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At the request of various Masters students at UAB, I finally decided to impart clase de WordPress all students of any of the Masters Courses Pmasters I teach in the class of Digital Marketing.

To do this, Pmasters has given us the Classroom 2 for Thursday July 21. Hours are from 9 am to 1 pm.

To attend this class, confirm attendance via the intranet of Pmasters as places are limited to 50.

In the class of basic WordPress we will see:

  • How it works hosting service.
  • How a database is created.
  • How does an FTP program and how you can use to upload files to our hosting.
  • How WordPress is installed.
  • How it works at a basic level (publication and page entries).
  • How can I change the language.
  • How you can customize its appearance for longer looks like a blog and become a corporate website.
  • Creating the basic sections of a corporate website.

No technical knowledge for installing WordPress are needed, how little there is to know is what I explain in class.

What there is to go prepared with certain things:

If you want to leave the class with a professional web running the following is required:

  • bring your laptop itself WIFI connection and power cord (the classroom have enough outlets for computers)
  • A domain name for the website you want to create (for example: You can buy here or any ISP and costs about 13 euros per year.
  • A hosting in that you can host the web, I recommend to why your control panel is simple and easy to handle (but any will do). The hosting should be as simple that you find with PHP and mySQL (it is important to allow the creation of a database). The cost of this type of hosting is between 40 euros and 60 euros per year (depending on ISP). For example, this hosting: In they also have a well priced hosting also, and comes preinstalled WordPress ... so save a lot of work to students ( See "Junior" and "Senior". The domain can also be purchased at the same company.
  • Students should already arrive with an FTP client installed on your computer (I recommend Filezilla is free and can be downloaded from Softonic) There is a version for Mac and PC.
  • It will also facilitate the work if students arrive with the latest version of WordPress downloaded. It can be done from here in Castilian: WordPress in CastilianAnd from here in Catalan: WordPress in Catalan. If someone wants the multilanguage site, which either download and install class and see how a plugin that allows you to have a website in all languages ​​as necessary.

Having all this takes an active couple of days ... so better not wait until the last minute to buy because they serve to have it ready in class.

The workshop must be reached with the login and password control panel of the contracted accommodation. This is sent by email when hiring the hosting is done.

For students who wish to follow the class, but do not need to have a professional web and learn prefer a free blog, I recommend you sign up and have their own blog. This way they can follow the second half of the class, when we explain how it works from within WordPress. Some features are disabled, but others do ... so at least we can begin to see how they could have their own website, without having to make an initial investment in buying a domain and hiring a hosting.

Well, that's all. Please, do not forget to confirm your attendance.

(In case anyone does not know where the Aula 2 Pmasters, here's a map)

See bigger map

A hug.

11 replies
  1. Ester
    Ester says:

    Montserrat Hello!
    I'm no student of any master but I'm very interested in this session. In some you do not students?


  2. Leonor
    Leonor says:


    Yo I came to the course organized by ICIC for cultural industries, I thought you said he would also attend? I am very interested !. Thanks.

  3. cindy (xueqing xie)
    cindy (xueqing xie) says:

    prefesora hello,
    I am his student UAB last year, I remember in the class of Digital Marketing, you taught us a web page that has many models and materials to design web pages in a class, and I need please send me back to that page if possible, greetings and thank you very much !!

  4. Montse
    Montse says:

    Hello Seo Blog: Of course you can come! what happens is that some t'aburriràs the beginning of the class when they are doing the installation.

  5. esther villain
    esther villain says:

    Hi Montse,

    We also are very interested in participating in this course because we want to rebuild wordpress website gallery (gallery Esther Montoriol).
    We would be possible today attended this course?
    Marc Permanyer would come and Esther Vila.
    But so, you can follow the course using slides or information that you have hanging on your blog?

    thank you so much,

    esther villain
    659 569 783

  6. Arantxa Gómez
    Arantxa Gómez says:

    Hi Montse,

    I also did the course ICIC as the Ester. Assitiré on 21 !!
    See you.


  7. Montse
    Montse says:

    A tots els que vindreu, sapigueu que hi ha 50 places i són per als alumnes… tot i així, puc portar convidats… el que passa és que ara mateix ja no sé quanta gent vindrà. Començo a tenir por de que no hi hagi prou cadires (espero que no). La WIFI de la sala, en principi funciona bé, però millor que porteu descarregat tot el que es necessita. I que si podeu, us avanceu i pugeu al FTP del vostre hosting, el Wordpres. El contingut del que us descarregeu de, l’heu d’instalar al directori arrel del domini. Això us estalviarà possibles problemes amb la wifi de l’aula. Si no… no patiu, ho anirem fent per grups.
    Moreover, Classroom 2 pmasters is somewhat hidden. Look good point of this map Post. There is no class, but the downstairs of the building is entered from a catwalk next to the building. If you come a little earlier, I will be out there waiting for those who do not know how to get to class.
    They all go well.
    A hug.

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