Web 2.0 for tourism businesses in Estartit

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On March 19 I have the pleasure of teaching in Estatit 5 hours of Digital Marketing devoted to Web 2.0 and its evolution.

In this session we will see what is Web 2.0, how it differs from 1.0, which conform tools and how they can be used by tourism businesses in the area. Finally, we will see what is Web 3.0 and new brings.

This is a talk that I teach several times each week but which greatly enjoy every time I do. The specially prepared for each session and included examples that will help attendees understand each of the concepts. Over the days and weeks to review the section on Web 3.0 developments I found getting excited and passionate about my work make me.

This time is no exception.

If you want to attend the conference, please follow this link: Tourism Workshop 2.0

See you at the Estatit.

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