... what is commonly called local television.

For my part, I participated imparting aimed at offering modest assistance in the form of 10 tips to improve online communication companies present at the event presentation.

I used slides to illustrate my paper are as follows.

I hope you find them useful.

A hug

Slides of the conference Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries

On May 18 I had the pleasure of giving a lecture entitled "Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries"In the lecture series organized by the SDE - ICIC.

At the conference we saw the following points:

  • What is Mobile Marketing.
  • What is it for.
  • What types of communication Marketing we can make using the mobile phone.
  • How can we apply to the promotion of cultural products.
  • Examples.
  • key success factors.

Deputy then I used slides to illustrate my paper if they can be of help:

I go all right.
A hug.

Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries, May 18

On 18 May I have the pleasure to teach the class Mobile Marketing Cultural Industries oriented in the unique setting of the Museu Collet (Carrer Buenos Aires, Barcelona 56-58.) -> NOTE BACK: Assistance to allow interested companies have changed the location. It will now be in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) Building France. Ring Walk, 8 from Barcelona.

The duration of the class is for 2 hours, and start at 4 pm.

We see the following:

  • What is Mobile Marketing.
  • What is it for.
  • What types of communication Marketing we can make using the mobile phone.
  • How can we apply to the promotion of cultural products.
  • concrete examples.
  • key success factors.

The goal is that after two and a half hours, the student is able to understand what the marketing done through mobile phones, understand how to use it for your business, and learn about the different possibilities available to you.

To prepare this talk I have contacted several companies developing applications and various business related to the culture that already use, so the examples we see are real and in some cases also dispose of budgets invested in creating applications, to generate campaigns and generally getting reach a target specific audience through dispostivos mobile phone.

The organization of the event is paid by the SDE (Servei de Desenvolupament Empresarial, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Indústries). So if you want to attend, please contact them to see if there are places available:

See you.

Slides for Cultural Industries Videomarketing

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on Video Marketing applied to Cultural Industries organized by the BDS (Business Development Service) the ICIC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries) in the Auditorium of the Museum Colet.

In the two and a half hours long event saw what the Videomarketing, what it is, how we can apply it to disseminate cultural works (whatever type they are), and also how we can apply it to promote our businesses. We also saw the factors to consider when creating a video and make it known on the network as well as the key factors of success of the strategy itself.

The truth is that this talk had to prepare well, because among the participants there were a number of companies in the audiovisual sector ... and in the audience were true specialists in creating video and later broadcast. It was quite a challenge to keep up! (... I hope I have been)

I used slides to illustrate my talk are as follows.

I hope you find them useful.

I go all right.

Slides and manual "Building websites using WordPress"

Last Monday I had the pleasure of being able to deliver one of the most difficult classes that I face from time to time: this is the kind of "Creating websites using WordPress"As a tool for publishing and content management. installation is not difficult ... it is very difficult to explain how people who have not ever done, using different tools and hosting services which have different control panels (and some unintuitive).

This time the class was oriented to cultural industries and was aimed at the more than 50 attendees consiguiesen put online your own website and would understand the operation of WordPress as content manager.

The success was not total, but many succeeded. Some of the incidents encountered were the following (I am writing to serve as support for upcoming classes):

  • The hosting was hired too late and the beginning of class, the domain and hosting were not yet activated. How to fix: hiring before hosting.
  • The hosting contract does not support creation of databases: you need to ask before making a purchase. The hosting where you do purchase must allow the phone call and ask. If not, it's a web host that does not interest us why will be very hard to give us a good day technical support that we need.
  • The student does not have the necessary data for the class. These data are the login and password of hosting control panel (to create an FTP account) and to create the database.
  • The hosting contract does not support WordPress: we find a case in which the contract was hosting on Windows servers that did not support the use of WordPress. My recommendation is that servers with Linux operating contract. But anyway, again, it is best to ask before hiring hosting.
  • In the already available hosting a website. In this case, no problem: a directory is created within the website and the new page there is installed for testing. When we are sure we want to use WordPress and we know how to customize it, you can uninstall it and install it again so in the root directory.

They think they were all incidents.

Luckily I could count on the collaboration of 2 assistants: Alfonso Gonzalez (author WordPress manual you'll find under these lines) and my son Jaume (that has helped me several times in the WordPress installation on computers of students). Both I give them the thanks publicly. Without your help, everything would have been much more complicated.

Attached below the WordPress manual Alfonso Gonzalez and PowerPoint presentation I used to go to guide the class to the installation.

Here is the manual:

Here is the Power Point:

I hope you find it useful in case you want to perform your own installation.

A hug.

Slides used at the conference Culture 2.0 - web 1.0 to 3.0

I just hung on my account Slideshare the slides that I used last February 23 at the conference on culture 2.0 Teaching at the Centre d'Art Santa Monica, organized by the BDS (Business Development Service of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries).

The talk aimed to help cultural businesses develop their strategies for Web 2.0. To do this, we try what is Web 2.0, how it differs from 1.0, what tools can be useful for us to promote our cultural enterprises, which are key factors for success and where internet evolves.

These are the slides:

I hope you find them useful, though (obviously) is not the same as hearing the talk :-)

My next appointment with the SDE will be next March 28 in the first of the days of Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Industries.

I go all right. See you there.
A hug.