Video interview on Digital Marketing for Export Companies

Vídeo Montserrat PeñarroyaOn the website ACC1Ó (Read "Accio") just hang video in which Victor Francis and myself explained the keys Digital Marketing oriented companies wishing to export plus using the tools provided by Internet.

The purpose of the video is to provide information on Digital Marketing and at the same time avoid error to discuss many companies when carrying out their digital marketing strategies: make first website and then hire someone to do us a plan of action to bring traffic to the site and to help us make visits .

Tal como explico en el vídeo, este error es un error común y que debe evitarse. Una página web es una consecuencia de un Plan de Marketing, no al revés. De lo contrario, las páginas no muestran ningún tipo de estrategia, no están orientadas a cliente y en muchos casos, además se utiliza tecnología que no es ni siquiera adecuada para conseguir una correcta indexación de la página en los buscadores, porqué nadie, antes de empezar la página, se ha planteado si debería o no debería indexarse de forma natural.

The video was recorded during some of the classes that last month we teach in ACC1Ó and he can see images of interviews, combined with images taken in class and some presentation slides used in class.

Anyway ... I recommend the video (can not embed why the tool that is hanging not allow this functionality). Click here to see: video Digital Marketing for Export

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