Super video illustrating the evolution of poverty in the world

In this BBC video we can see Hans Rosling explaining the evolution of poverty in the world using the Google created to encourage statistics. Hans Rosling explains it as if it were a football game (intentionally) and the result is spectacular, at least at the level of teaching.

Here's the video:

Link to Google tool: Google Public Data which it is what allows encouraging statistics as showing the video.

The video reached me through Pepe Zapata Flower Market. From here I thank you and I send a greeting.

Video interview on Digital Marketing for Export Companies

Vídeo Montserrat PeñarroyaOn the website ACC1Ó (Read "Accio") just hang video in which Victor Francis and myself explained the keys Digital Marketing oriented companies wishing to export plus using the tools provided by Internet.

The purpose of the video is to provide information on Digital Marketing and at the same time avoid error to discuss many companies when carrying out their digital marketing strategies: make first website and then hire someone to do us a plan of action to bring traffic to the site and to help us make visits .

Tal como explico en el vídeo, este error es un error común y que debe evitarse. Una página web es una consecuencia de un Plan de Marketing, no al revés. De lo contrario, las páginas no muestran ningún tipo de estrategia, no están orientadas a cliente y en muchos casos, además se utiliza tecnología que no es ni siquiera adecuada para conseguir una correcta indexación de la página en los buscadores, porqué nadie, antes de empezar la página, se ha planteado si debería o no debería indexarse de forma natural.

The video was recorded during some of the classes that last month we teach in ACC1Ó and he can see images of interviews, combined with images taken in class and some presentation slides used in class.

Anyway ... I recommend the video (can not embed why the tool that is hanging not allow this functionality). Click here to see: video Digital Marketing for Export

We talk to each other.

Promotional video of the subject of Digital Marketing

This post should be called "my first video sparks... "but in the end I decided to stick to the official title should have.

What I show below is the video recorded at the request of Masters Program Marketing, Commerce and Distribution UAB, which impart the subject of Digital Marketing.

From PMASTERS is working on a new website for both masters face ( And for online master's degrees ( And we have asked us teachers a little video with a summary of what we teach in our courses.

I did not think this was a video recording so hard ... clear that the other videos he had recorded were internal and were with a webcam ... so do not tell. This is the first in which I had to memorize phrases and I had to explain them in front of a camera. Something really complicated ... or at least for me.

Anyway. Here's the video.

No more boring graphics

This conference Hans Rosling It is a magnificent example of entertaining and interesting presentation, recommended by Alvaro Gonzalez-Alorda in his book "The next 30 years"To illustrate the chapter on the need to liven up our work with illustrations that make them more understandable.

In addition to a great example of how it should be introduced at the level of graphics and illustrations, Hans Rosling is a great speaker in this conference explains the evolution of life expectancy in the world, poverty, income per capita and even evolution of Internet connections. If the format is impeccable, the content and the proposed project not leave indifferent.

Enjoy it.

Courier - The new Microsoft Tablet PC

A few days ago I commented in this blog the progress of Apple regarding Tablets, Well, it seems that Microsoft is not lagging behind and is working on a product similar to Apple. publicaba hace un par de días que Microsoft está desarrollando un dispositivo tipoTablet PC, que funciona de forma muy parecida al nuevo tablet de Apple. La principal diferencia entre ambos (aparte del obvio hecho que uno es un Mac y el otro es un PC) es que el de Microsoft tiene forma de libro y puede plegarse, mientras que el de Apple es un iPhone tamaño XL. También difieren en que el de Microsoft funciona con un lápiz parecido al de las Palm, mientras que el de Apple funciona con los dedos… aunque el de Microsoft también dispone de algunas funciones realizadas con los dedos, que curiosamente son idénticas a las que utiliza el iPhone.

In the video I show below these lines may be some features that presents this new device.

As indicated in Gizmodo, the Tablet PC that we see in the video is the latest prototype of the product and has been named the "Courier". The device has a camera, direct Internet connection or via wifi's open, and everything you expect from a PC, but for now, there is no technical data about it.

So if we already had on tenterhooks waiting for the Apple Tablet, now we have more emotions over and begin again the struggle between Microsoft and Apple for this type of product. Interestingly, no doubt. That desire I have to put on the market!

Video showing the technology of the future, according to Microsoft

A couple of months ago Microsoft released this video in which some of the technological advances which are shown working and believe to have developed in the immediate future.
All that shows video, highlight the following:

  • Spectacular digital "paper" newspaper plasma screen but it is flexible type and light.
  • Mobile devices are an evolution of PDAs and telephones, and are able to interact with any other dispotivo with which they are.
  • Large windows transparent, ubiquitous presence, which are touch screens Minority Report (they already exist ... but not of this size).
  • Cards and credit cards "paper" but fully interactive.

Anyway ... a whole array of new devices that promise the next 10 years will be very interesting at the level of interaction between computers and humans.

The operating system we saw in Minority Report is here

Just because of being based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, Minority Report and promised ... but also the team of Steven Spielberg worked thoroughly in the creation of all future technology to give credibility to the story and to justify the advances that had led society where no one commits crimes ... why the police stops them before of (Pre-Crime) occurs.

Watch the trailer of the film:

Watch the trailer of the film:

Well, this technology is already a reality. And we can see it in action in the video that appears in this post Engadget.

Impresses the capacity of the screen, use gloves operator and the interaction between the screen and the work surface. Play games with this interface has to be a pass.

Hopefully soon have a commercial use.