Searches are increasingly sophisticated

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Hitwise has just published a study in which it analyzes the search parameters of North American users, in the search engines of this country.Searches according to Hitwise

This report indicates that most of the users analyzed used 2 words to carry out their searches, but that the trend is that the average number of words searched in said search engines will soon be 3.

In the table that I show next to these lines we can appreciate this change in trend, as well as the general tendency to carry out more and more sophisticated searches using a large number of words.

The 18% growth in the number of users who use eight or more words when they have to carry out a search stands out.

More about the report

The Hitwise report also comments on the increase in Google's market share in the US, which became 72.74% of the searches for the month of April 2009, compared to 67.93% of the searches that were carried out in this same month but in the year 2008.

Good news

These data are interesting from the SEO point of view because they indicate that we should focus on positioning concepts of 3 or 4 words, which makes the job much easier since it is not about general terms and therefore there is no competition against so many people. Also from the point of view of content generation, it is much better to work with phrases and groups of terms, than with single words.

Link to Hitwise report: Informe Hitwise

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