Good Practices in Tourism Destination Marketing

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One of the advantages of teach is that over time, the number of students who pass through the hands of one is huge, and if you are lucky enough that these students are people awake, alert to new trends and over, generous . That's when you have the privilege of going to receive updates on everything that is happening in the world of digital marketing continually. This is exactly what happened with the information that follows.

Marina Lopez, an alumna of Master of E-Tourism the Cett is working as a researcher in a new project Online communication Tourism Destination at UPF. Marina has been kind enough to send me the executive summary of the report "Communication Strategies of Marks destination in Spain"For who knows firsthand the online tools they are using the destinations analyzed in your research.

A very interesting information, which a few days later has been published in the journal Hosteltur (available here: Communication strategies destination brands in Spain).

Marina thank you very much!

And continuing the theme of promoting destinations, this morning I was working on creating an agenda on Digital Marketing for Sustainable Tourism on behalf of the IN ORDER TOWhen I come up with a video that automatically have become best practice in Videomarketing Sustainable Destinations and has been created by the Tourist Office of Peru. Do not miss it, it is really good and perfectly conveys the values ​​of sustainable tourism: respect and understanding local culture, tourism seen as an element of personal development of the tourist, tourism as an element of community development target, absolute respect the environment, etc ... and over, the main actor looks a lot (suspiciously) George Clooney :-)

Here it is embedded:

I hope that both the report and the video will be useful.

2 replies
  1. Pablo Solórzano
    Pablo Solórzano says:

    Dear Montse, I wanted to ask if that agenda on Digital Marketing for Sustainable Tourism is already a course and where you can study. I also take this opportunity to ask something else. I am interested in studying the UOC graduate in which you are a teacher, I wonder if next start for the course (2013-2014) you will. Continue to provide the module of Tourism and ICT. In addition, sbre that subject I would like to make some introductory course to not get so poor knowledge to graduate: an online course you know who can recommend me and help me make my first contact with that world. Greetings and thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Hi Paul, I commented: Yes, I wrote the agenda is incorporated in the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Communication Tourism Destination of the WTO. You can find more info here Now it has become the subject "Marketing for tourism destinations network" ... I mean, it's an entire module of digital marketing for the promotion of tourist destinations, focusing rather on sustainable tourism as it was one of the requirements of the WTO.
    About what you mention me for the next course in principle and God willing, yes I'll be the teacher Tic and Tourism in future editions of postgraduate studies and specializations Marketing itinerary tourist resorts of the UOC.
    On the other hand, if you ask me is a program of introduction to new technologies it online, I recommend the master or postgraduate courses of the there are several in Digital Marketing you could be useful. If you questions is about tourism and Internet, then I recommend the online programs of the UOC in the various itineraries proposed programs UNWTO (see the previous link).
    Well ... I hope I helped.
    I go all right.
    A big hug.

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