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  1. jorge
    jorge says:

    I've discovered through a friend and I'm doing since yesterday the course of SEO.
    Super clear, well explained and easy to follow. It is a pleasure to watch videos.

    Thank you very much!

  2. Cayetano
    Cayetano says:


    I participated in the 1st edition of the course. I really liked the videos seemed very didactic. I recommend it to anyone who wants to approach the world of SEO.


  3. Emanuel Alvarado Yaselga
    Emanuel Alvarado Yaselga says:

    Dear Monse thank you very much for the information given in the recently completed course;). I learned a lot about the SEO and I'm more motivated to learn more. I wanted to consult you if maybe hang pdfs course somewhere and it goes all closed modules and already can not be viewed.

  4. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Muchas gracias Emanuel. Por favor, habla con MiriadaX porqué aunque el curso esté cerrado, para ti debería estar abierto siempre y debes poder acceder a la documentación y a los vídeos siempre que quieras.
    A hug

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