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Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving the last session course organized by WordPress FES Olot (Higher Education Foundation of Olot).

As usual, the course was tough, especially the first day. Getting everyone to connect to their computers and then get each person finishes installing a WordPress, is not easy. But we got it in most cases.

The second day was much easier working with WordPress, we only had to go down to focus on themes and plugins, to go transforming the basic structure of WordPress blog, a corporate website.

Now it is necessary for students to practice on their own and go see other pages created with WordPress for inspiration looking at other ways to organize the pages and other ways of presenting the value propositions of each company.

The presentations that I used as a guide for both classes are as follows:

The first day:

The second day:

I hope you find them useful.
We talk to each other.

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  1. Elena
    Elena says:

    Felicitats per la formació d’Olot, va ser molt interessant i gràcies per compartir les presentacions! Em són de gran utilitat!

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