Meet the new SEO MOOC 2016

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Mooc de SEO

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Description MOOC SEO: Master the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 2016 has been a year of great change in the Google algorithm. Learn what's behind a good current SEO strategy, including keyword planning, content optimization, link building, semantic markers, Ecommerce SEO, local search and mobile strategy.

It was like a birth, but finally the great day has arrived! The MOOC SEO that prepare Helena Casas and myself with the University of Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya, is finally online.

But what is a MOOC?

The acronym MOOC are "Massive Open Online Course" ie massive open online course. This means that the course is open to everyone and is 100% online.

In fact it is a course in which teaching is taught through video. Specifically 21 training videos average about 5 minutes each.

Why an SEO MOOC?

Well, the SEO has changed a lot during this 2016, the large deployment of semantic responses from Google, the creation of the Knowledge Graph, changes in Pinguin, etc. So along with Helena Casas decided it would be nice to create a series of videos explaining today, how SEO works. And since both are teachers of Multimedia degree at the University of Vic and this university has one great soundstages to film this type of video, plus highly qualified staff to edit, create decided under his banner.

MOOC How does SEO work?

The MOOC consists of short videos in which deepens in each of the aspects that affect SEO. The course is organized in modules formed by 2 or 3 videos. After each module an online test is performed to ensure that the student makes a progression in their knowledge.

At the end of MOOC students will be able to realize the strategic SEO plan for a company ... and in fact, this is the final exercise.

The course lasts 6 weeks.

Does SEO MOOC free or paid?

Como la mayor parte de MOOC, éste puede realizarse de forma gratuita y obtener así el certificado de “Participación en curso de SEO: Posicionamiento en Buscadores”, pero puesto que el curso se imparte dentro de la plataforma universitaria MiriadaX, se ofrece también un certificado oficial, previo pago de su coste, a aquellos inscritos que lo soliciten y que hayan logrado el 100% de todos y cada uno de los módulos del curso. Este certificado reconoce la superación, con éxito, del curso. Puede descargarse como un diploma en formato PDF y como un badge, que además, se muestra en la plataforma y puede exportarse a “Mozilla Open Badges”. El coste del certificado de superación de este curso es de 40 € (impuestos incluidos).

Where will I find more information about the SEO MOOC?

For here: Mooc de SEO on the website of Miriadax (MOOC platform university in Castilian and Portuguese)

I hope it is of your interest and we let's see MOOC in :-)

We'll talk!

MOOC in SEO: Search Engine Optimization
November 28, 2016
January 16, 2017

6 replies
  1. Marcela
    Marcela says:

    Montse that great you are! I know since yesterday, I started this course and I'm eating the contents. Thank you very much for your participation in these videos. That madness of course! I can not believe it! Pardon the effusiveness but took several online courses taken, most payment and this is free and exceeds my expectations.
    Emphasize the clarity with which you speak. Continuity is understood to perfection every issue and that are technical enough for me.
    I have my site indexed and my site map uploaded.
    I only had to look as check my Search Console for my site created in WordPress. But luckily I managed to do it quickly and did not stop, so I'm following every tip.
    Thank you very much!
    A warm hug from Argentina


    Hello Montserrat,
    I met in the course of instagram and loved it. The truth is that explain and transmit in a way that you get motivate students by little knowledge we have ... in that course I heard about the course from the University of Vic Seo: natural search engine positioning. I have taken time out from under the stones and I managed to finish although there has been a problem and several of the students have not been able to send the final test although in theory had not finished the delivery !!
    De todos modos queria felicitaros por el curso, a ti y también a Helena Casas… ha sido muy interesante, gracias por todo el trabajo que hay detrás, por los conocimientos y herramientas que nos habéis enseñado… la verdad que me quedo con ganas de saber más!! Me ha ido genial a nivel personal (acabo de estrenar blog) y a nivel profesional… asi que de corazón mil gracias por todo

  3. María S.
    María S. says:

    Good Morning,
    I wanted to congratulate him on the course. It is appreciated quality video content, the facility to dispose of it on paper for future reference that is very practical. And finally how they communicate the matter, clear, concise and entertaining. Now I would like to further deepen and learning in this world of SEO is very interesting and attractive to me.
    Thank you very much,
    a greeting

  4. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Muchísimas gracias a todos por los comentario acerca del curso. La verdad es que nos ha sorprendido gratamente el éxito que ha tenido. En total se han matriculado más de 11.000 alumnos!!!! Haremos más ediciones. Prometido :-)

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