Building Workshop for Cultural Business Websites - February 28

SDEOn February 28 I have the pleasure of imparting Building Workshop for Cultural Business Websites which organizes the BDS (Business Development Service of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries).

La duración del taller será de 5 horas (de 9:00 a 14:00) y el objetivo es que al terminar las 5 horas, todos los presentes consigan poner online una página web, perfectamente funcional, con un gestor de contenidos y con una plantilla especialmente pensada para páginas corporativas. Los alumnos avanzados podrán aprender también cómo se instala un comercio electrónico.

During the session, students will learn to create a database using a program that goes up files to a hosting (FTP), learn how to install a content manager (in this case is the WordPress) and learn how to change templates that allow you to customize the website to get make it unique and how content is managed.

You do not need technical expertise to do so.

For it will be necessary for students:

  • bring their own laptops WIFI connection and power cord (the classroom have enough outlets for computers)
  • A domain name for the website you want to create (for example: You can buy here or any ISP and costs about 13 euros per year.
  • A hosting in that you can host the web, I recommend to why your control panel is simple and easy to handle (but any will do). The hosting should be as simple that you find with PHP and mySQL (it is important to allow the creation of a database). The cost of this type of hosting is between 38 euros and 50 euros per year (depending on ISP). For example, this hosting:
  • It will facilitate the work if students arrive already with an FTP client installed on your computer (I recommend Filezilla is free and can be downloaded from Softonic)
  • It will also facilitate the work if students arrive with the latest version of WordPress downloaded. It can be done from here in Castilian: WordPress in CastilianAnd from here in Catalan: WordPress in Catalan. If someone wants the multilanguage site, which either download and install class and see how a plugin that allows you to have a website in all languages ​​as necessary.

Having all this takes an active couple of days ... so better not wait until the last minute to buy because they serve to have it ready in class.

The workshop must be reached with the login and password control panel of the contracted accommodation. This is sent by email when hiring the hosting is done.

The workshop will be held on February 28 from 9:00 to 14:00 in the Universidad Pompeu Fabra - ESCI-Born classroom Edifici 4.1 (Pg. Pujades, 1) Barcelona (Attention to the seat! It's the same university, but not the same building in which we impart training normally BDS Digital Marketing, this office is on the other side of the Parc de la Ciutadella, between the courts and Commerce Street).

For more information about this course, please contact the SDE.

Note to blog readers who are in GironaThis course will impart in Girona in early March and will be specially designed for tourism businesses. I'll write a post soon showing the exact time and place in which it is performed. organizes Costa Brava Tourism.

We talk to each other.

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  1. MAMEN
    MAMEN says:

    Montserrat day!
    I would love to attend a course back to you! and on web! we need much now that we have launched the company, we are running a wordpress blog, but we should deepen! A page has not SDE registration! Could you give me a couple of places to stay?
    thank you so much good work congratulations!
    Mamen Conte

  2. Carina left
    Carina left says:

    Montse hello!
    that joy catch you on a course that interests me again, the issue is q not to enroll because it does not appear in the SDE as linkas pag above.

    Thank you
    carina (=

  3. Montse
    Montse says:

    Hello Natalia. During the day 17 (Friday) is the Web 2.0 for cultural enterprises. I have not publicized on the blog because there are already 126 registered and I do not support more. The 28 perhaps not yet opened and thus does not come out on their website. Contact them by phone and questions, please (933,162,700).

  4. Montse
    Montse says:

    Maman, I can not book you places. Call as soon as possible to SDE (933,162,700) and talking with them. This course has very limited places ... so do not expect it to be communicated by email to fly.
    They all go well.

  5. Concha
    Concha says:

    Very interesting
    and other computer will try to prepare for the course in Girona
    If you already have hosting site and you can work with the idea of ​​replacing-la?

  6. hilda
    hilda says:

    Hey, great, I love you to be as active and can see all the courses that impartireis, but for the one you celebrate in Girona and places are limited, I asked please sit on the stairs or in the hallway ,, I've been me I my chair, and nothing no way ,,, Those of Girona, who live in towns we always stay with the desire for god ,,, ,,,,'ll be lucky ever ???

  7. albert
    albert says:

    Montse, I contacted the SDE 933,162,700 and do not know anything. snifff. Now tell us if you know how inscriure'ns. And if not, we are in Girona!

  8. Fernando
    Fernando says:

    Hi Montse, SDE said that the registration period ended and is the 17th of February, I would also like to know how much it costs.
    a greeting

  9. Suriany
    Suriany says:

    Hi Montse,
    I am very interested in the course but do not know framework and give me reports exite other form or means by which I can enroll.

    Greetings and thanks

  10. Montse
    Montse says:

    Oysters !!! What a mess.
    See February 17 (morning) yes I teach a course in the SDE ... but the course of Culture 2.0, not the creation of web pages.
    The creation of web pages is on 28 and enrollment still has not opened (it will be soon).
    On the phone I have indicated in another comment should know all this. Please contactad again with them and ask to be passing the training department of SDE ... force need to know that this course is scheduled, when they open the inscription and what it's tuition.
    What I wonder is whether your company belongs to a cultural industry. If not, I will not let target.
    This course I will repeat in Girona in March to tourism businesses ... and I suppose that during the year it will impart in more places, but now I have no other firm commitment to this course (... although I know I impart in the course of Marketing digital Chamber of Commerce Sabadell begins in March and lasts until July).

    I regret the inconvenience ...

  11. Rah-mon Roma
    Rah-mon Roma says:

    Hello, Montserrat.
    After answering me that there were no places for this course have given me today (UFFF!). He had already done everything that we ask for (just in case ...) and offers accommodation CDmon a new domain database, WordPress hung up and running, but I did not let it clarified in Catalan. About FTP will use the Cyberlink (I have not found the Mac version Filezillla), which have also already active.
    I look forward to expanding knowledge in this field, and I know that these are very intensive five hours, as we used to have.
    Hugs and until Monday.

  12. Carol
    Carol says:

    Good afternoon, estaba looking at your blog and proposals for courses and I find very interesting. I wonder if you have any plans to make the Tarragona area. Or if WordPress, for example, will be back to Barcelona. I attend. To get to Girona you must be late, right?

  13. Montse
    Montse says:

    Hi Carol, in the city there were so many people pointed that repeat on 31 ... I do not know if you should be seats. Contact Tourism Costabrava by check, please. About Barcelona do it now none of schedule, but certainly throughout the year will come new. And finally, in Tarragona, I have no plans to, even if I'm planning on it this class ... but :-(
    Carol, where are you exactly? maybe we could try something with the Chamber of organtizar ... Tortosa or Reus with ...

  14. Carol
    Carol says:

    Hi, thanks for the reply, ask the course of Girona. I'm from Tarragona, do not know if there could be some tie with the Chamber of Tarragona, the Provincial or Territorial Services of Culture and Media. I will be careful to check for updates.

  15. Montse
    Montse says:

    Hi Carol!
    Sync are those of Zaragoza, so can not sell cat.
    You can buy Nominalia hosting ... but there is more expensive. So I will take the Sync hosting, and domain name. Sync Call and tell them what you get ... they help you make a domain purchased at Nominalia point to their servers. They are good people on the phone .... professionals.

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