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The further 2013 Google harder use Google+ so it is increasingly important to know how it works and how we can get level performance digital marketing for businesses. This article will try how to create / manage a company profile on Google+.

First of all: to create a company profile on Google+ You need to have a user account Google (personal). As in the case of Facebook, you can not create a listing without a profile person.

Enter your profile and find a square icon indicating "Pages". You should be on the menu bar that will appear to the left of the profile. If the bar does not see "Pages", click on "More" to see more icons ... there you should find the button "Pages" and clicking on it, you should see the button "Create New Page". Clícalo to start.

As in the case of Facebook, there are different types of page:

  • The local business.
  • The product or brand.
  • The company or institution
  • The music group
  • ... And other types.

Each has its own features. Choose the one that suits your business (if you want users to perform "Check-in's" from their mobile phones, then select "Local Business".

To complete the worksheet, follow the instructions Google+.

Once the tab, you'll see it on the screen already created. Notice in the upper right corner, there you will see the logo of the company and that's an indication that you logineado as a company, not as an individual. To change this, just click next to you your logo and icon appear person tab.

Check all the data and fill in the missing.

Do not forget to link the URL you specified when filling the form with your company's website. To do this you must use Google Webmasters.

Also check the settings (click on the icon "gear" that appears to the right of the tab). From there you can change the notification settings and who are the administrators will manage this page. In this section you could also transfer ownership of the page if necessary.

From a profile person can manage several Google+ pages.

I hope this information will be useful.

We talk to each other.

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  1. David-dsd
    David-dsd says:

    As always d'agraïr these posts ... which makes us attentive to the digital environment, and in this way ..poder keep up our social networks etc etc ...

  2. Beatriz
    Beatriz says:

    And if we google + but as a person and want to change company? According google + is administered as my business but know who administers?

  3. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    It's difficult to know who manages an account that probably comes from Google Places before and possibly came from Yellow Pages.
    So the easiest solution if you let into your account is claim it. We will show either by telephone or by letter physics that you own and then we will give you access to the account and can change the data or larger.
    Look out you see if the subject of the complaint account ... me if you have any problem.

  4. Miguel Cipriano
    Miguel Cipriano says:

    Greetings, when I think of my business page automatically takes my email address as the default, I can change this direction in business page? I can also have a Youtube channel different personnel only linked to this site?

  5. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Hi miguel.
    Yes, you can change the mail Facebook page. In fact you can make any other email the webmaster of the page. And on Youtube, too. You can have a youtube channel and other personal business, but are linked to profiles and Google+ pages not to Facebook.
    I hope I've been helpful.
    I apologize for the delay in responding, there are plenty of spam in the comments and tell me find the truth.
    A hug.

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