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On Tuesday 23 February, I had the pleasure of participating in the conference "The challenge of filling a Theater"Organized by the Barcelona Provincial Council 16 and 23, with the aim of helping local theaters to market more effectively their spaces.

My participation was in the form of practical paper that I listed and explained some Digital Marketing actions that can be performed easily and cheaply by the theaters themselves.

Prepare this paper was not easy. Most theaters do not have their own website and use the website of their respective municipalities to publicize their programs. On the other hand, promotion budgets are scarce and human resources devoted to the management of these theaters are also scarce, although these professionals make up with dedication and commitment to improve day after day the results obtained by their establishments.

So although SEO is one of the most effective techniques of Digital Marketing in this case was dismissed for lack of website on which direct control you have. This caused had to seek actions were feasible but were based on the use of other techniques used to attract visitors to a website.

The end result was 18 concrete actions (although the title enunciated 10 shares), that theaters can apply from tomorrow, and in many cases, without extra funding, although with working hours on the network.

This is the presentation I used for the presentation.

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  1. Pilar de Tera
    Pilar de Tera says:

    Hi Montse, I attended your course Week organized by Education Without Borders, which I really liked. But I saw virtually no video talking about the positioning, which now I'm working hard. Even'm riding TV channels to websites, such as http://www.tasc.tv. (Auditorium Theater of Sant Cugat del Vallés). I could see that it é very interesting for any type of website. Regards very cordial.

  2. Montse
    Montse says:

    Pilar Hey, I totally agree with you, it is true that video is important as a tool for Digital Marketing is a type of communication always tell when recommending how to improve the persuasion of web pages.
    Hey, I just looked past me the link on the TV channel of the Auditorium Theater of Sant Cugat. I find it interesting super !!! If you do not mind, I contactaré via email to learn more about the technology they use and how to implement the customers.
    ... A big hug and thank you for your contribution in the form of reviews. Surely valuable by readers of the blog.

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