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Today we put online a calculator that can determine much is a website. Lo hemos hecho porqué esta es una de las preguntas que normalmente me hacen en clase. Seguramente, si tienes página web, tu también te habrás preguntado alguna vez “¿Cuánto vale mi web?”.

Para saber cuánto vale tu web, primero realizarte algunas preguntas, y luego te indicaremos cuánto podrías facturar con un modelo de negocio basado en la publicidad y cuánto en un modelo de negocio basado en comercio electrónico. Con esto somos capaces de hacer una valoración inicial de tu sitio web que te puede ser útil en caso de que necesites valorarla.

How to calculate the value of a website? and How to calculate the turnover of a business online?

Every day I see business plans made by my students in predicting revenue from advertising or e-commerce totally exaggerated. This tool can help predict income of a portal based on their traffic. Thus, the performance of the financial plan in a business plan can go extrapolating growth of a website (which are a function of network externality of the business) and from these data and with the help of this tool, you can predict potential advertising revenue.

The issue of determining the growth of a portal based on network externalities of their business model is not easy. In a business where the growth model of its users is linear, usually it grows very slowly. In a business type marketplace (where supply and demand, such as They are growths of between 12% and 15% per month (geometric) in a business network type (eg Linkedin) growths are much stronger and can exceed 20% monthly geometric.
In this regard, when I worked in Intercom I wrote an article that may be of interest: Why free content raises the billing? (OGame)

Returning to the subject of calculating the income of a portal, if we are able to extrapolate the growth in the number of users of our online service, with this tool we can have a potential clue to the billing page. So you can help us get more realistic business plans when the portal business model is based on selling advertising.

Por cierto, casi lo olvido… si quieres saber cuánto vale una web, aquí tienes el link a la calculadora: Value Request web

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  1. adnan
    adnan says:

    Montserrat Hello! I would like to share with you a couple of links.

    1st to calculate value of your website and check the detailed statistics of your website. Alexa, google pagerank, Social Networks.

    Value Request Web:

    2nd link is to calculate your google pagerank with a click. in 2nd links are also available pagerank buttons to place on your website easily.

    We Pagerank:

    The two pages are 99% in Spanish.

    Thanks for your attention

    A greeting !!

  2. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    I believe that all these pages are similar. Some have separate data and other less interesting. I to add to the list that is present here add . It would be nice an article in which each site was analyzed and the estimated value and the actual value is seen. For example I searched the police insignia and left me winning only 47 euros per month which obviously should not be the case. I think these pages are very close if you type adsense advertising models but not if you have an online business.

  3. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Thanks Joan, Hypestat think it takes the data from Alexa ranking and from there extrapolates the number of website visits. The other: Trafuka seems more a web of spam ... I would not use it, Hypestat itself. So thanks for the comment. A hug.

  4. david
    david says:

    Hola Montserrat, yo creo que estas herramientas son más un juguete que otra cosa, no valoran realmente la web al completo, ni que decir de los ingresos, como han dicho en algún comentario más arriba, valora una de las webs con las que trabajo por menos de lo que factura en un día, y digo bien, factura, que no gana, que al final nos olvidamos siempre de los costes a la hora de decir lo que se gana. Es decir, no distinguimos entre cuanto se gana y cuanto se obtiene de beneficio, que al final es lo que importa.

  5. Peñarroya Montserrat
    Peñarroya Montserrat says:

    Alejando, fiarte de la herramienta puedes fiarte… no está hecha con ningún fin diabólico :-)
    Pero obviamente, no debes tomarte al pié de la letra la valoración. Así es como se hace cuando trabajas para una empresa que valora otras empresas, pero el valor final depende siempre de a qué precio tu aceptarías una oferta de compra y a qué precio alguien realizaría esa oferta.
    La calculadora sólo te da indicaciones del rango en el que sería adecuado moverte en caso de desear vender tu empresa o que desearas comprar alguna.
    I hope I've been helpful.
    A hug

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