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January 13, 2021

Its arrival brings new reports, new ways of measuring and the disappearance of certain old metrics. All its functions are not activated yet (for example, it does not allow connection to Search Console yet ...). But since we are at the beginning of the year, it is important that you make the change as soon as possible, so you will have all the data for 2021 in the two Google Analytics.

The old Google Analytics codes are called by Google Universal Analytics codes or (GA3 codes for other people). The old codes begin with "UA-", the new ones are called Global Site Tag and begin with "G-" ... I say this so that you recognize when you are in front of some or in front of others.

January 13, 2021

For Google Analytics 4 to work, you must change the codes that you are now using on your website. To do this, go to Settings of your Google Analytics (the gear icon at the bottom left), and once inside, in the central column you will see a note that tells you to click there if you want to switch to Google Analytics 4.

Activate a new Google Analytics property 4

The first question it will ask you is if you want to create a new property or do you want to connect it to an existing GA4 property. You want a new one… it doesn't ask you if you want to connect it to your old GA3, it asks you if you want to connect it to another GA4. So click on create new.

Review your property settings

Hit the button "see your configuration" (or whatever you put according to the language) and click on tag installation or "tag installation". You will see that once done, it tells you that it has not received data in the last 48 hours. This is because you still have the old codes. My advice is don't take out the old ones, include the new ones, and keep both. Why do I advise you this, because with GA4 you start from scratch and there is no historical data, you will not be able to compare your 2021 data with the 2020 data ... also you may miss some metrics and from time to time you want to enter the old one. You can keep both, without any problem.

Activate advanced measurement

Activate this function to better know what visitors are doing on your page. For example, you will know if they scroll or not, if they download a pdf, if they use your search engine, what links they have clicked to exit the web, etc. a whole series of actions carried out on your website that you will be interested in knowing. You will find them all described if you click on the admin of this function (the gear on the right).

Install the new codes

Now that you have the correct configuration, it is time to install the new codes. Click on "Global site tag" or whatever you have written in your language (it is just below the advanced measurement) and there you will find the code that must be included in the "Head" header of your website.

Include the codes on your website or in your WordPress

If your website is made by hand, include the codes by hand in the “head.php” file. If your website is built using WordPress or any other content manager, use a plugin to do it. Ideally, you should use the same plugin that you already had to put the old codes, just paste the new code below the old one. In some cases, the templates (or “themes”) already have a space for the codes. See if this is your case. To find out if you put the GA3 codes with a plugin or from the template, check the installed plugins and see if you have any that speak of Google Analtyics. If there isn't one, you probably put the code somewhere in your template settings. In an emergency and you can't find the old codes, it's okay, download a new Google Analytics plugin (this one is fine Google Analytics plugin). Finally, if you used a plugin in which instead of pasting the entire code, you only had to paste the UA - in that same plugin you will find the option to put more code by hand. Look for the corresponding box and paste the whole new code (not just the identification, all the code) that's it. You will have both codes at the same time.

Final step: enter the new Google Analytics

If you click on the "home" icon in the side menu, you will automatically enter the new version. If you go back to the general list of properties, you will see that you now have a new one. The old one has the code that begins with UA, the new one begins with G. Better that you change the name of the new one and give it GA4 so that it is easier to recognize.

Okay, this is all.

If you have any problem when making the change, indicate it in the comments area and I will look to help you. You'll find various videos on Youtube that explain to you what I have explained to you in writing... I say it in case you prefer to do it visually. When I have a moment, I'll create a video myself and embed it in this article.

I go all right

A hug


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    Hello, it would be good an article that explains how to use the new analytics because it is a bit cumbersome for me to use the new analytics.


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