Digital Marketing Course in Girona

Next February 24 starts in Girona during Digital Marketing organized by PIMEC and Playbrand.

This course lasts 16 hours spread over 5 sessions held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at the headquarters of PIMEC (Manel Bonmatí i Romaguera 2 Girona).

The 5 sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to digital marketing and change management
  • Creating a campaign of buying keywords on Google (SEM)
  • web analytics
  • search engine optimization (SEO) (this is my meeting on March 10)
  • Actions and viral marketing techniques.

The course is 100% subsidized for workers in companies of Girona.

To learn more about the event or to register, please click here: Digital Marketing Course - Girona

See you in Girona.

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  1. Jordi
    Jordi says:

    Hi Montse,

    Well today I looked at sign up and I could not. The beginning and had problems with his form apparently it does not work well. I sent an email to the PIMEC and have called me that only you could do online registrations, blah, blah.

    Total've finished calling their 902 to know that all seats were already occupied and I'm waiting list :(

    Maybe next time, greetings,

    Jordi and now in youtube :)

  2. Montse
    Montse says:

    Oops ... sorry Jordi. In Girona we are planning a few more sessions. One will be in Making a website in WordPress, and is organized by the Tourist Board of the Costa Brava. And I have a couple of presentations of the book in which I impart conference ... but it will be short. As you having more sessions I will publish here on the blog.
    Thanks for everything.
    A big hug.

  3. Isidre Cerqueda Ribo
    Isidre Cerqueda Ribo says:

    Yours sincerely
    I did a course in digital marketing with less than 360 hours on-line.
    I can indicate their preference or "school"?
    Thank you

  4. Montse
    Montse says:

    Isidro online and there are two that we could do well.
    One is the Barcelona Global Business School of Management: The Master in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
    I am the technical coordinator of the Master and therefore I have reviewed all the agendas, documents and more'm the teacher.
    The students are very happy and even have online is very personal with them (we speak daily in forums for each subject and do tutorials on Skype when students have questions and want to talk with the teacher). I am very satisfied and give training and the results obtained.

    We also can recommend this one that makes FUNDESO, a business school with a long history of Alicante.
    It is a Master in Digital Marketing in what I teach two assigantures. I know the technical coordinator and the school. So I also know that students are very happy. (I found the info on the online version of the master, but I know ... sure there is more information and ask them send you the syllabus).

    Well, those would be my two recommendations for a course that was 100% online.
    If you need something more, here I am.
    A big hug

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