4 and 5 October, Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises in Barcelona

The next 4 and 5 October begins a new edition of Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises organized by the SDE - ICIC.

As in previous editions, this course is aimed at responsible for communication and marketing companies related to the world of culture (publishing, art galleries, musicians, representatives of artists, theaters, etc.).

The topics discussed are:

  1. How should the website dedicated to culture (paragraphs should contain, how to orient the customer, not the product, what should be the content manager following the web, what kind of manager we have at our disposal, etc. ).
  2. How to attract visitors to the websites of the different types of cultural industry (SEO, SEM, Advertising, Public Relations, Web 2.0, etc.).
  3. How to convert visitors into business contacts (usability, persuasion, etc.).
  4. How to convert visitors into customers (in case there is an e-commerce).
  5. How to retain and develop customers (loyalty programs and lock-in's).
  6. Web analytics tracking oriented marketing actions culture.

The classes impart Victor Francisco (The second day) and myself (the first day).

The course is taught in the classrooms of CSEC and it is recommended that students bring their own laptop (with charger [each session is 5 hours]) and you need to connect to the WiFi CSEC.

For more information about the course, please contact the SDE (Business Development Service) clicando here: Formación SDE

See you.

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