Review of "LUZ ROBADA", by Gary Gibson - Quantum Ed. VíaMagna

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Interesting book that reads fast (or that, or does the summer vacation suit me). Within Science Fiction I would classify it as “space opera”… Protagonist who goes from one part to another, all with little depth, but with a story that hooks.Stolen Light

The book is set in a distant future in which the secret of superluminal travel is in the hands of an alien race called Shoal, which exercises absolute control over this technology and therefore controls the commerce and exploration of the galaxy. Races wishing to use this technology must adhere to the rules dictated by the Shoales, without exception.

For their part, humans (who use technology Shoal) are divided into different types of society and while some have adopted all kinds of invasive technology in their bodies and therefore carry cranial implants among other devices, other groups have rejected this type of technology and shun those who have adopted it. The social structures of one and the other also vary and arouse the interest of the reader.

The protagonist of this story is a former military pilot loaded with implants and with a murky past. Throughout the entire narrative he will have to deal with his past, with aliens, with gangsters and with the military. Also with ships that almost have feelings and finally with another extraterrestrial race. This character is the most worked and the one with the most dimension, although the protagonist Shoal is also well treated. On the other hand, another of the main characters, the human gangster, I think that could have been made more out of it.

The book has its funny moments, for example, the Shoales, which are aquatic creatures with attached tentacles, use the most suggestive human names. Names like: Animal Excrement Trader, Rigor-Mortis, O Guardian-of-the-Intimate-Secrets-of-the-Engaged-Involuntarily.

A 100% recommended book.

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