Rural Tourism Slides 3.0 given in the Vall d'en Bas

I almost forgot…

These are the slides that I used last Wednesday November 23, when I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker at the Workshop Pyrenees Girona '11.

In this session we look at tourism demand we will have in 10 years. How is it? What segments the form? What needs do you have? How you want to enjoy your leisure time? How we adapt our products to this new market? and How should we adapt our web site, first to current demand (generation 2.0) and then to the next generation?

I hope you find them useful.

A big hug.

Digital Marketing for Rural Tourism in Pont de Suert

Begins next Monday in Pont de Suert, the Digital Marketing Course organized by the Regional Council of Upper RibargoçaAnd in which I have the pleasure of participating as a teacher. The course objective is to help tourism businesses in the area (hotels, cottages and leisure activities complementary) to market their products and services through internet.

This course lasts 15 hours and the program is as follows:

  • How to conduct an analysis of competition?
  • How should the website to get convert the maximum number of visits?
  • The ténicas to attract visitors to a website (among which are the SEO, email Markeitng, the presence in social networks, etc.).
  • Techniques for converting visitors into customers or business contacts.
  • Technical customer loyalty.

If you are interested in attending this course, there's still time to sign up!

Please contact with the Telecentre County Council: Tel. 973 69 05 50, Fax. 973 69 08 18 e-mail:

See you there.

2.0 slideshow Turismo Rural - La Seu d'Urgell

Yesterday was held in La Seu d'Urgell the second of days devoted to Rural Tourism and Web 2.0.

As in the previous day, the first presentation was given by José Antonio Donaire who introduced us to Tourism 2.0Followed by a case study, this time was in charge of Tourism of the Seu who explained the operation of its online booking form. Following this presentation, Joan Giró, counselor explained the PIMESTIC Plan PIMESTIC.

Early afternoon began my presentation, which introduced the Web 2.0 tools that can be applied to promoting Rural tourismAs well as key success factors of a communication strategy 2.0.

The presentation with which I illustrated my paper is as follows:

Once I finished my talk, Joan Lopez, Creative studio Frame Works, Showed us how to move from 0.0, to 1.0, 1.5 and then to 2.0 (explained by voice is far less complicated).

As in the case of Tortosa I think they have been good days and attendees feel that they have made good use of the day. If only we repeat in more destinations Rural tourism.

We talk to each other.