Zara Mango vs revolution in e-commerce

The online set shop Zara has been one of the main news of the útiltimos 30 days and is causing a revolution among companies, who see the big chains are also monopolizing the online market clothes young fashion .

While its main competitors (Mango and Springfield [Cortefiel]) and e-commerce conducted end-user oriented, Zara was still refusing to adopt this model ... everything changed on September 2 when Zara launched its new online store.

During the launch of this new portal, public expectations were big and strong buzz was generated in the network. On the other hand, Zara and invested spared no means strong in promoting your new website. The results were dramatic: from day already doubled the number of visits Mango and still remaining well above. Let's see how they did.

Zara Vs Mango - NetsuusThe image I show along these lines shows from where the traffic came three websites (Zara, Mango and H & M), during the month of September.

This chart was created by Netsuus (A company specializing in competitive intelligence company) and is part of the report they have developed to study the launch of e-commerce Zara. The report is free to download it and just fill in the form found on its website: report Zara

In the attached image and in the same report, we can see the big bet by the PR blogs Zara has made when planning your action plan online, vs its competitors. And, in a more traditional line, the big bet this badge by public reslaciones press. We can also observe a strong presence in social networks. Zara has already managed to pass the 5 million Facebook fans milestone both nationally and globally very few companies have achieved.

Until now, when in class we analyzed the evolution of companies young fashion on the Internet, we saw that Mango was doing a great job of marketing on social media and specifically Facebook in which the company performing exclusive promotions for their fans, and which was also getting increased visits to physical stores ... from now on we will also analyze Zara strategy and techniques used.

Analyzing the image of Netssus, we note that it appears that H & M has become the company Queen 2.0 (videos and social networks) although still without electronic commerce. We will have to analyze well what kind of actions performed (write another article when I have it clear). Zara vs Mango vs H&MSi utilizamos Alexa para ver cómo les va el tráfico en octubre (la imagen junto a estas líneas), veremos que el mapa ha quedado de la siguiente manera: H&M en cabeza (la marca es mucho más conocida internacionalmente), Zara la sigue (desde el lanzamiento del comercio electrónico) y Mango ocupa la tercera posición. Esta es la imagen que aparece junto a estas líneas. Si deseas ver tu mismo la página y comparar por ejemplo: número de páginas vistas por visita en los 3 portales, ratio de rebote de los 3 portales, y otras muchas comparativas que ofrece Alexa, es mejor que visites la página de Zara en Alexa y utilices la función “comparativa” que aparece bajo el gráfico.

It will be very interesting to see how they evolve strategies Zara, Mango and H & M to better position than their competitors. And it will be interesting to track what actions undertaken at the level of web 2.0, public relations (in press and blogs) and other techniques of Digital Marketing.

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