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  1. Alex H
    Alex H says:

    The course looks good. Too bad incompatibility of schedules can not attend. Congratulations on the initiative

  2. Ma. Lucia Abouzed
    Ma. Lucia Abouzed says:

    Hello teacher! I am your master student at UAB and was bucando some things online and finish in his and I read this post!
    I will propose to my colleagues to go to the course.
    Regards! very good page!
    Entering mas seguido.


  3. Montse
    Montse says:

    Ma. Lucia, I'm glad to know that when you are looking for information on internet just coming to my page! Hahaha.
    Hey, over the course, tell you that it is not a free course, that you keep him in mind, and on the other hand, let you know that this Edition (April) was filled within 24 hours of opening the call ... so unless which is low in principle is complete. We are now thinking about making a new edition of face-to-face June or September. To know something I will publish it in this blog.
    Thank you so much for everything.
    See you. A hug.


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