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This article describes some of the very useful tools when it comes to working on the positioning of your website in Google and in other search engines.
In the last article we described what are the 8 key factors to outperform your adversary on Google or in other words, what factors should you take into account when benchmarking your website (your position compared to other websites) and thus know what you have to improve to overcome them. Today we will talk about the tools that will help you perform that benchmark.

How to know how many pages you have indexed in the main search engines

We have already indicated that the command to be inserted in the search boxes of the main search engines is:
(Substituting "webname" with the name of the website you want to analyze and without putting a space between "site:" and the url).

But there is a tool that allows you to do it simultaneously in several search engines and that also saves a history of your positioning so that you can see your evolution over the months. Completely free: Marketleap Marketleap It is probably one of the best websites/tools to know your positioning.

In the link that we indicate, it is enough that you include the url of your web page (and up to 3 more websites), enter the security code, and in a moment you will know how many pages you have indexed in 6 search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN. When it shows you the results, in the upper right part it will offer you to see the history of your queries and thus be able to know your evolution.

If you find that you have fewer indexed pages than you actually have on the web, it means that search engine spiders do not enter all your pages.

How to know the density of keywords in the text of a web page

There are several websites that offer this service. If the weight of the page is not very high, Ranks NL It offers us a very good analysis, completely free of charge. In addition, it shows us in green the words with an adequate density and in red those that have a dangerous density and are in danger of causing sanctions in the search engines that control abuses.

How to know how many web pages link to yours

As we indicated in the previous article, the command to carry out in a search engine is:

But once again Marketleap has a tool that makes our work easier and makes this query simultaneously in several search engines at the same time, and also, if we wish, it makes a comparison with websites in our sector (unfortunately it only has North American websites cataloged, so the latter It is only interesting at the level of curiosity).

Also in the upper right part you will find a link to your history (obviously, if it is the first time you consult your website in Marketleap, there will be no history... but there will be the next time).

How to know in what position your web page is for certain searches

Go monitoring your positioning in the words that you consider key for people to find your business, is something very important. To help us in this task there are many tools. You will find most of them in Softonic, in the "Search Engine Position Monitors" section.

My preferred tool is the Free Monitor for Google 2.0. It's 100% free, and frankly, it's very useful: you give it a list of words or phrases, and it tells you where your website (or your competitors', depending on what you're looking at) ranks. In addition, the result can be exported and included in any document. The only thing to keep in mind is that it consults and not, so if we want to verify that what the Google Monitor tells us is true, we must perform the query in and count the number of pages that we have ahead.

On the net we will find programs that compare the position we occupy in various search engines for certain words. My favorite is ThumbShots that shows the results graphically and in addition to your website, it shows a hundred more results.

How to know the PageRank of a web page

The easiest way is to have the Google bar installed, but there are many websites that also offer us this information completely free of charge and that also allow us to check the PageRank.

Interesting links:

link to Power Point presentation that explains how a search engine works inside and that can help you if you check that Google has fewer urls of your web page indexed than it should.

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  1. Posicionamiento SEO
    Posicionamiento SEO says:

    Hola mi humilde aporte,
    a la fecha de hoy.
    como el page rank ya google no lo actualiza, hay otras herramientas que podrian ayudar.
    – Moz / autoridad de pagina
    Esta basado en el indice Mozscape weby otros factores que no cuentan

    – MajesticSEO
    mide el nivel de confianza y que tanto citan una pagina web

    – Ahrefs rango URL
    Nos indica que tantos links llegan a una determinada pagina y la calidad de ellos,dando el impacto de ellos en su ranking.

    A mi en lo personal me gusta mas MajesticSEO, pero va en gustos y en la billetera, pues si se desea usar todas sus cualidades se debe pagar.

    Espero que al que llegue aqui, le sirva esta info

  2. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Muchísimas gracias por tu aportación. Con el tiempo las herramientas van cambiando y algunas dejan de funcionar… otras pasan a ser de pago. De todas las que comentas estoy de acuerdo contigo con lo de que la herramienta más útil ahora que el PageRank ya no se tiene en consideración es, con su trustflow y su citationflow. Un abrazo.

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