Download the Practical Guide to Twitter for Business

Here is the second of the guides company in which we are working from the Research Institute 3isic.

This time, the guide is dedicated to Twitter and how to make the most of the enterprise level.

A primera vista las empresas pueden pensar que Twitter es una herramienta muy limitada para la comunicación corporativa debido a los 140 caracteres, pero precisament esta es una de sus ventajas, no da pié a escribir sin sentidos y la gente va directo al grano. También es cierto que el Twitter que teníamos hace 5 años prácticamente ha desaparecido y ahora es más un medio de comunicación que una red social… de hecho, Twitter solicitó a principios del 2016 que tanto Google Play com el Apple Store cambiaran la categoría de esta herramienta y estuviera junto a los otros medios de comunicación.

What sense then has Twitter and why so much talk about this tool? How we can utilitzar at company level? What are the key success factors for corporate communication in Twitter?

In this guide we answer some of these questions and certainly you will help to create the online strategy in this network.

Basic Guide for Business TWITTER

I hope you find it useful

We're going talking


Day of good practice in social networks and Web 2.0 in Amposta

The March 6 I have the pleasure of participating in the conference on Social Networks and Web 2.0 organized by Tourism Amposta, Amposta.

This day will be divided into several sessions that will develop throughout the day, and all are created from best practices in communication in social networks collected throughout the year. The goal is to serve as an inspiration to the audience and never found again faced the dilemma of being in front of the control panel Facebook or Twitter and do not know what to write to their users or how to boost the encipiente community of customers who continues on these networks:

  1. We start with good practices in using Facebook and explanation of features of Facebook that people do not know.
  2. We continue with good practices made on TwitterPlus some tips to improve our communication on this network.
  3. Then we dedicate another mini session Pinterest.
  4. And the last, it will be dedicated to Instagram.

In total, 6 hours of training, with a pause at noon.

For more information, please click here: Social Networking Day Amposta

See you in Amposta!

Digital Marketing Course via Twitter (free)

Today I started the first of my "3 days of tranquility"(I have left children and husband at home, and I've gone [my cat] to the house we have on the beach). I needed a few days of calm no meetings, no classes or lectures, to write things that have been pending for a long time.

One of these things is a course Marketing Digital hecho a base de twits (Ie on Twitter). This morning I put into it and I have a good written part. I have also begun to schedule publication.

The publication will be daily and will start tomorrow at 10am. A phrase a day. Weekends and Easter the twits will stand.

I'll start with the basics of online marketing, then with benchmarking, then with the techniques to attract visitors to a website, then the conversion and finally with user loyalty. As yet I have not finished writing it I do not know when the course ends. I have stayed at the end of SEM and I'm on May 15 :-)

The sentences begin with the word "Council" (*) and every day will appear tips that will improve digital marketing who follow them.

The tool I used to program the twits and get it published when I want it Future Tweets. There I have been including the sentences of 140 characters (if you're tuitero / a already know how difficult it is to say something in 140 characters), and I indicated day and time you wish to be published in my account. The tests I've done during the day worked well.

Future Tweets is free indeed.

If you have not yet registered with Twitter, now you have an excuse to do so. My account is: ... if you want to follow :-P

We talk to each other.

A hug.

* Later note: to facilitate the collection of twits, I changed the word "Council" by #CursoM (so I keep the same number of characters, but I use a single hashtag to identify the entire course). M is for Montse, or Marketing, or Mañana_lo_leeré ... ;-)

The "Rules of Acquisition" of the Ferengi and real life

Last week I had a "experiencia revival"Related to one of my favorite hobbies in what is Science Fiction: the universe Star Trek.

He was quietly reading the tweets of the people I follow, when I found a few twits published by Sean Donahoe they were clavaditos to Rules of Acquisition de los Ferengi: If "profit"Here ... that if"profit"There ... until I took the liberty to contact him and ask him if he had ever read the Rules of Acquisition. I said yes but had not realized that his advice seemed both to these rules. Quark a Ferengi Deep Space Nine

The Ferengi (or Ferenghi) are a humanoid species originating from the planet Fenginar that physically are characterized by their large ears, punteagudos teeth and prominent frontal lobes. A sociocultural level, the Ferengi are a very interesting species that maintains a culture based on trade and follow a code of conduct called "Rules of Acquisition"(Sorry, I could not translate giving the meaning in English).

At first viewing Star Trek (This loooong time ago) each time a Ferengi cited a rule, pointing me in a book ... Some of them are excellent and very helpful in doing business. Others are not so applicable, but at least get you to smile.

Just one of the first rules I heard and wrote down, is one of the most try to use when I work (as a mantra) ...:
Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.”
Is very good.

Ferengi Some golden rules that can be applied to any business:
Good customers are as rare as latinum, treasure them.
The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.
Every once in a while declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.
Ask not what your profits can do for you, ask what you can do for your profits.

In total there are 280 rules. Divertísimas all ... and some, like those mentioned above, very useful in real life.

On the Internet, the web that it collects all and indicates who and where he recited the first rule is: Rules of Acquisition