Search the audios from videos: Google Audio Indexing

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Google Audio Indexing is a Google tool that was put online in September 2008 on the occasion of the US presidential elections. Since then it has been scanning the videos of the YouTube policy channel in search of the keywords that the user requests through the website: ("Gaudi" is for G + Audi).

The novelty of this service is that it uses a technology that recognizes words through their phonetics (only in English for now) and takes you to the part of the video in which the word or phrase that interests you is reproduced. In the development bar of the video, some marks also appear where the searched word is cited and if we place the cursor over the point, it shows us the entire paragraph in which the word is cited, without having to open the video.

As we can see from the URL, this service is still in Google Labs and has not left the network officially, although I hope it does soon because its use is very practical and can cope well with finding videos that are misbranded .

Although currently the service is limited to videos on the Youtube channel policy certainly worth to consider this technology when we think searches in the near future.

Google Audio Indexing

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