Days in Girona - Internet Business 2.0 and the Tourist

Next October 28 in Girona start the conference with the title: Internet 2.0 - Social networks and tourism business Keys. Tengo el placer de participar en dos de sus ponencias y en un taller práctico.

El objetivo de las jornadas es conseguir que las empresas turísticas de Girona obtengan un mayor rendimiento a sus páginas web gracias al uso de las herramientas 2.0. En general, las ponencias tratarán temas como: qué es exactamente la Web 2.0 y cómo podemos aplicarla a un sitio web turístico (esta es una de las que yo imparto), cómo aprovechar a fondo el Social Media Marketing y cómo gestionar nuestra presencia en las redes sociales, cómo convertir las visitas de una página web en clientes (esta la imparto yo también), cómo generar contenido atractivo para el público de un sitio web, etc.

This first day is complemented by a series of workshops to be held on other days. Which I impart is to How to analyze your competition and basically, I will explain how to make a benchmark, what factors to analyze, how to present and interpret the data. The workshop will be 100% practical and my goal is that attendees get home knowing do a good benchmark and with the necessary tools to carry it out.

The sessions are organized by the Tourist Board of the Costa BravaIf you want to know the program or are already convinced / a and wish to attend the conference, you will find more information:

See you in Girona.

2.0 slideshow Turismo Rural - La Seu d'Urgell

Yesterday was held in La Seu d'Urgell the second of days devoted to Rural Tourism and Web 2.0.

As in the previous day, the first presentation was given by José Antonio Donaire who introduced us to Tourism 2.0Followed by a case study, this time was in charge of Tourism of the Seu who explained the operation of its online booking form. Following this presentation, Joan Giró, counselor explained the PIMESTIC Plan PIMESTIC.

Early afternoon began my presentation, which introduced the Web 2.0 tools that can be applied to promoting Rural tourismAs well as key success factors of a communication strategy 2.0.

The presentation with which I illustrated my paper is as follows:

Once I finished my talk, Joan Lopez, Creative studio Frame Works, Showed us how to move from 0.0, to 1.0, 1.5 and then to 2.0 (explained by voice is far less complicated).

As in the case of Tortosa I think they have been good days and attendees feel that they have made good use of the day. If only we repeat in more destinations Rural tourism.

We talk to each other.

Slides Seminar on Rural Tourism and Web 2.0

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in Tortosa, in the first of the meetings devoted to Rural Tourism and Web 2.0.

The day began with a luxury rapporteur: José Antonio DonaireWhich introduced us an introduction to Tourism 2.0. Then we saw a case of application of tools 2.0 by Jordi López, coordinator Nautical Sant Carles de la Rapita and after him, the day continued with a talk on the Plan PIMESTIC given by Josep Maria Galis.

Early in the afternoon I was her turn to me and I started to explain a little more what the web 2.0 and how we can apply it to rural tourism. The presentation that I used is as follows:

After my talk, he took Joan Lopez, Creative studio Frame Works, Who showed us how to manage a blog and how to relate the traditional offline promotion via the web and via online tools 2.0.

Overall, I think the audience was satisfied with the day and that was a good idea of ​​how you can use Web 2.0 to promote a business Turismo Rural or tourist destination in a rural environment. The questions raised by the attendees were numerous and gave rise to debates and analysis of different proposals. Something really enriching.

This event will repeat on 15 June in La Seu d'Urgell: Days Digital Marketing for Rural Tourism in La Seu

If you are interested about Rural tourism one to Web 2.0, do not miss it!

We talk to each other.

Web 2.0 and Rural Tourism

Turisme RuralDuring this June I have the pleasure of participating in two initiatives to raise awareness the tools of Web 2.0 to companies Rural tourism.

Both sessions are part of a project consisting of several workshops that aim to publicize Digital Marketing techniques to the tourism industry, and both are organized by the Higher Education Foundation of Olot.

The first of these conferences was held on June 9 morning in Tortosa: Days Digital Marketing for Tourism Tortosa

The second, is celebrated on June 15 in La Seu d'Urgell: Days Digital Marketing for Tourism La Seu

If you are interested about Digital Tourism Marketing and in particular the implementation of 2.0 tools to Rural TourismNot miss them, see you there.

Both events are free entry, but we need to confirm attendance as seating is limited. Please contact the organizers if you want to attend.

A hug.

Slides: Web 2.0 for companies producing Cava

Today was held at the Brotherhood of Cava (in Subirats, Penedes) the General Assembly of the Institut del Cava, An association that brings together a large number of companies producing cava in Spain and whose mission is to represent these companies and contribute to the development of the Cava industry.

At the Institut del Cava is a tradition that at the end of the meeting, someone imparts a conference as a closing act, and like last year, I have had the pleasure of being the one who has made this presentation for such an illustrious audience.

Last year we saw the biggest mistakes companies in this sector in planning and carrying out its strategy of online communication, this year, the paper I have focused on tools that provides Web 2.0 to manage the image of companies producing cava, And how to use them to attract new customers and to retain and develop existing customers.

The slides which have illustrated the conference are what I show below.

We talk to each other.

Slides: Web 2.0 for managing your personal brand

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the forum DirActivas ADECCO and share noon and evening with a set of phenomenal women, most of them dedicated to human resources management in large enterprises.

My participation was in the form of paper explaining how and why Web 2.0 tools can help shape our brand image, our Personal brand. In short, what the English call Personal Branding.

This is the presentation that helped me to illustrate the paper:

At the conference also participated Laura Rosillo, Who explained the potential of Web 2.0 for online learning, with a bright and bold presentation that predicted the end of the training area of ​​human resource departments by clicking here will see his presentation: Laura Rosillo.

We talk to each other.

What is the mashup, and what are the APIs?

Here is a video that explains very well, although somewhat more advanced than in the previous video (video above =What is Web 2.0) ?, Does the term "mashup" mean and what are the API (application programming interface).

The only obstacle that must be overcome to understand this video is English David Berlind of ZDNet ... it's not that complicated, if not that the problem is that it speaks fast, so you have to concentrate and be very careful.

The video is 3 years but examples are still valid and clearly illustrate the concept.

Enjoy it.

By the way, if you want to know why companies open their source code, and create the APIs that third parties connecten seek their services, you are interested in this article What is a Network Metcalfe?

Interview in "Wine Area" as a result of my presentation at the Wine Tourism Congress

Wine AreaLaura Saileg from “Wine Area”He was kind enough, last week, to interview me for this Argentine publication. In the interview she was interested in my opinion about the Web 2.0 applications to Wine tourism, as well as on the main errors in online communication of the wine companies that practice this type of tourism.

The idea of ​​the interview came as a result of the presentation that I will make next Wednesday, February 3, at the Wine Tourism Congress organized by Wine Pleasures and that I already announced in the post titled “Evento: 3 de febrero ponencia sobre Comunicación para empresas Vitivinícolas y de Enoturismo".

Ese mismo día, moderaré también una mesa redonda dedicada al Enoturismo en la que 3 bodegas nos explicarán su experiencia en Enoturismo, qué les llevó de decidirse a practicarlo, qué infraestructuras tuvieron que adecuar en sus bodegas para poder ofrecerlo y qué valoración hacen de su experiencia, entre otras cosas.

La entrevista puede leerse íntegramente en Wine Area, y aprovecho estas líneas para agradecerle a la autora el haberla realizado y haber sintetizado tan acertadamente ciertos puntos.

Gracias a Google Alerts estoy viendo que a pesar de que la entrevista se ha publicado hace muy poco, varios blogs la están citando y publicando algunos de los párrafos que aparecen en ella.