SoloStocks celebrates 10 years

Last January 27 took place in Intercom 10 years SoloStocks. Although as indicated by its current CEO Philipp Gavaldà, the date is not exactly this since there was a name change through and there was also a small corporate change.

The actual chronology was roughly as follows:

  • First half of 1999 functional analysis is performed to create a market place for buying and selling wholesale products.
  • Second half of the 1999 program implementation and design of the corporate image is performed. Digital Commerce is, S.A. the company that will manage the portal.
  • We put online in December 1999 the first version of and started looking for content. The first 100 stocks believe were achieved in February. It was incredibly hard, since no one wanted to put products into an empty market. We got it based on acts of faith of friends & family. It was also hard because many companies still did not use the email and the Web as tools to generate business.
  • March 2000 name is left (passing as, we did not have the .com domain), so we decided to change the name ... (Infojobs chose to buy the .com when I had enough money to do so) and we become
  • We started to grow and the market began to be self-feeding. I had the pleasure and the honor of leading this company during its first 4 years.

The market place has lasted more than 10 years online, and the times, this is quite an achievement. In addition, we must conclude that it does in full power, constantly growing and developing new markets.

Currently, SoloStocks has 400,000 active compounds (ie, that are on sale at this time), more than 1 million registered users and over 5 million unique visitors per month. It is the largest B2B marketplace in Spain, both registered as visits to your website business. Quite an achievement !!

Internationally, SoloStocks has a presence in 12 countries: Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. And continues to expand throughout Latin America to become the largest Spanish-language B2B market.10 years SoloStocks

So there is much to celebrate, there will be organized a great party and that we should celebrate these 10 years all together.

The party took place at the offices of Intercom in Sant Cugat and we met a lot of people. I took a visit to greet old friends, catch up on their new achievements and as always in these cases, ask for one and all for absent members ... so that somehow it was a celebration a little nostalgic, but no less interesting and fun.

The attached image is a photograph I took at the end of the celebration.

I hope that within 10 years we can celebrate together again and again!

A big hug.

goodbye SIMO

Ifema confirmed yesterday the cancellation of SIMO 2008.

According to statements by its CEO Santiago Quiroga to EFE, it was for economic reasons because the absence of large companies threatened the profitability of this contest.

The director did not comment on the reasons leading to large companies to stay away from SIMO, but I think basically are two:

  1. In times of crisis is an unnecessary frivolity make the entire assembly representing attendance at SIMO (compared to the result obtained)
  2. The fair model in the digital age is beginning to become obsolete, especially when we talk about a fair dedicated to technology and the Internet.

Recent years and was quite worth going to SIMO and see how fewer companies came to the fair as exhibitors, and on the other hand, see how large corporations completely dominated spaces, encouraging small businesses cease to attend. The public, at the low range of exhibitors and the few innovations, also decided not to be seen by the Campo de las Naciones.

Actually, it is a negative feedback process caused by a purely financial approach of the contest. From the direction of SIMO have avoided until the last moment (just missing one month to celebrate SIMO 2008) that without exhibitors, there is no public and no audience, there are even fewer exhibitors ... although HP or Microsoft fill the space empties .

My experience as a speaker goes back to the SIMO 2000, it lasted 4 years and was with Lo cierto es que si bien desplazarnos a Madrid, montar el estand y dejar un equipo en Madrid durante una semana resultaba bastante caro, lo peor no era esto, sino que además debías dejarte tomar el pelo con el coste abusivo que tenían todos los servicios contratados en la feria. Recuerdo una ADSL por la que nos cobraban más de 100 euros por una semana de uso, y también recuerdo haber contratado un espacio y luego llegar allí y descubrir que por falta de expositores habían cerrado mi zona y me habían ubicado en otro lado, sin mi consentimiento previo y siendo esa ubicación peor que la anterior. Todo un ejemplo de mala gestión ferial.

While the Internet was taking off, it made sense to be "physically present" in this contest, to let us know and also for users of the website they saw that behind a dotcoms were people. So investment worthwhile. But once you reach certain online popularity, he ceased to be justified SIMO attend as an exhibitor, and we move to Madrid just to see how things were going. The last 2 years, and that deserved my effort.

So: goodbye SIMO, maybe someday know reinvent yourself again.

Further information about the closure of SIMO: